Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Review: A Few Steps From Ideal

My Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples review is, sadly, not full of love. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is very close to a wonderful toy, but with a design just this side of ideal. Unfortunately, a few small design issues have a large impact, and this is not a toy that works well for me.


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know about my love for Satisfyer. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is one of my go-to favorite toys, a toy I’ve recommended endlessly. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is another amazing pressure wave product, even if I like it slightly less than the Penguin. Satisfyer has been attempting to broaden their product line with additional offerings. They graciously offered to send me some new products to review, and I have been doing so.

One such product is the Pro G-Spot Rabbit, which I reviewed earlier this season. Another product is the Pro 4 Couples. While I wasn’t able to test this product during intercourse, I have been able to test it alone, enough to give a fair review. So let’s dive in!

Out Of The Box

The fine folks at Satisfyer have got a handle on their branding and packaging. Their toys come in white, bright packaging with the toy design clearly indicated on the outside. Their branding colors are white and rose gold.

Satisfyer Pro 4 couples exterior of box

In hand, the Pro 4 Couples is soft silicone. Here are a few shots of the toy from the side. 

The external portion of the toy is sturdy and firm. The suction nozzle on the external body of this toy is intended to align with the clitoris. It looks like a Portal turret.

The controls of the Pro 4 Couples include a button to turn on the pressure-wave suction and one to turn on vibration, as well as + and – keys to increase and decrease the intensity of the suction/pressure wave. You can also cycle through a variety of vibration strengths and patterns by pushing the ~ button. 

Pro 4 couples buttons

The toy includes a silicone…protuberance?…that is intended to go in the vagina. It has some flexibility to it if you apply pressure. I’m going to call it the shaft for this review, since it doesn’t seem to have any other good name.

Pro 4 couples insert, flexed to show a small degree of movement

The Pro 4 Couples charges externally with magnetic charging. The points for that charging sit at the base of the toy.

Pro 4 Couples magnetic charging points, two points at the base of the toy

Into My Box…Sort Of

As I went to try the Pro 4 Couples, I immediately encountered the same problem as the G-Spot Rabbit. The distance between the pressure wave nozzle and the shaft of the toy is fixed. I can bend the shaft a bit, but as you can see two pictures ago, the base of the shaft is not getting any farther from the nozzle.

Sadly, my clitoris is not exactly one inch from my vaginal entrance. With the dimensions of this toy, the pressure wave is set up to suck my urethra, and I’m not into that. The only way I can get this toy to work is by inserting the shaft a bit, then pulling the body of the toy upward along my labia until I can just about make the suction part find my clit. This angles the shaft backward, which means it’s no longer making contact with my g-spot at all, and is just barely inside my vagina. But once I turn the suction on, the toy will stay in place like that. 

Partner Possibilities

I cannot find a physical way to be comfortably penetrated while using this toy. The base of the shaft is not only fixed in place, but also wide and solidly constructed. It covers a good part of the entrance to my vagina with an immobile wall. Any object that enters my vagina scrapes against that base. I tried it with toys, but the pressure was decidedly uncomfortable. Any kind of thrusting jostled the precariously-placed suction nozzle off my clit.

I didn’t use this with a partner, because of the reasons mentioned in my We-Vibe Sync solo review. Even if I had had a willing partner, though, I can’t imagine him finding success penetrating me since I couldn’t get a toy in place.

If I were the right dimensions for this toy (or, more accurately, if the toy were the right dimensions for me), and the shaft sat inside my vagina while the suction nozzle aligned with my clitoris, it’s possible that we might have aligned nicely. Sadly, I will never know.

Bluetooth Dreams

I wouldn’t want to use this toy for penetrative sex at the risk of it being very uncomfortable for both of us. But that doesn’t mean this toy is without possibility. The low-profile body of the Pro 4 Couples would make this an amazing public play device. I’ve worn it around the house after finagling the suction nozzle into place despite the wonky-angled shaft. I can turn it on, put my underwear and pants into place, and happily go about my laundry with a quiet pleasure. If I crank the suction up, it’s even better.

So here is my vision. The low-profile body of the Pro 4 Couples without the annoying insertable shaft. Just an external pressure wave suction machine that can be worn discreetly. Then, Bluetooth remote control so I can let my partner have the power over the suction. Unlike a vibrator, if this pressure wave nozzle gets going, there is no way I can resist the impending orgasm. That kind of amazing possibility would elevate this toy from the “never use” bucket to the “kinky as fuck” bucket, and I’m here for it.

Sadly, this is not the toy I have. I have dreams, though, and I await the Bluetooth version that I can only hope will exist some day.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to a waterproof toy with a low-profile body and a strong suction nozzle. The pressure-wave suction and the vibration are both intense and wonderful.

Cheers to a soft silicone coating that feels really nice in the hand.

Cheers to the price point, which at $70 is not prohibitively expensive for a pressure-wave device.

Caveat regarding its rigid design, which may not fit your body in the same way it doesn’t fit mine. 

Caveat for a wide, hard base that makes penetrative sex all but impossible on a toy intended to be used during penetrative sex. 

Final Thoughts

The Pro 4 Couples is not as good as it could be, and my biggest hopes are for the design to be tweaked to turn it into a whole new public play toy. Get rid of that insertable shaft, or make a version of the toy that doesn’t include it. Maybe add some Bluetooth controls. The Pro 4 Couples is a neat concept, but the execution isn’t as good as I’d hoped.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, the Pro 4 Couples is available through a number of online retailers, including these affiliates: Luvoqa, LoveHoney

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