Maybe Half Joy: Satisfyer Double Joy Review

Happy New Year, folks! I would like to do some 2020 recaps and some 2021 “looking ahead,” but I decided instead to prioritize this review. My Satisfyer Double Joy review has been on the back burner for a while now because…well, because it’s not a positive review, and I didn’t want to end Sexmas with a toy I just didn’t like. Of course, the result of that decision is that I’m starting 2021 with a review of a toy I didn’t like… and I’m going to be okay with that. This is a new year, and life is too short to waste on toys we don’t enjoy.

The Satisfyer Double Joy is a C-shaped wearable vibrator intended to be worn during penetrative intercourse. It is controllable both by buttons and by the Satisfyer app. Now, on to the toy itself.

Out of the Box

The packaging of the Double Joy is similar to the Curvy 1+ I reviewed (and loved!) recently. It is a mostly pink box with line art of a couple near-kissing and an image of the toy.

satisfyer double joy outer box

The cover folds out for more line art, some symbols with information, and a glimpse at the product itself behind its plastic protective case.

Satisfyer double joy with the cover pulled back

This, like the Curvy, has a tear-off hygiene seal so you know it’s new.

Tear-off hygiene seal

Take everything out of the box, and this is what you get.

Satisfyer double joy with charger and instructions

The Satisfyer Double Joy comes with instructions, a quick start guide, and a magnetic charging cable.

Let me show you a few views of the Double Joy itself.

The third pic above shows the range of flexibility of the Double Joy; it bends so you can insert one arm and use the other externally against your clitoris. In the last pic above, you can see that the clitoral arm has a small raised nub for clit stimulation.

I also held my thumb next to the Double Joy’s insertable arm so you can see its size a bit better.

It’s not a bad design, but unfortunately, the Double Joy has several factors working against it. Let’s talk about the toy in use.

Into My Box

I was very hopeful about the Double Joy. I was, after all, thrilled with the Satisfyer Curvy 1+, and Satisfyer has also come out with an array of various vibrators that have strong, rumbly motors. Plus, Satisfyer makes one of my favorite toys of all time, the Penguin. Alas, the Double Joy did not take the best features of any of these products. It’s not as bad as the Multifun, but it just didn’t work well for me.

As soon as I inserted the Double Joy, I recognized one key problem. The design of the clitoral arm does not work well for my anatomy. The clitoral arm is very broad, and in order to adequately stimulate the clitoris, it needs to fit between the labia. This doesn’t work super well, and the toy ends up floating to the outside of the labia rather than staying between them. That tiny raised clitoral nub doesn’t provide any real pressure on the clitoris, either. One main hiccup seems to be the strength of the c-shape. In building the toy to be flexible, Satisfyer gave it so much flex that it doesn’t grip against the body. Rather than pressing into the clitoris, it just chills out nearby.

This would be workable, to some degree, if the vibrator were rumbly. The Double Joy’s vibrator, alas, is very buzzy. These type of surface-level vibrations can work if the toy is pressed firmly into the clitoris, but without that pressure, it’s just annoying rather than stimulating. Internally, the g-spot vibrations suffer the same issue: too much surface stimulation, not enough deep rumbly penetration.

Then there’s the “wearable during intercourse” aspect of the toy. I generally am not the best person to judge these elements of a product, because my husband and I have very little luck with wearable internal/external vibrators during penetrative intercourse. Something about the way our anatomies work together doesn’t make it really feasible. The Double Joy, though, is working against us in a number of ways. The internal arm is thick, and it’s a draggy kind of silicone, so any penetration is hindered by the thickness and then likely to jostle the toy out of place. It’s just not a great situation.

The Double Joy is either controllable by the buttons on the external arm, or by the app. I must say, the one redeeming feature of the Double Joy is the app. The Satisfyer app connects well via Bluetooth, and then you can control the toy manually using your phone (or someone else can). I like using the app vs. using the buttons on the Double Joy itself, because pushing those buttons on the plastic panel makes a sound like a Snapple Top and I’m not really here for it.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for body-safe materials and waterproofing, which are important to me in my sex toys.

More kudos for a decently inexpensive price point. It’s $39.95 right now at SheVibe.

I can also give kudos for having a great app that works well.

Beyond that, though, it’s mostly caveats. Caveats for buzzy vibrations, for a design that doesn’t stimulate much of anything well, and a setup that’s not going to work well for partner sex even though that’s what it’s designed for. Sadly, the good does not nearly outweigh the bad for me.

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer Double Joy was no joy for me. I said “maybe half joy” in the title because I think there are people who would like this product. If you’re into surface-level vibrations, and you don’t mind things a bit buzzy, or you just want to see if a partner vibe might work for you, this is a relatively inexpensive investment. But if you want a way better (and more expensive) version of the same thing, get the We-Vibe Chorus or the We-Vibe Sync. Satisfyer makes some wonderful vibrators, and in my experience, this just isn’t one of them.

Want to give it a go and see for yourself? Go for it. The Satisfyer Double Joy is at She-Vibe right now, and other fine retailers. I hope you love it more than I did. Personally, I’d recommend you buy the Curvy 1+ instead.

I received the Satisfyer Double Joy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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