Lazy Sundaze: Fun Factory Sundaze Review for Sexmas Day 5

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday morning? While Sunday night brings with it all the pressure of an imminent return to work for many of us, including me, the indulgent coziness of a Sunday morning is a beautiful thing. My Fun Factory Sundaze review looks at a vibrator that is more than a vibrator. The all-in-one Sundaze combines a bunch of functions into what might just be the fanciest Fun Factory product yet. It’s Day 5 of Sexmas, and I’m excited to get my hands on another Fun Factory wonder.

Out of the Box

The Sundaze comes in a box with a wrap-around sleeve that depicts the product.

Sundaze outer box

Slide off the sleeve and open the box, and the Sundaze is packaged in its little tray, the controls wrapped in plastic mesh like a piece of fruit. I love the fruit-mesh wrapping of Fun Factory vibes.

Sundaze in its tray with some black mesh wrapped around the bottom

Here’s everything that came in my Sundaze package:

Sundaze with charging cable, storage bag, and instructional guidebook

I am not sure if the toy storage bag is standard with all Sundazes; I am pretty sure I got it as a bonus because I’m an early product tester. But they sell them on the website. That red cable is the charging cable, and I just love the big round candy-style magnetic charger at the end. It’s adorable. You will also notice a manual off on one side, which — trust me — you’ll want to read.

Here are some shots of the Sundaze in hand, from different angles. (Please note that this product, like many products made of this type of soft silicone, just attracts cat hair like a magnet. Not three minutes out of the package and you can definitely see a few cat hairs stuck to it. Sorry about that.)

The Sundaze had three buttons. The Fun button turns it on (heh), and the + and – buttons access the different menus of options. (We’ll get to that.) The buttons appear upside down when you look at the toy in hand, but if you hold it upside down like it will be if you’re using it on yourself, the buttons are rightside up. I also photographed the magnetic charging contact points at the base.

In that third pic, there’s something that looks like a little circle imperfection in the plastic; it’s a raised part from the mold or something. I didn’t even notice it until I looked at this pic, and it’s not at all affecting the handle itself. It’s just a bit of leftover plastic and I was able to mostly scrape it away with a fingernail.

The texture of the Sundaze shaft is firm, with a tiny bit of squish, and the head itself is a lot more squishy. It’s clear there are few to no electronics in the head itself.

But what does it do?

The Sundaze is marketed as a “pulse vibe,” and it does a little bit of everything. Here, take a look at the menu of options.

Yeah. I don’t usually need to keep the manual with me during masturbation, but I really felt the need as I was getting to know the Sundaze.

I like to think of the Sundaze menu in three categories: vibrating, pulsating, and patterns.

The first few settings (accessible by hitting the – sign after turning on the Sundaze) are vibrations. These are listed as “zingy” and “deep rumble” on the upper menu. The next settings are “tapping” and “pulsation,” but I think of them as one category, since the tapping is mostly just a shorter range of pulsation.

If you’re unfamiliar with Fun Factory’s line of pulsators, you may not know what I’m talking about here. The Fun Factory pulsators are thrusting toys that use internal magnets to move the toy back and forth. It’s wonderful. I’ve reviewed a number of them on this blog. Well, the Sundaze capitalizes on that technology to do a whole range of pulsation intensities and speeds.

Finally, the last category of settings are the patterns. They’re labeled on the chart as “dynamic thrusting” and “arousal boosting” and “edging,” and they offer different combinations of pulsation and vibration.

Got it? No? that’s okay; let’s talk about how it works in use.

Into My Box

The Sundaze wants to be an internal/external toy, but for me, I quickly realized this was interior-only. The vibrator is in the shaft, and not a lot of vibration travels to the head, except for surface vibrations. When I was trying to use it on my clit, my hand was getting way more vibration than my clit. And that’s annoying. But honestly, I don’t need the toy to be a clit vibrator. I have clit vibrators, pressure wave stimulators, etc. When I used the Sundaze internally, I was able to enjoy all the various options.

I spent a long time trying every different setting of the Sundaze. I had a lot of fun experimenting without the goal of actually getting off, just figuring out what I liked and didn’t like. Here’s my run-down of the various options.

Menu Section 1: Vibrating

The Sundaze vibrator is nice, but it’s not earth-shattering. The other Fun Factory internal vibes I have, like the Patchy Paul or the Tiger, those are way better. The Sundaze vibrator is a bit…buzzy? I can tell it’s a good vibrator, but what the paperwork describes as “zingy” is more buzzy to me. I didn’t feel the “deep rumbly” vibrations promised. But to be fair, this is a super subjective thing. Sometimes it’s clear to me (this is buzzy, this is rumbly), and sometimes it’s foggier. The Sundaze situation is foggier. I’d rate the Vibrating menu fair-to-middling: good for a warmup, not a home where I want to move in.

