The Goldilocks of Pulsators? Stronic Surf Review

This Stronic Surf review is the latest in a long line of Fun Factory pulsator reviews, but that doesn’t mean it’s business as usual. The Stronic Surf is a great pulsator that’s got several design features I enjoy, making it – for me – my favorite pulsator so far. It’s got the right mix of medium girth and texture, right in the middle of a few other pulsators, so for me — Goldilocks Style — It’s just right. 

But first, some background!

Background Info

Fun Factory is a German company that makes pretty amazing sex toys. They prioritize environmentalism and fair labor practices while producing innovative, awesome toys. One of their greatest innovations, in my humble opinion, is their line of pulsators. Using magnetic technology, the pulsators produce a notable “thrusting” sensation that feels different than normal vibration. 

I’ve reviewed a number of pulsators for Fun Factory and generally liked all of them. The Stronic Surf is the latest, for me, and also part of Fun Factory’s new Pulsator II line. The Pulsator IIs are lighter and slimmer than the Classic Pulsators. I enjoyed the Stronic G, so I asked to try the Stronic Surf, which has some pretty great waves along its length. And so it arrived!

Out of the Box

Fun Factory pulsators come in slim, long rectangular boxes that picture the toy on the outside of the packaging. (But not the shipping box – don’t worry, your stealth sex toy purchases are safe from the neighbors’ prying eyes, if that sort of thing concerns you.) 

Stronic Surf outer box

Once you open the package, the Stronic Surf is nestled in its box with a netting-like cover over the buttons, like the way they sometimes wrap Asian pears in the grocery store.

Stronic Surf in open box

The Surf is slimmer than Classic Pulsators, but it’s still not super skinny, and it has wave-like ridges all around it. Here are some shots of the ridges from the front and side.

Here’s a top-down shot of the Surf so you can see the width of it compared to my hand. Even though the head is tapered, it has some nice girth to it.

Stronic Surf from top

The Surf, like all Fun Factory pulsators, has three buttons, which you can see on the ridge image above. The bottom button (which becomes the top when you’re using it) is power, and the other two turn are + and -. The plus and minus signs give you access to a range of different intensities as well as patterns. 

Not pictured at the bottom of the handle are two metal dots, which is where you attach the plug for magnetic charging. The Surf, like all pulsators, is completely waterproof, even submersible waterproof. 

Into My Box

I love the sensation of a pulsator. There is something really wonderful about a toy that does the thrusting for me. The toy doesn’t move a lot, really just a half inch or so back and forth, if that, but it feels a lot more significant. 

The Stronic Surf is a nice width for me, wide enough that I can notice it, but not so wide that I need to use lube. (You might need lube, and that’s okay. I’m not lube shaming AT ALL, just talking about my own personal experience. If you do use lube, make sure it’s water-based, since the Surf is silicone.) It’s also not so wide that I can’t “warm up” with it. I like the initial thrusting motions to get my motor running, as it were. 

I like to insert the Surf most of the way into my vagina, then turn it on at the default setting for a while. The starter setting is a steady thrust. From there, I’m actually more likely to use the down button to access slower thrusts. That’s because on the slower thrusts, I can notice the movement more. The thrusting feels harder when the toy moves less. This is when I spin up a fantasy about a fucking machine, or about being tied up and helpless, or about being tied up and helpless on a fucking machine. 

The higher intensity levels of this toy mostly feel like vibration to me, so I don’t tend to use them. It’s still thrusting, but it’s thrusting so fast that the movements aren’t that distinct. I don’t want vibration; I want thrusting. You might feel differently, so those higher levels are there for you. Plus, there are a number of patterns if you like some variation.

The Surf’s ridges provide a constant stimulation, although not so intense as to be uncomfortable. I like using it best with my legs mostly closed, which helps keep the Surf from squirting itself out onto the bed, as it’s wont to do if I open my legs wide. (Using a pillow behind the Surf as a “thrust barrier” is also helpful.)

For me, a lover of clit stimulation, the Surf (and most pulsators) doesn’t provide enough stimulation to generally come untouched. I prefer to rub my clit or use a vibrator on my clit. But if I’ve edged enough, the Surf alone can do it for me. It’s powerful, sleek, textured, and all-around awesome.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers for another great pulsator. Each one I try, I tend to say, “That’s my new favorite,” and… well… the Surf is my new favorite. It’s the current pulsator on my nightstand and unlikely to be unseated by one of my others.

Cheers for full waterproofing. Damn, Fun Factory, your toys are quality and versatile.

Cheers for a strong, quiet motor. If I’m using the Surf to fuck myself, people in the next room aren’t going to hear it. They might hear me, though, because sometimes I’m loud as hell.

Cheers for a slimmer pulsator that’s still moderately girthy and capable. Related to that are the ridges that are firm but not uncomfortable, providing stimulation but not irritation.

Caveat: If you like to wank with wide-spread legs, the Surf might fuck its way right out of your vagina. 

Caveat: It’s not anal-safe. There’s no flared base. You don’t want this bad boy making his way downtown, so keep him in your vagina. If you don’t have a vagina, choose a different pulsator that is anal-safe

Caveat: The Surf isn’t cheap. No Fun Factory pulsator is cheap. You get what you pay for, though, and several of my friends have saved up for extended periods of time to get themselves one.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a new indulgence, or you’ve got a generous benefactor buying for you for the holidays, you should get yourself a Fun Factory pulsator. They’re unlike other toys and nobody’s making anything similar, as far as I know. If you gravitate toward smooth toys and G-spot stimulation, get yourself a Stronic G. If you want lots of texture and a significantly thick toy, get yourself a Stronic Drei. And if you want texture and medium girth, what I consider the Goldilocks of Pulsators, get a Stronic Surf.

This product was provided by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and if you buy stuff through those links, it benefits the blog.  

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