We-Vibe Wish Review: A Love Letter

My History with We-Vibe

When Luvoqa invited me to write this We-Vibe Wish review, I flashed back to my first encounter with We-Vibe. About nine years ago, I was browsing my local sex shop and saw a new product. Just called the We-Vibe, it was the toy that would evolve into the We-Vibe Sync. Intended to be worn during intercourse, the We-Vibe was the first of its kind: a u-shaped vibrator with a part that fit inside the vagina and a part that pressed against the clitoris. Intrigued, I dropped over a hundred dollars on this fancy little toy and resolved that it was an early wedding present to my husband and I.

Sadly, the first generation We-Vibe was not a delight. When it was seated inside my vagina, he had trouble penetrating me, and the texture of the silicone grabbed against his penis no matter how much lube we used. Thrusting was out of the question for us. We are apparently the anomaly, as lots of people have no trouble with this toy. That was small comfort to us, though.

Despite the fact that it didn’t work for intercourse, I liked this We-Vibe for solo play. The dual stimulation felt good, even if it was a bit rudimentary. I enjoyed that it stayed in place without me having to hold it, and that was enough to get me off on a good day.

While I knew that We-Vibe had evolved since these early days, I had yet to try any of their other toys. That was until Luvoqa contacted me about trying the We-Vibe Wish. Having heard good things about the toy, I enthusiastically agreed. They sent me the We-Vibe Wish in exchange for this honest review.

Unboxing the Wish

The We-Vibe Wish comes in a simple, professional-looking box, with a clean and elegant design. In addition to the toy and its charger, the Wish comes with a little satin bag for storage. The charger is magnetic, like all the good toys have nowadays.

We-Vibe Wish in Box
Look at its cute box!
We-Vibe Wish with charging cord and satin storage pouch
The We-Vibe Wish comes with ALL YOU SEE HERE!

Holding the Wish was pleasant. It has a soft, squishy surface, slightly curved like a very shallow bowl or a cupped hand, with a more prominent and pointed tip for direct stimulation. I found myself wanting to hold and pet it a lot after I opened it.

holding the wish in my hand
holding the we-vibe wish at an angle
Don’t judge my chipped fingernails. This is authentic.

The wish is big: it fills my whole hand, and it covers all my girl bits. (More on that later.) It’s also waterproof, so if you want to take it into the bath or shower, more power to you!

Wish magnetic chargers and power button
Here’s the magnetic charger, not up and down buttons as I originally thought. That little white button is the power button.

Dat App

Once my We-Vibe was charged, I set about getting the We Connect app. I had my husband download it, too, even though I knew I’d be doing most of the play solo. It was easy to get the device to pair: I just had to turn my Bluetooth on, and then hold down the button on the WeVibe for a few seconds. It buzzed loudly when paired.

One thing we noticed, though, was that “Connect a Lover” left a spot for just one lover. Seriously. Once I added him, then I couldn’t add a second person. In order to use my toy with more than one person, I’d have to remove him in the settings menu to make room. What is this “one at a time” bullshit, We-Vibe? It’s 2017 and I’m a kinky person. It’s not unreasonable that I have more than one lover.

The We-Vibe Wish has a button on it for manual control, but the real action is in the app. There are a bunch of options! I can’t take my own screen shots, because the app prevents it (at least on Android), so I found one online.

Menu of options for the Wish We-Connect App
Look at all these options! Whee!

As soon as I had the device paired, my partners and I took turns holding it and seeing what the different options did.

My personal favorite of the collection is the “Power Pulse.” Now, this feels almost like a single vibe setting, with a tiny bit of variation. For me, that variation is amazing. When I have a vibe on a continuous setting, I have a harder time reaching orgasm than if there’s some variation, like a ramping up or a pulsation. The Power Pulse is a pulsation (obviously, hence the name) that varies up and down in intensity.

A particularly cool aspect of the app is that you can program different vibrations and variations: you can put different varieties in order, manually control the intensity, and set the length of time each will run before going to the next. When it finishes, it cycles back to the beginning. Fun times!

The Wish in Use

Once I’d played with the app enough, I decided to use the toy for real. I placed it against my labia with the pointed tip pressing against my clitoris, and then I started trying out the different options. Soon, I programmed a series of vibrations and let the program run.

The Wish feels incredible. I love it. The vibrations are rumbly, not buzzy, and they travel nicely through the nerves of my clitoris. The device stays in place fairly well, and I can just lie there and browse porn, fantasize, or play with my other parts while the vibe does all the work.

I was surprised at how quickly the Wish brought me to orgasm. A few days later, I tried again… and again a few days after that, and each time, I went from nothing to climax in under five minutes. I could tell by the number of times my two-minute programmed cycle repeated. Normally, vibrators are not this successful with me. The Wish’s pinpoint precision and the rumbly vibration, combined with the variable speeds of the app, makes it a perfect match for my anatomy.

Wish Disappointments

There are a few things I don’t like about the Wish. One I mentioned earlier: I can only have one lover at a time connected to the app. That’s something I hope will be solved by a future app update, because I can’t be the only person looking to have more than one partner connected to the vibe.

The Wish is really not a toy you can use in public, despite its long-distance Bluetooth capability. It’s large. It covers my entire labia, which is great for stimulation, but it’s not going to comfortably fit against me with my legs closed. It’ll press into me in weird ways. This is not a toy to just stuff into your underwear and go out to a bar. Also, it’s loud. Not Hitachi loud, but loud for a small vibrator. This is different from the Lovense Lush vibe, which is worn internally and nearly silent, and something I’ll review in an upcoming post. So while the Wish gets me off reliably, it’s an at-home toy.

Finally, the design of the Wish precludes me from using it with insertable toys. I mean, I suppose I could stick the toy in and then put the Wish over it, but that’s no fun. I’d like to fuck myself, but the Wish blocks the rest of my genitals. This also means I’m not going to be able to use it during partner sex. This is a solo toy, folks, even if you’ve got a partner controlling it via the app.

Final Thoughts

I love this vibrator, and I don’t often say that I love a vibrator. I keep returning to it. While I know I haven’t exhausted the possibilities with the app, I’m having too much fun having orgasms to explore full app potential. I’m confident I’ll be loving it more and more as time goes on. This We-Vibe Wish Review was the most fun I’ve had in a while, and I’m grateful that I got the chance to try this awesome vibe.

If you think you’ll love it too, get one from Luvoqa! You can’t have mine. I’m going to be using it for a long time.

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