25 Years of FUN: The Best of FUN FACTORY

1996: A Look Back

Where were you in the summer of 1996?

I had just finished my sophomore year of high school. I was 15 and dating my first boyfriend. That summer seemed to stretch on endlessly, a summer of first love, first kisses, and ultimately first heartbreak. I was struggling toward a future that seemed impossibly far away: a driver’s license, a job, college, and the nebulous world thereafter.

Teenage me would not recognize the 40-year-old woman I am now, with her bisexuality, nontraditional marriage, and open relationship to sex and sexuality. A lot can change in 25 years.

At the same time I was buying butterfly hair clips at Claire’s and lusting after Tyson Beckford, the German sex toy company FUN FACTORY was manufacturing their first products. Our paths would meet several years later, when I was old enough to enter my first sex shop — terrified, dragged in by my best friends — only to realize that there were a lot better options for sex toys in the world than what I had around the house. FUN FACTORY showed me that sex toys could be high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and powerful.

FUN FACTORY is now celebrating their 25th birthday, and they are offering a one-day sale. Today, August 9th, they’re selling products at 1996 prices!

Image in 90s colors/fonts that says "Fun Factory's Back to the 90s sale"

To help them celebrate, and to help you figure out what you might want to buy, I decided to focus today’s post on my favorite FUN FACTORY products of all time. Here are my TOP FIVE, in no particular order.

The Best of FUN Factory: Elia’s Top Five

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Volta Closeup

The Volta is one of the best clit vibrators on the market, ever. This mutant-dolphin-looking vibrator has twin tips that flutter, transmitting vibrations that are somehow rumbly and deep and glorious. It’s easy to hold, it’s well-designed, it’s powerful, and it has a well-earned spot forever on my nightstand. The Volta is designed for the clitoris, but it’s also good on other sensitive body parts: nipples, penis shaft, whatever you’ve got.

Buy the Volta if you like external stimulation for strong orgasms and you don’t need something bullet-sized.

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bouncer in box

FUN FACTORY is known for their vibrators and thrusters, but this dildo is one of my all-time favorite creations. The Bouncer is a silicone dildo with three weighted balls inside, so thrusting the toy creates a sensation of movement in the shaft. It’s got a good amount of length and girth, a nice wide base for harness compatibility, and it feels incredible.

Buy the Bouncer if you want a dildo that has a little extra “oomph” without being a vibrator.

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Sundaze from front

The Sundaze is one of FUN FACTORY’s newest innovations. It’s a vibrator and a pulsator in one, and this combination of functions allows it to create some truly unique sensations: vibrating, thrusting, tapping, etc. This is one where you’ll want to keep the manual nearby, since it does so many different things, but the exploring is half the fun. I love the versatility of the Sundaze. Note: while it’s marketed as good for both internal and external stimulation, I found that the Sundaze worked better for me as an internal toy.

Buy the Sundaze if you like a range of different internal sensations and so it’s hard for you to choose just one.

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Stronic Surf

Stronic Surf ridges

I had a tough time choosing just one pulsator to go on this list, but I decided on the Stronic Surf. This FUN FACTORY pulsator uses internal magnets to thrust in and out, and the raised ridges all along the shaft create an incredible sensation. I love this pulsator for its unique feeling of thrusting and powerful motor. Pulsators aren’t like anything else on the market, and they’re a delight.

Buy the Stronic Surf if you like the sensation of thrusting and enjoy texture in your toys.

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Tiger from side

FUN FACTORY’s vibrators are top-notch, combining deep, rumbly vibrations with a soft silicone exterior. The Tiger, with its ridged shaft and external clitoral nub, is one of my favorite vibrators. It has solid girth and length and vibrations that stimulate all internal parts of the clitoris. The external clitoral nub is short, meant to provide some external stimulation without being a full rabbit vibe. The Tiger is a powerhouse, and I love it.

Buy the Tiger if you like strong internal vibration and texture.

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Honorable Mention

Stronic G – Everything I love about the Stronic Surf, but with a smooth surface instead of a ridged one. Review

Patchy Paul – This adorable caterpillar provides stellar g-spot stimulation without the external nub or ridges of the Tiger. A very close second. Review

Lady Bi – A powerful rabbit-style vibe with nice length and girth. Review

Big Boss – The vibrator for size queens: thick shaft and amazing rumbly vibrations. Review

Read all my FUN FACTORY reviews

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