Premium Pleasure: Womanizer Premium Review

Every so often, I review a sex toy that’s so good, I can’t imagine living without it. That is the Womanizer Premium, and this Womanizer Premium Review is a celebration of all of its amazingness. I was going to call this post “Holy shit,” but I wasn’t sure how that might fuck my SEO.

Let’s get down to business.

Out of the Box

I received the Womanizer Premium as part of the “Tease and Please” duo package from Womanizer, which includes the Premium as well as the We-Vibe Sync. I’ve already reviewed the Sync, so I’m going to focus entirely on the Premium and give some info about the set at the end.

The Tease and Please box shows both toys included.

Womanizer Tease and Please Box

Once you open up the box, there’s SO MUCH STUFF inside.

Tease and Please set of toys

I’m focusing on the Premium for the review, but I’ll show some pics of the all-black Sync, just because it’s pretty.

And here’s the Womanizer Premium. It’s hard to photograph the black, and it looks a bit dusty, but it’s clean.

The body of the Premium has a soft touch silicone exterior. The nozzle itself is an oval shape and is made of medical-grade silicone. You can take that nozzle off to clean the product, and it also comes with a wider size nozzle for a larger clitoris. The toy is black with gold accents, but it also comes in raspberry and blueberry colors.

Premium magnetic charging points

In the first picture above, you can see the metal magnetic points where the charger attaches. Induction charging is the best, and it lets this toy be completely waterproof (including submersible.)

Premium back with buttons

Here’s the back of the Premium. There’s a large + sign to turn the intensity up, and a – sign to do the opposite. What you can’t see from this pic are the other two buttons: one right below the gold stripe (the power button), and one right above the gold stripe: the autopilot button, which is what elevates this toy from amazing to mind-blowing-never-leave-my-bedside-table amazing.

Onto My Box

If you’ve never used a pressure wave device before, and you have a clitoris, you should go buy one. They are unlike any other type of sex toy. Pressure wave toys, or “clit suckers” as they’re colloquially known around my house, shoot little jets of air against your clitoris. Despite my calling them clit suckers, they only marginally suck your clit. Mostly, they’re using magical tiny air jackhammers to thrum against your clit and send you into orgasmville in no time flat.

The Premium performs stupendously at this task. It’s got 12 intensity levels for whatever ride you want to take. It’s incredibly quiet. I have definitely stealth-wanked with this toy next to my sleeping husband without waking him up. (We’re both fine with this, btw. This isn’t a betrayal of trust in our house.) There’s also Smart Silence, which means that when the toy is away from your body, it immediately shuts off. Good for accidental interruptions.

But what I love? What has me making heart-eyes at the Womanizer Premium all the time? Autopilot. When you push the autopilot button, the Premium cycles between intensities randomly. It will randomize between intensities 1-4, and if you hit the + sign while autopilot is active, it will randomize between 1-8. Hit the + sign again, and it will randomize between 1 and 12. The whole gamut. I usually stay on the lowest autopilot level, but I’ve gone higher on occasion.

That randomization blows my fucking mind, people. It’s like a partner who always keeps you guessing, teasing in just the right way. Sometimes I try to hold off coming until it changes intensities, or wait for a particular level, and the anticipation is delightful. It’s random. It’s fabulous. This isn’t some shitty vibration pattern that may or may not get you off. This is clit-tapping bliss, and lately, I’ve been grabbing this toy over almost any other.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a pressure wave motor that rocks my world in intensity and that majestic autopilot button. Autopilot is my new favorite thing.

Kudos for waterproofing! Waterproofing makes the Premium bath or shower friendly and easy to clean.

Kudos for a sleek, elegant design.

Caveat? The price. At $200, this is not an entry-level sex toy. I don’t mean this isn’t suited for people for whom this is their first sex toy! This is a great first sex toy. But most people aren’t shelling out $200 for something without having kicked the tires a bit, so to speak.

I’m not really sure if that metaphor works. Is it the toy that’s the tires? The vulva? We shouldn’t kick either of those! Well, not without consent.

Final Thoughts

The Womanizer Premium has a premium price tag and a premium experience. I have many, many pressure wave toys, and I cannot see myself ever parting with this one. If you have a clitoris and some extra money, or a generous benefactor, put this on your wish list. It’s a dream come true.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits this blog.

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