Three For All: Comes In Threes, Book Three

Comes in Threes, Book 3

MMF Erotic Romance

Three For All: Book 3

Patrick shouldn’t want more than his happy marriage to Geoff, but giving up polyamory and city life for marriage and a small town has not been as rewarding as he’d hoped. He’s been thinking about women lately, despite his guilt about wanting to bring someone else into their bedroom. Geoff sees this as a fun sexual adventure, one way to recapture the spark of their past. When they hear about a doctoral student researching polyamory, though, they agree to be interviewed. Their budding friendship with Lori throws everything about their relationship into question.

Lori’s experience with polyamory has been limited to research for her doctoral thesis, and she doesn’t expect that research to lead her into the arms of two handsome, intriguing bisexual men during her interviews. She’s headed out of Mapleton after school is finished doesn’t have any intention of losing her heart in the meantime. When her fling with Patrick and Geoff turns into more, all three realize they’re in over their heads. Can a marriage survive when two people in love… fall in love with someone else?

Coming late 2019 from Entangled Publishing

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