Work With Me

I’m glad you’re interested in working with me! Please read these policies before contacting me so we don’t waste each other’s time.

Sex Toy Reviews

I am currently open to working with companies to review sex toys.

  • Your products must be body-safe: this means no TPE, no jelly rubber, no sil-a-gel or composite silicones, no phthalates. I am the final arbiter on this, and any iffy products don’t go near my body.
  • I do not generally review products made for people with penises, because I do not have one, nor products that must be used with a partner.
  • Also, I do not review products for companies whose business practices contradict my brand values. Note: Sometimes I don’t have all the information on a company’s practices. My reviews are not an endorsement of a company’s ethics.
  • Once you send me a product, it is mine. I will not pay for it or return it, even if you do not like the content of my review. I will always aim to be fair with my reviews, but I will not mislead my readers about the quality of a product or my experience using it.
  • If you send me any products other than the product I have agreed to review, or if you send me any products without arranging a review, I have no obligation to review them. I may keep them or give them away.
  • Products alone are not payment. I generally require either an affiliate program or a review fee. I may make exceptions to this for companies I’ve reviewed with in the past, some small independent retailers, or companies I contact directly. Please contact me to discuss fees.
  • I will generally publish a review within 60 days of receiving a product, but sometimes life happens and I may need a longer period of time. If you need a product review expedited, I am sometimes open to this for an additional fee.
  • My product reviews include photographs of the product, text describing the product itself, and my experience using it. I’ll also include links for purchasing the product. If your company has an affiliate program, I will use those links. If you don’t have an affiliate program, I may link to third-party retailers selling your product.
  • I will promote my reviews on social media, primarily Twitter and Instagram, and encourage you to promote my review as well.
  • In accordance with FTC guidelines, I disclose my sponsored reviews and affiliate links.

Blog Content

I no longer host sponsored content on my blog, whether written by me or written by you. For now, it’s too much for me to manage.

I am happy to host other novelists for guest posts on my blog, as long as our brands are compatible. Please contact me to set something up.


If you’d like to quote something I’ve written on your website, blog, or social media page, you may quote up to 3-4 sentences from any post or page on my site. Any quotes or paraphrases require credit to me (Elia Winters) and a link back to the post/page in question. If you’d like a longer quote, or to quote me in writing, please contact me first.


I do not allow the republishing of my content on other sites without my express written permission. Contact me to discuss rates. You are welcome to share my content via social media, and to link to it on your blog/website.


General Contact Policies

I often respond to email but don’t reply to all emails. I do not generally reply to unsolicited DMs on social media. Any conduct that I perceive as harassing, sexually explicit, or inappropriate will be deleted and the sender blocked and reported.

Asking Questions or Advice

Sometimes, I’ll open myself up to give advice and feedback on Twitter regarding sex toy purchases, sexual health, or any other part of my brand. Consider these open opportunities to reach out. Unfortunately, I have a limited amount of time, and I can’t respond to all requests. I do not mind having people reach out to check in and see if I’m available to help, but please understand if I’m just too busy.

If my work helps you out in some way, and you want to lend some support, my tip jar is at Ko-fi-com/eliawinters. It’s not required, but it’s a nice way to say you appreciate my work.

I love to help aspiring authors and new authors in whatever way I can. Again, I might be too busy, but don’t hesitate to contact me and check.

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

I’m available for speaking engagements and interviews, and I’m pretty fun, too, even if this page is serious. Take a look at my press kit for topics and contact info.


Elia Winters is a pseudonym, and I do not reveal my real name except when necessary for business purposes. I am anonymous for professional reasons, and maintaining that anonymity is essential to my real life. If you are a company doing business with me and need my real name and/or address, you are agreeing to keep that information private in perpetuity and never share it with anyone without my consent.