Fun Factory Stronic Eins Review: Eins For The Books!

I’m thrilled to be writing a Fun Factory Stronic Eins review for so many reasons. First off, Fun Factory has had a special place in my heart since I first saw the “Patchy Paul” many years ago. A company that would cheerfully make a high-quality vibrator that looks like a happy caterpillar is a company that’s A+ in my book.

The more I read about Fun Factory, the more I was impressed by them. I’m a sucker for German engineering, first of all. Second, Fun Factory was making silicone back when silicone was the new thing in sex toys, and they’ve continued that level of quality and innovation for twenty years now. Their Sharevibe has been on my Lust List for years now, ever since I realized I was into women. But what really intrigued me were their Pulsators. Expensive, luxurious, different than any toy on the market, I wanted one. When I had the chance to become a Fun Factory affiliate, I jumped at that opportunity, and I knew just where to start.

Fun Factory has several pulsators right now, but I decided to start with the most basic: the Stronic Eins. The Eins gets its name for the German word for “one,” which I know thanks to my love of Cool Runnings. This naming convention is a pattern that continues with the Zwei and Drei. That pattern falls apart with the Bi Stronic Fusion, which is not a number at all, but I digress. The Eins is smooth with no extra parts or ridges, just a small raised bump that provides a modicum of clitoral stimulation. With this toy, I could test the pulsating part of the pulsator without other distractions.

Pre-Flight Procedures

When the Eins first arrived, I was awed by the packaging. Fun Factory isn’t turning out some blister-packed shit, y’all. The packaging for the Eins was beautiful.

Eins Outer Box
Eins Inner Box

I wanted to hop aboard this toy right away, but unfortunately it had to charge… for sixteen hours.

Sixteen hours! How was I supposed to wait SIXTEEN HOURS to try this magical fancy fucker?

Eins Charging Mechanism

This pain of waiting was offset slightly by the coolness of the charging mechanism. Since the Fun Factory pulsators are all sealed systems, waterproof without removable batteries, it charges through their magnetic “click and charge” system. Fancy schmancy. Plus, the light levels on the base indicate the level of charge, so you know not only when it’s done charging, but also when it’s mostly charged, etc. I appreciate this detail and wish it were more prevalent in the industry.

Anyway, I waited my sixteen hours and spent some time reading all the literature that comes with the toy. There’s actually a considerable amount of content. There’s a bunch about pulsation patterns that I will never remember, but also a ton of position suggestions. These are all accompanied by drawings of couples and solos. (Read the pdf here.)

Bonus points for Fun Factory: same-sex couples get equal billing in their literature. Way to go, Fun Factory! This should be standard for all companies.

Cleared for Launch

If you’re not familiar with the Fun Factory pulsators, you should know that they’re not vibrators. They have a magnetic drive system inside them that makes the toy “thrust,” rather like a small-scale fucking machine. There is some vibration as a side effect, but really, this toy feels like it’s thrusting instead of vibrating.

Eins in Hand

The sensation was weird at first, but the pleasant kind of weird. I realized quickly that if I held the toy in place, it couldn’t do its thing, so I had to “trust the thrust” as the literature advised and use it hands-free.

There are some complications with this plan. I couldn’t just lie there with my legs spread, or the toy would thrust itself right out of my vagina. Since I have big thighs, though – a distinct advantage here – I could close my legs a small amount and my thighs would keep it from going too far. In this position, the toy thrust back and forth really nicely, the sensation traveling throughout my parts and feeling lovely.

I wanted to try every position, though. I tried sitting up, rolling over onto my stomach, lying on my side, etc. With something to rest against – generally my thigh – the Eins performed admirably, thrusting with predictable regularity no matter how I set myself up. I ended up on my back again, because that’s my favorite position. I spent some time angling the toy in various ways, trying to get the thrusting to hit me in the best possible way. The small raised part on the bottom of the shaft was not quite big enough to hit my clit directly. Even so, the thrusting sensation resonated enough that I got indirect clit stimulation. Usually that’s not enough for me, but whether it was the excitement of a new toy or the mechanics itself, I was able to get off hands-free with just the Eins.

Repeat Performance?

I took the Eins out for another go as soon as I had the chance. I enjoyed that I could set up the toy while I browsed some Tumblr porn and it would happily do its thing. This time, the toy wasn’t getting me over the edge on its own, so I swapped to some manual clit stimulation for a little while. This time, I tried angling the toy so its thrust would hit my g-spot directly. This meant giving up all clitoral stimulation from the toy, and for the hell of it, I gave up my own manual clit stimulation as well. To my surprise, I found the g-spot thrusting was enough to not only get me to the edge, but quickly over it. I had a satisfying, delightful g-spot orgasm just from this toy’s thrusting.

The next time I gave the Eins a spin, I kept my manual clit stimulation going, and let the toy’s basic thrusting do its magic for my vagina. With the combination of clit stim and thrust, I came crazy hard. Now that’s a fun toy.


A few caveats, but they’re minor. Because the thrust is consistent and energetic, if you aren’t consistently lubed, you can irritate the skin around your entrance. Be careful. Also, this toy does not have a flared base and therefore is not safe for anal use. Several other toys in the pulsator line are fine to shove up your ass; just not this one. Finally, if (like me) you need clit stimulation, that’s not the Eins’s specialty. I can come with just the toy, but I come more reliably with direct clit stimulation. Personally, I don’t mind providing that stimulation by hand. If you need clit stim and you don’t want to use your hands at all, you should consider another one of the pulsator line that’s better geared for that. I’m going to ask to try another one of the line, and I’ll report out.

Final Words

The Eins is a crazy fun toy. I keep wanting to try it in new and different ways because it’s so different than anything else I’ve used. It’s fully submersible, so I want to give it a go in the bathtub, which is actually one if its recommended uses. I want to try new positions, like some of the ones in the illustrated guidebook. I also want to use it on a vagina-owning partner sometime.

I’m not sure if the novelty of this toy is going to wear off anytime soon. I like its potential for hands-free fun, especially while I’m browsing porn or going down on a partner. My main complaint of solo play is not having enough hands. A toy that thrusts while also leaving my hands free for other activities? Yeah, that’s a winner in my book.

Care for this toy is easy. It’s silicone and waterproof, so you can hand wash it without fear of getting the mechanism wet and breaking your very expensive toy. Charging is hassle-free and you get quite a lot of use from one charge.

The Fun Factory pulsator line is different than most other toys on the market right now, and they’re quality toys put out by a reputable company. Sure, they’re expensive, but most good toys are. If you have the money to invest, I recommend them, and the Eins is a great place to start.

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