Nothosaur Sunday Review: Summer Sensations 3

It’s summer vacation, and there’s no better time for indulgence. Well, I actually think anytime is the right time for indulgence, but vacation is especially decadent. Today I’m reviewing the Sunday from Nothosaur, a cone-shaped tentacle dildo perfect for lazy Sunday mornings and anytime you want to be reamed by an alien monster. The Sunday‘s interesting shape and squishy texture mean you might be able to take more tentacle than you thought. Let’s hop right in, shall we?

First Impressions

Nothosaur is not wasting time on fancy packaging: just a simple bag in an innocuous brown box.

Sunday in bag

Just because there are no fancy boxes, though, doesn’t mean Nothosaur doesn’t care about branding. Just like with my Ovipositor dildo, I got a bunch of fun stickers and a keychain.

Stickers and keychain

The storage bag is large enough to hold the hefty toy, and it’s emblazoned with Nothosaur’s mascot: a happy dragon with an armload of dildos.

storage bag

Yup. Living their best life.

Here’s the Sunday from some different angles.

Nothosaur lets the client select size and density of the toy. I ordered medium size and medium firmness. There’s a helpful chart for determining size.

I appreciate charts like this, because when it comes to fantasy dildos, it’s easy to accidentally order a Thermos-sized dick unknowingly.

The medium firmness, though, was still pretty squishy.

Squished-over top half of the Sunday


The branding of the Nothosaur Sunday is a bit unusual, because it is reminiscent of both a tentacle and a melting cone of ice cream. Fortunately, I like both tentacles and ice cream, so I’m fine with it. I dig the pastel color palette, too.

Let’s talk function.

In Use

The Nothosaur Sunday is a cone-shaped dildo, so the tip is quite small and the base is quite large. In practicality, this meant I was more able to feel the toy near my entrance rather than deep inside. It also meant I had an easier time warming up with this toy, because initial insertion was gradual.

Because of the squishiness, I was able to take a wider size than I normally would. While I could not insert the entire Sunday — and I imagine that would be true for many people — I could get farther along its length than I’d originally thought.

The squish also made the texture of the toy enjoyable rather than abrasive or too much. The ridged surface provided pleasant stimulation. It’s a fun product overall!

Final Thoughts

The cone shape and squishy texture of the Sunday make it a unique dildo. It’s a good choice for tentacle enthusiasts who enjoy a sensation of fullness at the entrance to the vagina/anus rather than deep inside. And it’s cute as hell! If you prefer a more phallic-shaped toy, Nothosaur has a lot of other options, including some very unusual and fun designs. If you’re into the cone-shaped tentacle, though, the Sunday’s a great choice.

Enjoy your summer sensations!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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