Fun Factory Birthday Sale: Get Off, Save Big

Hey folks! It’s mid-August, and you know what that means: The Fun Factory birthday sale! Every year, this wonderful German manufacturer of some of the best sex toys in the business goes hog-wild and discounts almost the whole shebang by 40%. And that day is today, Monday August 14th, until midnight.

Do you need new sex toys? Don’t answer that. Yes you do. You do, and you can get them here for 40% off. Below are links to review of some of my favorites, plus direct Fun Factory links if you’re so impatient you don’t need to read the review. I won’t judge you, don’t worry. I’ve been there.


Three dildos side by side on a white background
Left to right Rainbow Amor, Limba Flex L, Boss
  • Limba Flex L – I just reviewed this! Check out the whole Limba Flex line of flexible dildos. Direct Link
  • Bouncer – It’s not a vibrator but it feels like one! Love this lumpy, bumpy dildo so much I put it in a fanfic. IYKYK. Direct Link
  • Boss – Want girth? Fuck yeah, you do. Direct Link
  • Amor – Realistic size, fun colors, pleasant no matter what hole you stick it in. Direct Link

Check out all Fun Factory’s dildos here.


Vim in hand
  • Vim – It’s a wand vibrator and it blows other wand vibrators away. Let it blow you away, too. Direct Link
  • Volta – It’s got weird fins and it’ll rumble its way through your clitoris and into your heart. Not literally, just… I don’t know. Buy one. It’s amazing. Direct Link
  • Big Boss – Like the Boss, but vibrating. Girthy and rumbly and magical. Direct Link
  • Tiger – Big happy ridges and a clit bump can make anybody purr. Direct Link

Check out all Fun Factory’s vibrators here.


Sundaze from side
  • Sundaze – It’s a vibrator and a thruster and a magical multipurpose machine. Direct Link
  • Stronic G – Equipped with an angled head to nail that g-spot, the Stronic G is a sleek and efficient delight. Direct Link
  • Stronic Surf – Giant ridges mean you’ll know what’s happening, and it’s all good. Direct Link

Check out all Fun Factory’s pulsators here.

And More!

Want more, you greedy minx? Of course you do. The pantheon of Fun Factory sex toys awaits you, 40% undressed and ready for a good time.

Don’t miss out!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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