Show A Little Moxie: We-Vibe Moxie Review

This We-Vibe Moxie review looks at a vibe combining a good idea with a pretty good execution for a vibrator that nonetheless isn’t quite right for me. I’ve long celebrated We-Vibe for their innovations in vibrator technology, especially when it comes to wearable vibes and bluetooth connectivity. The Moxie, with its goal of a public play-friendly vibe, is a step up from many similar products even though it wasn’t perfect for the job.

Out of the Box

The Moxie comes in a colorful box that feels high-quality, not a plastic blister-pack in sight.

Note: It is incredibly difficult for me to write these alt tags as “Moxie in box” and not “Moxie in boxie.”

The Moxie is a slender vibrator about the length of my thumb that comes with a remote control, a charger, and two detachable magnet disks. (A regular and a spare.)

Here are some shots of the Moxie from different angles (and upside-down!) so you can see its slightly raised bump and the slenderness of its profile.

The Moxie is intended to be worn beneath underwear. The raised bump rests against the clitoris, and the magnet holds it in place on the other side of the fabric and keeps the toy from sliding around. From here, you can use the remote control or the Bluetooth app to control its vibrations.

Onto My Box

As a vibrator, the Moxie is a tiny powerhouse. I wouldn’t expect anything less of the company that brought the Tango into the world. The vibrations are rumbly and strong, with a variety of patterns and intensities through the app.

It’s also super quiet. It’s not silent, and you would probably hear it in, say, a library. But any normal background noise will drown it out easily.

The magnet works really well to hold the vibrator in place against underwear. You put the vibe in place, line up the undies, and put the magnet on the outside. No real slippage.

Note 1: If you have hair on your labia, be careful not to get any caught between the magnet and the vibe.

Note 2: The word “underwear” is profoundly unsexy, and “panties” is an unpleasant alternative. The Brits have it right with “knickers.”

Once I gave the Moxie a go, I swiftly figured out why this wasn’t a great vibe for me, and that’s centered around its “must attach to fabric” design. Because the Moxie has weight, it pulls the gusset of the panties (I’m just going for two terrible terms in one sentence here) away from my clit. It’s just a bit “heavy,” and unless my knickers are super snug, the fabric isn’t meant to hold weight against gravity. So I’m not getting strong vibration when I’m standing up. Also, my labia get in the way.

The vibe is somewhat more effective when sitting down, but I still don’t get a ton of stimulation because of the vibe and my anatomy.

I tried the vibe without underwear, too, and without the magnet. Unfortunately, every time I let go (even with my legs closed), the vibe kept rotating position so the raised bump was facing to the side or all the way away from my clit. I could physically hold the vibe stationary, but its slippery surface kept wanting to get away. It really needs that underwear anchor.

The best way I found to use the Moxie was humping a pillow, while wearing underwear. Not my ideal public play scenario, but fun as hell for some humiliation play.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a technologically excellent vibrator. The motor is rumbly and powerful. The Bluetooth connectivity is as good as one can hope. The patterns and intensity levels mean there’s something for everyone.

Caveat: the design just isn’t great for me. I don’t think I could get off from this toy without direct pressure holding it against my clitoris. Other people with different anatomical constraints or more sensitivity to broad vibration might be fine.

Kudos for waterproof and magnetic charging.

More kudos for a beautiful aesthetic, and for making vibrators that aren’t all pink. The teal color is lovely.

Caveat: It’s not cheap. At $129, this is probably not an impulse purchase for most people.

Kudos: It’s quiet, it’s cute, and it’s definitely got potential to spice up your outings.

Kudos: the name is adorable. Moxie means courage, chutzpah if you will, and you need a little moxie to play with a vibrator in public.

Final Thoughts

For public play, the Moxie might win out in sheer novelty factor. Most of the other public play vibes are mediocre at best. But honestly, I prefer using the We-Vibe Sync for anything like that. The internal arm keeps the device in place and allows for both internal and external stimulation, even on the go.

The Moxie is a top-notch product, and it might be a great fit for you. It just wasn’t right for me. I still highly recommend the Tango and Sync.

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