Lovely 2.0 Review: A Mixed Bag

I’ve used a fair share of cock rings in my time, but the Lovely 2.0 is far more advanced than anything I’d ridden so far. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good fit for my husband, and so not a great toy for us. You might feel differently. For this Lovely 2.0 review, I wanted to give the toy a fair shake, and ultimately, the final result is a mixed bag.

Background Info

The folks at Lovely contacted me about reviewing this toy toward the end of 2018, and I agreed. Even though I’m reluctant to take on couple’s toys, especially after my hurdles with testing the We-Vibe Sync, I decided to give this one a shot. It has all kinds of technology! Bluetooth capability! An app! It seemed like a pretty high-tech opportunity, and I wasn’t about to let that pass me by.

Out of the Box

The Lovely 2.0 comes in a white box with a clear front, all fancy-looking.

Lovely 2.0 kit

The device itself is teal silicone, the soft-touch silicone that feels really nice in the hand.

Lovely 2.0 in hand

It charges by magic! You set it on the white charging cradle, and plug the cradle in, and the device does the rest. Fancy schmancy.

Lovely 2.0 charging

The actual ring part of the cock ring is fairly stretchy. Here’s a shot of me fisting it so you have an understanding of its stretchiness.

The business end of the vibrator is triangular and pointed, and one side is a little ridged (for stimulation, I guess?) with a central button to turn the device on. If you’re using it without the app, that button also cycles through the settings and intensities.

The App

The Lovely 2.0 works with an app, free to download. Once you download it, the app will ask to turn Bluetooth on, and then it’ll try to pair with your Lovely 2.0.

Lovely 2.0 app screen

This is what the app looks like when it’s connected and the Lovely 2.0 is on. You can drag the icon in the middle up or down to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration, and also use the bottom selections to choose different patterns.

The app gives you suggestions after sex, too. Like this one, recommending I focus on the clit.

Lovely 2.0 app tip recommending clit stimulation

Over time, the app learns what you like during sex, and it tailors its tips to both of you. That’s pretty neat! I like the idea of my sex toys learning about me, even if it’s a little bit frightening. But come on: what good is the robot uprising if they can’t at least fuck well?

Onto the Dick: Test 1.0 of the Lovely 2.0

As soon as my husband tried the Lovely 2.0, he realized a couple of key issues making it a bad fit for him. He is a bit girthy, so it was a very snug fit, but he was able to get it into place. However, he’s also somewhat tapered, with a wider base (by a small margin) than tip, and the Lovely kept therefore sliding its way up his dick.

Each time he’d manage to scoot it down, it would work its way back up again. And each time it worked its way up, it pulled any hairs that got caught in the way.

Needless to say, he was not keen on repeating this experience more than the couple of times it took to give an adequate test.


We’ve used other cock rings without this problem, but the Lovely 2.0 has a very stiff silicone ring. It’s stretchy, but it doesn’t hold the stretch very well. It wants to shrink back down to normal size. I think this will be fine for most people with penises, but not those with any kind of taper.

Onto the Box: Test 2.0 of the Lovely 2.0

Since it wasn’t going to work well on his dick, we decided to try the Lovely 2.0 like a bullet vibrator: tucked between us. I aimed it so the pointed part was resting over my clit. Only a few thrusts in, though, we met with another problem. The device shifted with the movement, and one end of it stabbed him right in the lower abdomen, right over his hernia surgery scar.

That put a swift end to not only our experimentation with the Lovely 2.0, but also all sex altogether, as he was doubled up in pain. He had a few choice words at this point for the Lovely 2.0.

The Lovely 2.0 is advertised as “the wearable that makes couples scream,” and I can 100% assure you this is not the type of screaming they had in mind.

Onto the Box, Again: Test 3.0 of the Lovely 2.0

Finally, I decided to try the Lovely 2.0 alone. I wrapped it around one of my favorite dildos. Like that, it stayed in place and provided some delightful vibration. I was easily able to get off with the movement of the dildo and the vibrations from the Lovely 2.0.

The Lovely 2.0 is not a really strong vibrator, but that works fine for me. I’m not generally into really strong vibrators. If you are, you might want something else.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers for a fancy Bluetooth-controlled cock ring, which is working to elevate the cock ring game altogether.

Many Cheers for waterproofing and body-safe silicone, as well as magical magnetic charging.

Caveat: The Bluetooth likes to disconnect. This seems to be a thing with all Bluetooth toys. What the hell, Bluetooth? The problem was much worse with the toy smooshed between two bodies, when the Bluetooth couldn’t find a signal anywhere.

Caveat: The stiffness of the silicone was not ideal for us, and my husband still has a sore spot in his abdomen. Handle with care, especially if you have had hernia surgery in the past.

Cheers for a strong vibration that is more on the rumbly side than the buzzy side, even if it’s not SUPER rumbly or super strong.

Cheers for sex tips, even if they aren’t revolutionary. I’d probably have to use it a bunch to get it to give me some useful feedback, and I can’t see that happening.

Minor Caveat: they give a “calories burned” for the app, and that’s… kind of shitty. You should get to turn that off.

Final Thoughts

The Lovely 2.0 didn’t work as a partner toy for me and my husband, but it worked all right as a solo toy for me. Alas, it’s probably not going to be one of my go-to toys. It’s functional, and it’s fancy, but a couples toy is usually best used for couples. The Lovely 2.0 is no exception. It will probably work for most dicks, and it’s got a nice design overall. I’m bummed that it didn’t work for us, but it’s by no means a bad toy. Not all toys work for all bodies.

If you want to give the Lovely 2.0 a try, you can purchase one on their site.

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