A Mighty Roar: Fun Factory Tiger Review

My love affair with Fun Factory goes way back, and aside from a few missteps, nearly all their products are amazing. My Fun Factory Tiger review celebrates another fantastic toy that combines most of the qualities I love from the Patchy Paul with a few additional design features to make it even more appealing. It’s a high-end vibrator that delivers on its price tag.

Out of the Box

Fun Factory‘s branding is consistent and lovely. The Tiger comes in a box with an image of the product on the outside, and inside, the product itself in a red tray.

The Tiger is a ribbed vibrator with a slight curve to the body and a raised bump for clitoral stimulation.

Special note: the Tiger is made of a textured silicone that picks up all kinds of dust, so if this toy looks dirty, please rest assured that I photographed it right out of the box. It is 100% unused in all these pics.

It’s a decently girthy vibrator, and it has three buttons on the looped handle: the Fun Factory button which turns it on and off, and a + and – which cycle through intensities and vibration modes.

The Tiger charges through magnetic charging. In the pic above, you can see the tiny metal dots at the base of the handle where a charger connects.

Into My Box

The Fun Factory Tiger has a strong, rumbly motor that I just love. It’s not a buzzy vibrator; these vibrations travel throughout all my inner bits. It reaches the internal arms of the clitoris beautifully. The shape of the shaft means I get a bit of G-spot stimulation, albeit not as much as the longer nose on Patchy Paul. But this is more than made up for by the clitoral nubbin at the base of the toy. Although it’s not as long of a protrusion as some rabbit-type vibrators, it’s enough for me to get clit stimulation from the outside. Because the vibrator is so rumbly, I get them from the inside, too. JACKPOT.

The Tiger’s ribbed design means it’s most suited for thrusting, at least if you like feeling the texture. Frankly, I don’t care that much. It’s nice to move it in and out, but I much prefer a stationary sensation of fullness combined with strong, well-placed vibration. When I do move it, though, I can enjoy the raised ridges along with the angled G-spot stimulation. It’s pretty wonderful either way.

I tried all the vibration intensities and patterns. The Tiger has the standard variety common to all Fun Factory toys. Whether you like unpatterned vibration or a rhythm of some kind, you’ll find something to enjoy from the Tiger.

There’s not a ton I can say to elaborate, because the Tiger is just an all-around excellent vibrator.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the design. The ridges are really pleasant, and the clit nub works to transfer vibration. Plus, the loop-style handle means it’s easy to hold.

A bucketload of kudos for the rumbly vibrator that knocks my proverbial socks off every time.

While we’re dishing out kudos, here are some kudos for 100% waterproofing. You can take this Tiger in the bath. That makes sense, since Tigers apparently love water.

Caveat: as much as I like the ridges, they make a decently girthy toy a bit girthier, and I can’t use it without warmup unless I use a healthy amount of water-based lube. There’s nothing wrong with lube, but some people want penetration earlier in the arousal process, and this toy might be ambitious in that regard.

Another caveat: like all Fun Factory toys, the Tiger ain’t cheap. It’s not cheap in materials or quality or performance, either, but the price tag is more than many may want to spend on a vibrator. I think it’s totally worthwhile, but it’s a subjective decision.

Final Thoughts

Fun Factory has a wide selection of truly wonderful vibrators. While I’ve had mixed luck with their battery-operated models, the rechargeable beasts such as the Tiger have deep, rumbly vibrations that get the job done. The Tiger is no exception. It’s a delight from start to finish, and I highly encourage those who can afford it to invest.

Growling optional.

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