We-Vibe Sync Review: Going Solo With The Sync

I’ve put off writing this We-Vibe Sync review for an incredibly long time. I’ve had the toy for a while, and I’ve been using it solo quite often, but I haven’t written this actual review… until now. Guys, gals, nonbinary pals, I’m here to write this We-Vibe Sync review despite not having the perfect dataset for it, because the Time Has Come and I’m tired of the Sync staring at me and inspiring endless guilt. This review is not just a review of the toy itself, but also a discussion of partner intimacy and some honest confessions.

Background: Getting the Sync

A while back, when I wrote my first We-Vibe review, I mentioned in the post that back in 2008, I’d used an early version of a We-Vibe couples toy, when the company first entered the toy scene. For my husband and I, the device wasn’t well-suited to our bodies, and we couldn’t make it work well during intercourse.

Upon reading this in my other review, the fine folks at We-Vibe offered to send me the new version of the toy to try, the Sync. I was up-front about the fact that I wasn’t sure when I’d get to test it with a partner, but We-Vibe was very understanding about this and sent it anyway.

I’ve used the Sync a bunch of times since receiving it, but not during intercourse, so I kept waiting to write the review. The Sync is a couples toy designed to be used during intercourse. I wanted to write about how it worked for that. But time kept passing. And I kept not writing the review.

Why No Review?

I want to be completely direct about why I couldn’t use this toy for intercourse, even though being direct is being vulnerable. My husband and I don’t always have intercourse very frequently. We have mismatched sex drives, and factors like bereavement and job stress hindered our sex life for quite some time. Although we maintained our emotional and physical intimacy, the sexual side of our relationship was on hiatus.

When we did have sex, it was fairly spontaneous. This wasn’t a great environment to try a new toy. Trying new toys is fun, but it’s also work. Toy testing requires a certain experimental mindset, a mindfulness and scientific level of analysis that precludes the kind of “lose yourself in the moment” joy that sex can bring. Since we weren’t having a lot of sex, using one of our precious encounters to try a toy that may or may not work well for us felt like a risk I wasn’t willing to take. I didn’t want to take those moments to be scientists and toy analysts. I wanted us to use that time to be lovers.

A Note About Non-Monogamy

One benefit of non-monogamy is that even though my husband’s sex drive is unlikely to ever match mine, I am able to make sexual connections with other people. That might be an in-person partner or someone online to flirt with. This helps me feel less alone in my sexuality, and also helps me avoid resenting him for being in a different sexual space than me.

The Sync When You’re Out Of Sync

So let’s come back to the We-Vibe Sync. The Sync is a toy designed to be worn during intercourse, but that’s not its only purpose. It is an effective internal and external vibrator. It’s both a discreet wearable and a Bluetooth-controlled delight. Even if you’re out of sync with a partner, you can be in sync with yourself: the Sync is amazing even with just one person.

For this We-Vibe Sync review, I’m going to share how I use the toy alone, my thoughts on its design and function, and some slightly-informed speculation on its potential as a partner device.

First Impressions

We-Vibe’s packaging is quite lovely. The Sync comes in a multicolored cube that’s far sturdier than standard cardboard, a box that could almost serve as a storage case. The picture of the toy is on the outside of the box.

We-Vibe Sync packaging, a cube with the toy on the outside

Once you open the box, the Sync is tucked away along with its case.

Let’s talk about this case, shall we? This case looks like a cute little cowboy hat. 

Sync case, which looks like a cowboy hat

The charging cord, instructions, etc are inside here, along with a remote control and some lube. Thanks for the lube, We-Vibe and pjur! 

The Sync itself is light teal colored, and it’s shaped like a U. The thicker end sits outside the body, against the clitoris. The thinner end sits in the vagina and presses against the G-spot. Both ends have vibrators inside. The toy is actually maneuverable, so you can change the angle of it for better contact and a more personalized fit.

The We-Vibe Sync charges with magnetic charging, and it does so from inside its cowboy hat case. 

The Sync is controlled in one of two ways: either with the little remote control, or with Bluetooth via the We Connect app.

Sync remote

The remote control isn’t as intuitive as the app, so I mostly use the app.

