Worth Singing About: The We-Vibe Chorus Review

This We-Vibe Chorus review is my latest of a whole lot of reviews for We-Vibe, since we go way back. The We-Vibe original was my first expensive sex toy purchase, and while I generally don’t use these toys with a partner (despite their billing as a couples’ toy), I keep coming back to them for their excellent rumbly vibrations and thoughtful, intuitive design. The Chorus is another great vibrator. But you’re not here for generalizations; you’re here for specifics. So let’s go.

Out of the Box

The We-Vibe Chorus comes in a beautiful box with a peach-purple gradient, and the product depicted in a gold outline.

We-Vibe Chorus Box

Flip open the lid of the box and you’ve got some basic instructions and a glimpse at the toy inside.

Chorus box fold-out

And here is everything you get! Chorus, controller, charging box that looks like a top hat, charging cable, and instructions.

Chorus with accessories

The U-shaped toy in the middle of the above pic is the actual toy part of the Chorus ensemble. The Chorus, much like the We-Vibe Sync, is a vibrator designed to be worn so it sits both inside the vagina and against the clitoris.

The thinner end (the left side of the left picture) is the part that goes inside the vagina, with the raised nub to press against the g-spot. The wider part rests outside along the vulva, pressing against the clitoris. As you can see in the second pic, there’s a button for turning the Chorus on and off, and a metal plate for magnetic charging.

The Chorus is quite flexible, and also stays in a variety of positions when you bend it open, with the goal that it can stay in place during partner intercourse.

Chorus spread open to almost an L shape

You can see that I can open it quite a bit. That thin part at the juncture has a number of “joints” within it, so you it’s pretty positionable.

The control arm of the Chorus has a bunch of buttons.

Chorus controller

At the very top is the function button, which I’ll get to in the next section of my review. The + and -buttons turn the intensity up and down, and the side buttons cycle through vibration patterns. Standard vibrator stuff.

The Chorus charges inside its top hat.

Chorus charging box that looks like a top hat

This top hat plugs in (you can see the port at the bottom), and the lid comes off so you can put the Chorus and controller in to charge.

Chorus and controller in charging hat

Isn’t that neat? I love the way it fits together like a happy little house. Of course, this isn’t new. The Sync charges in a little cowboy hat.

Sync case, which looks like a cowboy hat

The Chorus’s entire setup is similar to the Sync in many ways, like design of the toy itself, charging apparatus, use of a secondary controller.

(I wish I had taken those photos from the same perspective for better comparison, but you’re all pretty bright. You can tell.)

The Chorus and Sync also both use the WeConnect app, like most We-Vibe products.

But the Chorus has a couple of big advantages over the Sync, advantages that I think justify the increased price point: touch-responsive controller and touch-sense vibration. What do I mean? Read on, my friend.

Into My Box

The Chorus is a couples toy, but I use this (and the Sync) solo. I’m not sure if it will work well with intercourse, and others have tested it as such, but I am not able to do so. That’s okay! You’ll get my solo review, and you’ll like it. (Or not. Whatever; you do you.)

The Chorus stays in place really well, which makes it a useful wearable vibrator for public play or having a good time around the house. I appreciate how adjustable it is, so I can fiddle around with it until it fits my body well.

With two vibrators, one internal and one external, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Both these vibrators are rumbly and strong. I am not a huge fan of patterns, but there are a bunch to choose from if you’re into that. Also, the WeConnect app lets you (or a partner) control the vibrators remotely from a phone over Bluetooth. You can sync it up to music, manually drag the intensity meter up and down, or program a pattern (or download one from the internet). It’s all a very good time.

None of that is unique to the Chorus, though. I want to talk about touch sense vibration. (This feature is only accessible through the WeConnect app, by the way.) If you’re with a partner, the pressure against the top part of the external vibrator–like from a partner bonin’ up against your bits–activates the vibrator. You can choose how that activation works: in one mode, it ramps up every time there’s contact until it reaches peak intensity, then back down again. Another mode creates a wave pattern, and another is a simple “on when touching, off when not” pattern. This is great for intercourse, for grinding, for all kinds of delightful adventures.

Another great feature of the Chorus is the touch-responsive controller, which you can squeeze (by hand) to increase the intensity. Remember that “function” button on the controller that I mentioned? Pushing that activates the squeeze functionality. Once that’s active, you or a partner squeezes the controller and that increases the vibration. The more you squeeze, the more intense it gets. If you want to lock the vibration at a particular level, you can hit the function button during a squeeze and it’ll remember.

I love the touch-responsive controller because when I’m using the toy on my own, it’s the easiest way to change intensity. With the controller, I don’t have to worry about dealing with an app on my phone, I don’t have to focus or open my eyes; I can just squeeze. It’s easy, it’s intuitive, and I love it.

I tried out most of the various functionalities of the Chorus, but I kept coming back to that squeeze control. I also imagine it would be really useful during partner sex, when nobody wants to deal with an app. It’s a fantastic feature for an already-fantastic product.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for improving on an excellent product. The Sync was effective, but the Chorus is better.

As always, kudos for waterproofing, high-quality materials, and thoughtful design. We-Vibe delivers quality products consistently.

More kudos for this beautiful squeeze control that makes vibration management easy and intuitive. It’s probably great for partners, but for those of us using this toy solo, it’s still magnificent.

Caveat: having to go into the WeConnect app for touch responsiveness is a bit annoying, since it’s a feature you may go from wanting to not wanting in a short period of time and then have to fumble with your phone.

That said, kudos for the idea of touch-responsiveness, which is probably really fun when you’re playing with a partner.

Kudos for gorgeous packaging, which We-Vibe always delivers on, and for thoughtful charging mechanisms. While I don’t need to hide my sex toys, other people might, and the top hat charging case helps with that.

Caveat: this is a big caveat. The Chorus is $200 right now, which is more than most people spend on their sex toys. Is it worth saving up for? Yeah, I think so, but I’m biased and the economy is shit right now, so your mileage may vary. It’s an incredibly-designed vibrator with a lot of functionality, but it’s not cheap.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Chorus is a great vibe, and I love it, and it’s pricey, and it’s probably not an introductory vibrator. But folks, it would be an amazing gift, or a wonderful way to splurge on yourself. It’s certainly a vibe worth singing about.

I received this product in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and purchasing a product through those links benefits this site.

8 thoughts on “Worth Singing About: The We-Vibe Chorus Review

  1. How’s the connection with the app and the toy? Does it have the same problems as older We Vibe models?

    1. I haven’t had any problems with keeping the connection, although I imagine it varies by phone and by Bluetooth strength. I used to have lots of problems with the connection dropping with early models, but not so much anymore. Not sure if that’s on their end or mine.

  2. I have one question: is it possible to put the second (larger) arm responsible for clitoral stimulation in a vagina?

    1. I would say yes, as the toy is totally waterproof, but I’m not sure how that would affect reception of the Bluetooth signals, if at all. There are other wearable products with a girthier insertable portion if that’s what you’re after, but generally they don’t also have the clitoral stimulator part.

  3. Just picked one if these up and am excited to use it. But what charging brick should I use. Same issue with the Satisfyer Pro 2. I don’t want to fry the batteries by using an overpowered charger. Help?

    1. Any charging block is fine. I’ve used the one from my phone, a different phone, a Mac charger, a generic one we have lying around the house, etc. They’ve all been fine.

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