Honey Play Box Bite Me Review: Summer Sensations 2

Sometimes, I’m blessed with a toy that’s not only effective, but super cute. I’ve reviewed some aesthetically delightful toys lately and I have another that feels perfect for Summer Sensations number 2: Bite Me by Honey Play Box. My review of the Honey Play Box Bite Me celebrates not only its fabulous style, but also its sucking feature that doesn’t suck. I have some quibbles, but overall, Bite Me is a delight.

First Impressions

Bite Me comes in a box with Honey Play Box branding and a couple of artistic happy sexy people.

bite me outer box

The toy itself comes with an overly large plush storage bag, a charging cable, and instructions.

Bite Me with accessories

Hand in picture for scale, so you can see just how big this bag is. Which is great! I hate when getting the toy into the storage bag feels like trying to get a tent back into its packaging.

Here’s the Bite Me from some different angles.

Obviously, this is a toy meant to look like an adorable ice cream pop. The silicone cover easily slides on and off. With the cover, the rounded nozzle is a clit sucker. Without the silicone cover, that section pulsates and taps lightly for a different kind of stimulation.

The “stick” at the bottom of the Bite Me is insertable. The stick has two functions: it vibrates and it also swings back and forth. Two buttons control the Bite Me’s features. One controls the clit sucker/tapper and the other controls the stick’s vibration and tapping. The instructions of the toy indicate how to switch between modes. Bite Me charges with magnetic induction charging, and it’s also waterproof.

In Use

I was so excited to use this toy because it’s so dang cute. I had a feeling all its various features would not be equally stellar. I was correct.

The stick wasn’t much use to me overall. The vibration is very buzzy and superficial, and I couldn’t feel it much if used internally. The swinging stick was cute but again, not much use to me. I think it’s something other people could get into.

The clit sucker, though, was A+ effective. Not a lot of warmup, but a very effective form of stimulation. I liked the way the interaction between the toy and the cover created suction. The tapping of the popsicle corner itself was good, but for me, the suction was better. I came really easily with this toy.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the whole popsicle aesthetic. We’re doing a Summer Sensations celebration, here! Popsicles are in!

More kudos for the removable silicone cover, which gives additional options for stimulation.

Additional kudos for the variety of ways to use this product. Tapping popsicle corner, sucking silicone cover, vibrating stick, tapping stick. All those things were weird to type.

Caveat: even though this toy has a lot of variable options, I think most of them are more gimmicky than useful. But hey! You might disagree. Bodies are different. You have options, at least, and at least one is probably great for you. (I’m guessing it’s that clit sucker, though.)

Kudos for waterproofing. Play with the Bite Me in the bath or shower, and cleanup is easy.

Caveat: the silicone cover may be easy to remove, but that also meant it was easy to accidentally shove out of place when moving the toy. I had to be careful when shifting the sucker around that I didn’t dislodge the silicone cover and interrupt the sensation. It wasn’t a big deal, but I felt it worth mentioning.

Kudos for discounts! The Bite Me is $69.99 retail, but if you use the code EliaWinters, you’ll save 20%! That’s a quality deal.

Final Thoughts

The Bite Me is super cute. It would be a great gift for someone, and it’s an ideal sex toy for someone who might be intimidated by sex toys. It’s got lots of options depending on the kind of stimulation you like. Plus, you can get a discount. This seems like a great way to get your summer off to a sexy start. You can purchase the Bite Me directly from Honey Play Box.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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