Menu Section 2: Tapping/Pulsating

I’m grouping these together. The tapping sensation just feel like the pulsator doesn’t know what to do yet. It’s an interesting feeling, but it isn’t wowing me. Also, it’s worth noting that none of these sensations work if the toy is used externally. It does all kinds of fun things in my hand, but my clit enjoys none of the majesty. I had hoped the tapping sensation would work well on my clit, and it does not. Internally, it’s good. Once I get to the actual pulsating range, this is where the Sundaze shines. I love that I have a range of pulsating options in terms of speed and strength. I rate the tapping/pulsating section excellent — well, the tapping is “pretty good,” and the pulsating is excellent.

Menu Section 3: Patterns

I must admit, I’m not really into patterns overall. I like my stimulation to be constant and predictable. Who wants a ruined orgasm? Not this girl.

(Unless as part of kinky orgasm denial play, but I’m not talking about that right now.)

The Sundaze’s patterns are different, though. Yeah, there’s a combination of vibration and pulsation, but it’s all generally good. There’s less “ramping up, ramping down” and more “changing up the types of sensation.” That’s fun! The edging doesn’t edge me, but I found myself going back to that “arousal booster” setting a whole bunch. Something about the combination works for the type of stimulation I like, and I’m here for it. I rate the patterns section “a rockin’ good time.”

(I know my ratings are subjective, okay? This whole experience is subjective.)


This isn’t normally something I talk about in my sex toy reviews, but I want to spend some time discussing the branding of the Sundaze.

The Sundaze marketing is all about the toy’s versatility and luxury. The manual has a whole page about your perfect Sunday, with encouragement to have finger foods and coffee and soak in an aphrodisiac bath.

As part of the marketing, they sent me bath salts and “aphrodisiac granola.” (Which, like, thank you, but granola is one of the least sexy foods.)

When you open the outer sleeve of the product box, there’s a whole checklist of suggested games and activities to play using the Sundaze, with an option to check off if you’d like to try them and share that list with your partner. (Doing one of those checklists — not from Fun Factory — was a gateway for my partner and I to really expand and explore our kink interests, so I’m a huge fan.)

The manual also includes a “Flirt or Dare” game and reminders about consent.

I love all this.

I love that Fun Factory is enthusiastically pushing the narrative of pleasure-forward, sex-positive, consent-minded sex toy play. Also, I love the emphasis on indulgence, on treating yourself, on sex toys as a fun part of a solo spa day or a fun experiment with a sex partner (or two). I’ve never seen this level of commitment to a brand before, and I am 100% here for it.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the multifaceted nature of the Sundaze, which includes several types of stimulation that are all wonderful in different ways. I think there are a lot of ways people may enjoy the Sundaze, and the versatility is great.

Caveat: I don’t think most of those options are good externally, no matter what the marketing promotes. Another follow-up caveat is that this toy is not anal safe.

Kudos for 100% waterproof, body-safe materials. Fun Factory is one of the companies ranking highest on my trust list.

Kudos for the “fave setting” option — you can hold the power button on your favorite setting and the toy will “remember” that setting, so when you turn it on, it will just start there. Good for many people. Not me, though, because I like going through allllll the settings.

Caveat that may be kudos in disguise: the Sundaze also has a 15-second restart, where if you accidentally turn the toy off in the middle of use, you can turn it on again within 15 seconds and it’ll pick back up where you left off. The reason I rate this a caveat is because I get lost in the 5,000 settings and options in the toy. Am I on level 9 or 10 of light thrusting? Did that pattern just change or am I at the top of the chart? My one foolproof method for getting oriented is to turn it off and back on again. But now, I have to turn it off and wait 16 seconds. Or just push a lot of buttons and hope one of them pushes my buttons.

Kudos for marketing that is a delight.

Kudos for color options! I have pistachio, but you can also get fushia pink.

Caveat: as with many Fun Factory products, the Sundaze is a luxury toy clocking in (right now) at $190. I would argue that it is a worthwhile investment in your future amazing orgasms, but I also am aware that it’s out of many people’s price range.

Final Thoughts

The Sundaze combines several of the qualities that make Fun Factory products excel. It’s a toy that lets you really customize your pleasure and enjoy a range of sensations with each experience. It’s one of the most innovative and unique toys I’ve seen from Fun Factory since the first pulsator years ago. I highly recommend enjoying some lazy Sundaze of your own. Happy Day 5 of Sexmas!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links supports me and this blog.

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