Jump, Jive, Maybe Wail: We-Vibe Jive Review for Sexmas Day 4

Several of my reviews for Sexmas so far this year have been musically-titled. I know “Jump, Jive, an’ Wail” from the Brian Setzer Orchestra, but that’s apparently just one of many covers. The original was by Louis Prima in 1956. But we’re not here for music! We’re here for my We-Vibe Jive Review. It’s Day 4 of Sexmas, and this wearable vibe packs a strong internal punch with some cool high-tech features.

Jump, jive, and wail, and let’s get started.

Out of the Box

The We-Vibe Jive comes in a light blueish box with an image of the product on the front. The packaging is similar to most other of We-Vibe’s products: simple and elegant.

wevibe jive box exterior

Open the cover of the box, and there’s the Jive. Plus, in this case, a reflection of me in the plastic covering.

Jive in open box

Here’s what you get in the Jive box along with the toy itself: a storage bag, charging cable, and some lube.

Wevibe Jive with bag, charger, and lube

The We-Vibe Jive is a bulbous g-spot vibrator with a floppy antenna/handle/whatsit. The body of the Jive goes into the vagina, and the antenna stays outside. Here are some shots from the front and side.

The charger for the Jive is on the end of the antenna/strap/whatever I’m supposed to call it, along with a button for controlling the Jive (if you don’t use the app). (We’ll get to the app later.)

The antenna is very flexible. Here’s a photo of me holding the body of the Jive and letting the antenna flop.

Jive with antenna flopped

The body of the Jive is a bit wider than my thumb.

So that’s the Jive! Now let’s talk about it in action.

Into My Box

The Jive is really good at its purpose: focused g-spot stimulation. Its moderately-sized bulb is suited to provide some solid internal pressure. I also love the fact that you can control the vibe and cycle through the intensities and patterns through that cute little button on the end of the antenna. But where the Jive really shines is with the app.

We-Vibe’s WeConnect app was one of the first Bluetooth-connective apps for sex toys, and it’s come a long way in its reliability and function. I find that it occasionally disconnects with any of the toys, but not very often, and it’s pretty reliable overall. The Jive is very fun to control with the app, where you can choose patterns, manually control the intensity, or sync it to music or ambient sounds. And best of all, you can hand over control to a partner near or far, and they can control your sex toy remotely. In these pandemic days, that’s a great way to stay in “touch.”

The motor of the Jive is rumbly and strong. The vibrations are localized to the internal bulb. That brings me to one of my few quibbles with the toy: I need clit stimulation to come, and the vibrations just don’t travel along that floppy antenna. Nor are they really meant to; that isn’t the purpose of the toy. But if I’m using that toy to get off, the antenna also blocks my access to my clit. It’s just broad enough to be in the way, and when I try to push it back, it naturally flops down again. I did eventually find a way to shove it aside and get off, and those rumbly internal vibes are chef’s kiss stellar.

You can use the Jive for many fun adventures, but I think this toy’s sweet spot is as a distance-play wearable. Nobody’s going anywhere fun anymore, so make your household chores more exciting. The Jive works like a kegel egg with the fun of added vibration. It delivers stimulation right where you want it, wherever you want it.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos to the Jive for a wearable vibrator for focused g-spot pressure.

More kudos for rumbly vibration. It’s strong and it’s not buzzy. We-Vibe makes quality vibrator motors!

I’ll throw in some additional kudos for waterproofing (because of course!).

Kudos for quiet. The Jive is stealthy when in use, with very little sound travel. People might hear it if you use it in church, but, like…don’t use it in church, anyway.

Caveat: that antenna is going to interrupt clit access. If that’s something you enjoy, you can work around it, but it will likely be annoying.

Kudos for an app that works generally well and allows for remote play. Accompanying caveat: the app does disconnect now and then. It shouldn’t be frequent.

Caveat: this is not anal safe. Don’t put this in your butt. Our emergency room workers are overworked right now and they do not need to be retrieving the Jive from your rectum. (Unless this comment is reaching you too late and you already have a Jive stuck in your butt, in which case: yeah, go to the ER. You need medical attention.)

Kudos for color options! The Jive now comes in electric pink in addition to the periwinkle blue you see in my pictures.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Jive is a well-designed, strong internal vibrator with wonderful remote possibilities. Play alone or with a friend, and enjoy some stealthy fun. Merry Sexmas!

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