In Use

The Sync may be designed for partner sex, but damn, it’s got some great potential as a hands-free wearable vibrator.

The new design of the toy means the body of the device sits snugly against my clitoris, and with the ability to modify the angle of penetration for the internal portion, I can hit all my right spots at once. Although the g-spot portion doesn’t press with any noticeable impact, when the vibrators are going, there’s a lot to love.

And let’s talk about those vibrators. They’re lovely. Deep, rumbly, strong, and not at all like the surface-buzzy that makes me itchy and uncomfortable. Plus there’s choice! The We Connect app lets me select from a variety of patterns, then independently control the intensity of both the internal and external vibrators within those patterns. Wow! That’s awesome! I can also hook it up to my music or control it by dragging my fingers along the screen. That’s way too much work, though, so I stick with the patterns.

If you’re not into patterns, the “power pulse” is the closest the vibe comes to a standard vibration. It has a little variation in intensity, but not very much. It feels more like a pulsing to me than a distinctive ramping up and down. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Using this toy solo, it works best when there is some pressure holding the vibe against my clit. I can get this by shifting the way I’m sitting, or by grinding against something, or by even tilting my hips when I’m lying down. 

While all wearable vibrators take a bit of maneuvering to get into place, the Sync stays in place remarkably well. Once there, it’s quite effective. It’s a ton of fun to wear, and I can easily reach orgasm with it.

Bluetooth Fun

The WeConnect app means I can give remote control of my device to a partner. WeConnect has you “connect lover,” which really overestimates my connection to an Internet Sexting Friend, but I can live with it. From here, my partner can control my vibe, setting up patterns or manually controlling the device by touch. It’s not quite being there, but it’s still pretty fun.

The Bluetooth connection isn’t perfect, but it’s more stable than any other non-We-Vibe toy I’ve tried. Occasionally, my partners disconnect, or the device itself will disconnect. When that happens, the We-Vibe keeps going at whatever setting it had last. That’s better than turning off, in terms of reaching orgasm. It’s much less good in terms of letting you know a) the device has disconnected and b) you’ve lost control of your vibrator. Granted, I could just pull it out and shut it off by hand, but it’s not going to respond to the app until it reconnects.

I’ve had fun with a couple of partners using this toy long-distance, including one enjoyable romp in the bathtub. Waterproof means waterproof, folks! It’s magic. 

But What About Partner Sex?

So let’s return to the Sync’s potential for partner sex enhancements. As I disclosed at length earlier, I haven’t been able to try this. BUT, for the interest of Science, I’ve tried using it with penetrative toys, so I can give a bit of info based on some experiments.

The silicone of the We-Vibe Sync is a bit draggy. If you’re sliding a toy in while the Sync is in place, it’s going to catch on the silicone. Lots of lube helps alleviate this, but it’s not perfect. Thrusting tends to make the Sync shift a bit, and it’s possible for it to get…well…out of sync, as it were. 

Translate this to partner sex, and you want to make sure the penis-owning partner of your partnership is sufficiently lubed up. I am also not sure if the silicone would catch the latex of a condom when rubbed against it. Maybe do some independent experiments of your own. It might be totally fine. It might not be. Proceed with thoughtfulness.

I don’t know if the Sync would align well for my husband and I. Our bodies are only two bodies, though, and clearly, it works for others.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to We-Vibe for a functional Bluetooth-controlled vibe with powerful, rumbly internal and external vibrators. 

Cheers for a vibe that’s wearable that actually stays in place! And cheers for having it be waterproof, because it makes my baths a lot more fun.

Caveat: if you let someone control your toy, you have to use the cringeworthy “connect lover” feature. You can only have one lover connected at a time, but you can delete previous lovers to add a new one. The name’s a little awkward, We-Vibe. Come on. It’s 2018. 

Cheers for a vibe that is designed for one thing – couples intercourse – that also functions well as a solo toy. I may not be using it as it’s marketed, but I’m having great orgasms, so I think I’m using it as intended.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Sync is a great toy with a wonderful design, but I can’t speak for or against its capacity as a couples toy. I invite you to find out for yourself and report back. After all, it’s a wide sexual world out there, and toys just make it better.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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