Fun Factory Volita Review: Not Quite A Diet Volta

My Fun Factory Volita review is not quite as exuberant as my review for its older cousin, the Volta, which I have reviewed and loved on this blog. The Volita is a small vibrator that does a lot of things right, but alas, isn’t the best option for my picky clit and expensive taste.


Fun Factory is marketing the Volita as a lower-cost version of the Volta. It shares similar characteristics with the Volta, like its two flexible fins at the tip and its waterproof qualities. At $40, the Volita is significantly less expensive than the Volta (which comes in $100 more than the Volita), so I went into this thinking that if the Volita has anywhere near the same strength, it’s a hell of a deal. 

The folks over at Fun Factory offered to send me the Volita to try in exchange for this review, so of course I took them up on it.

Out of the Box

The Volita comes in similar packaging to other Fun Factory toys. The outer box has a picture of the toy itself, and the toy is on a red card inside the box.  

In-hand, the Volita is light, with a soft silicone exterior and very flexible fins. Unlike the Volta, which is angled more like an Eldritch Horror Dolphin, the Volita’s fins are vertical. The shaft of the toy is slender.

The Volita is not a rechargeable toy, and instead works with a single battery. Despite being battery-operated, the Volita is waterproof. The plastic base of the toy seals so water can’t penetrate the interior.

Onto My Box

The Volita is a single-speed vibrator. It’s either on or off. The speed when “on” is a nice moderate speed, which for me is neither too weak, nor too intense. This is a happy medium for me.

The Volita’s vibrator is not as powerful as the Volta’s. It’s a less expensive toy, made with less powerful materials, and thus the vibrator itself is buzzy and focuses on surface vibration. For me, when combined with the flexibility of the fins, this means I just can’t get a good enough amount of stimulation to make the Volita work.

Anatomy lesson time, starring: Elia’s clitoris

My clitoris is fairly well-hidden under a clitoral hood. It’s so well-hidden, in fact, that the bottom ball of my vertical barbell hood piercing – the ball that sits on my clit – is completely invisible when staring at my vulva. My clit has no contact with the outside world unless I retract my hood manually. 

What this means when I’m using buzzy vibes is that I must press the vibrator against my clit hood to transmit the vibrations into my clit itself. The movement itself against my clit hood does minimal stimulation, but if I apply pressure, even buzzy vibes get me going.

The mismatch

With the Volita’s flexible fins, I can’t apply steady, firm pressure onto my clitoris, and so the buzzy vibrations tickle my clit hood but don’t do much at all to stimulate me. If I retract my clit hood, I can get more stimulation, but it’s not a comfortable way for me to wank, and now I’ve lost my only other useable hand.

Rumbly vibes have a more penetrating vibration, so I don’t need that kind of pressure. The Volta has flexible fins like the Volita, but the Volta’s fins transmit vibration all the way down through the internal arms of my clitoris, because that’s what rumbly vibes do.

What this means for the Volita is that I just can’t seem to get off with it. It’s a well-designed vibrator, but because of my particular anatomical needs and considerations, it doesn’t work well with my body. Sorry, Volita. I’m just not that into you.


I have a few minor design notes that are common to a lot of battery-powered vibrators. The plastic cap is difficult to turn with slick hands, so wipe off your fingers before turning it on or off. 

Also, if the vibe is off and you turn the handle one way, you turn it on. If it’s off and you turn it the other way, you open the cap. This is fine if you’re on dry land, but less good if you’re in the bathtub. Check your direction and don’t accidentally open your toy underwater, ruining it for good. (I didn’t do this. But you might.)

Cheers and Caveats

The Volita is not a bad entry-level vibrator by any means. Cheers for its high-quality materials, intuitive design, and waterproofness. Waterproofity. I’m just making up words, here.

Cheers also for the price point. $40 is a bit more than people often spend on a first vibrator, but not by too much. It’s also not a bad price for a waterproof vibe. It’s a great price for something made by Fun Factory, who produces very high-end stuff.

My biggest caveat is mentioned above: it just doesn’t work well for a person like me who needs firm pressure on their clitoris when using a buzzy vibe. If your clitoris is more prominently exposed, the Volita’s surface vibrations might work great for you. Likewise if you’re very sensitive to vibration. Just because it’s not a great match for me doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect vibe for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s very tempting for me to compare the Volita to the Volta, since they’re marketed as toy cousins. Honestly, though, they’re not in the same ballpark. The Volta is a high-end rechargeable vibrator: rumbly, powerful, and expensive. The Volita is a budget-friendly battery-powered vibrator: buzzy, moderate, and reasonably-priced. 

The Volita is a good introductory vibrator, but for someone who is very new to vibration, I’m concerned that the flexible fins will provide them with a more diffuse stimulation than they might need to come. If you’re considering getting this for someone new to vibes, perhaps get them another, firmer vibe as well, so they can determine their own preferences. 

Happy vibing!

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