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  • Silc Touch Ergonomic Handle Review: Sexmas Day 1

    It’s Day 1 of Sexmas, folks! Sexmas begins on Thanksgiving and runs until the end of the calendar year, or thereabouts. It’s when I catch up on my reviews before year’s end, and it’s probably when you’re shopping for some gifts for yourself or loved ones. Now, the food has been eaten, right down to……

  • YoYoLemon Vibrating Licking Pump Review: Arcane Magic

    This is a sponsored post. I’m here on the blog today with my review of a vibrating licking pump from YoYoLemon. It’s a bit bold to label a sex toy as arcane magic, but here we are, and I will explain in time. Never fear, dear readers: we’re going to jump right into the action.……

  • Lelo Enigma Wave Review: A Wave of Delight

    I’m on the blog today writing a Lelo Enigma Wave review just in time for Halloween, but there’s nothing spooky or supernatural about the delight of this toy. While the original Lelo Enigma was an excellent product in its own right, the improvements on the Wave have elevated it to new heights. Or shall I……

  • We-Vibe Rave 2 Review: Rave Reviews Again

    I’m happy to be reviewing another great vibrator from We-Vibe today: the Rave 2. With its asymmetrical design, dual rumbly vibrators, and flexible shape, the Rave 2 improves on the established quality of the original Rave. I’m a big fan. First Impressions The Rave 2 comes in a professional-looking, sturdy box with an image of……

  • Laya III Review: Laya It On Me, Again

    I’ve gotta hand it to Fun Factory: they’re good at improving on toys. My Laya III review looks at a toy that’s gone through several iterations (clearly), and the new one is better than the last. I liked the Laya II all right, although it didn’t really rock my world. Fun Factory later discontinued the……

  • Laphwing Nereids Tentacle Grinder Review: Grind On

    This is a sponsored post. I’m always on the lookout for new types of toys to try. I was very excited to partner with Laphwing to try the Nereids Tentacle Grinder, a soft silicone textured toy designed for grinding-style stimulation. With a fun aquatic theme and the option to add a vibrator, the Nereids Tentacle……