Curvy and Satisfying: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Review for Sexmas Day 6

It’s Christmas Eve Day, and this year, that’s Sexmas Day 6 and a Satisfyer Curvy 1+ review. I wanted to share this review with you all today because I love the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ and we all deserve great orgasms for the holidays (and always).

Background Info

Satisfyer makes the clit sucker that got me started on clit suckers: the Penguin. The Penguin is currently out of stock everywhere (WHAT?), but never fear. Satisfyer has a lot of clit sucker options, and among those options, we have the Curvy 1+. In addition to the Curvy 1+, Satisfyer also has the Curvy 2+ and the Curvy 3+ and I cannot tell the difference by looking at them, except in some slight ergonomic appearance differences. Are they different motors? Different patterns? WHO KNOWS? Not me. I have only tried the Curvy 1+, though, and let me tell you, it is a delight.

Out of the Box

The Curvy 1+ comes in a box with a line-art figure and an image of the product.

curvy 1+ outer box

Lift up the cover and you’ll see the product itself along with some more line art, some symbols, and a bit about the product.

Curvy 1+ box flap folded back

Here’s the Satisfyer Curvy 1+ out of its packaging.

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ with manual and charger

In the package, you have the toy, obviously, as well as an instruction manual and a charging cable. Like most (all?) Satisfyer products, the Curvy 1+ charges with magnetic induction.

Here are some shots of the Curvy 1+ from different angles.

That opening is a bit “puckered,” isn’t it? I can’t stop looking at it.

The Curvy 1+ is coated in a soft-touch silicone, it’s easy to grip, and it has three buttons (seen in the last picture). The middle button turns on the product and connects it to the app if you want. More on the app later. That middle button also is the “up” button for the clit sucking intensity. The bottom button turns the clit sucking intensity down. The wavy line at the top controls the vibration.

But I haven’t really used any of these buttons much, because my 100% favorite way to use this toy is with the app. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk about this product in use.

Onto My Box

The Curvy 1+, like the rest of the Curvy line, is a pressure wave clit stimulator with vibration. If you’ve never used a pressure wave stimulator before, and you are a person who has a clitoris, you should get yourself one immediately. This one is a great option, and there are many, many good options out there. The pressure wave stimulation, what I often refer to as “clit sucking,” is the use of a light suction with air pressure jets to stimulate the clitoris. It’s amazing. The Curvy 1+ combines this with vibration and it’s a pretty mind-blowing experience.

The nozzle of the Curvy 1+ is a bit wider than some other pressure wave toys. For me, that means it encompasses the whole clitoris and provides stimulation all around. The vibration is transmitted through the housing, so I get vibration around the clit and the sucking stimulation at the nozzle. You can control the toy with the buttons on the housing, cycling through different intensities of air stimulation and different intensities/patterns of vibration…or you can use the app.

The Satisfyer App

The Satisfyer App (which is what it’s called in the app stores) allows for Bluetooth connectivity and remote control of the Curvy 1+. You can control your toy using your phone, or you can give control over to someone else. Or, you can download patterns and play them. This is my favorite use for the product.

The connectivity is really good. I have not had the Curvy 1+ drop connection yet, despite a lot of use. Once you connect it, it stays connected, at least in my experience. Then you can control the toy. You have several options for manual control, including patterns and dragging your finger up and down on the screen — either controlling pressure wave and vibration together, which is the default, or separating them and controlling each on either side of the screen. You can also save these patterns for your own future use or make them available in the community sourced patterns page.

I think this community gallery of patterns is one of the greatest benefits of the Satisfyer app. I downloaded a bunch of patterns from other people to try out. You don’t know what a pattern is going to do while in use, which is almost as fun as having a real person playing with you. That level of uncertainty and intensity heightens the whole experience of using the Curvy 1+. There’s always a risk of starting to come just as the pattern drops off in intensity, possibly leading to a ruined orgasm, but that’s kind of a fun game as well. Most patterns are only a few minutes long, and they loop, so you can play one through and learn about it if you like more predictability. Or, of course, control it yourself.

The Results

I’ve had some of the most mind-blowing orgasms with the Curvy 1+. I have used a lot of pressure wave devices and they’re all great, but there’s something different that I love about this product. I’m not sure if it’s the unpredictability of the patterns or the actual mechanics of the device, but it works. I don’t generally enjoy vibration along with my pressure wave stimulation, but that works with the Curvy 1+ as well. It’s a bit of a Christmas mystery, but I am along for the ride.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for quality materials and an ergonomic design. The Curvy 1+ is easy to hold, and the soft-touch silicone is really nice. Plus, the larger nozzle makes it more accessible for larger clitorises.

Kudos for an app that gives me access to community patterns, shared control of the device, etc etc. It’s fabulous! It’s like getting a whole bonus product in addition to the toy itself. (And the app is free, of course.) More kudos for having really reliable Bluetooth connectivity that doesn’t drop off.

Kudos galore! Kudos for waterproofing. The Curvy 1+ is fully submersible if you want to take your fun into the bath or shower.

Additional kudos for the price. The Curvy 1+ is around $50 on SheVibe, and that’s a fantastic deal.

Caveat: I do not know why there are three Curvy toys. I feel like I need to try all of them, but they are all different prices and I have no idea what’s different about them. What gives, Satisfyer?

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer Curvy 1+ is a powerful, well-designed pressure wave device + vibration. It’s a fantastic first pressure wave device. The functionality is extensive in conjunction with the app. It may be too late for Christmas delivery, but if your new year’s resolution includes better orgasms, put the Curvy 1+ on your list.

I was provided this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

4 thoughts on “Curvy and Satisfying: Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Review for Sexmas Day 6

  1. Awesome review, tysm! I just came across the Curvy 1+ and am thinking of getting. Just had a few questions for you:

    – what is the size of the nozzle opening?
    – how long does a full battery last for?
    – what’s the noise level? I have thin walls and roommates, and would love something quiet!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi JK! The nozzle opening is 5/8″. I haven’t tested the battery life myself, but the manual says 60 minutes battery life. (It takes 3 hours to fully charge.) The Curvy 1+ is VERY quiet. The vibrator gives a light buzzing sound, and the pressure wave function is nearly silent. You wouldn’t be able to hear this at all over the sound of a fan or even if it were under covers. I doubt you’d hear it through a closed door at all, even in the open.

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