Fun Factory Boss Review: Climbing the Corporate Ladder

It’s Fun Factory’s birthday! And to celebrate this birthday, I’m reviewing one of their classic dildos: the Boss. This Boss review celebrates a toy with length and girth for those of us who like a little extra. While Fun Factory excels in high-tech vibrators and pulsators, the Boss is simple functionality that hits all the right spots.

First Impressions

The Fun Factory Boss comes in a basic paperboard box. The outer sleeve depicts the product, and on the inside of the sleeve (not pictured) there’s a fun partner or self questionnaire of how you might want to use the toy.

Big Boss outer box

Slide off the sleeve and the inner gold box opens to reveal the Boss.

Boss in box

In addition to the toy, you get a cute pamphlet about how to have great sex with your dildo.

boss with Pamphlet

The Boss comes in three colors: peach, black, and red. I got the red, as you can see from the pictures.

Here’s the Boss from a few different angles.

The Boss has a prominent head and raised ridges along the side. The bottom is a slim profile that functions a bit like a suction cup. The slim base also makes the toy harness-compatible.

The Boss is well-named, since it’s not a slender toy. Here are two shots with a thumb and fingers for girth perspective.

The silicone texture is soft to the touch, like all Fun Factory toys. The dildo is mostly firm with a bit of flex, but not much. It has a slight curve/angle to facilitate hitting the g-spot.

In Use

The Boss reminds me a lot of the similarly-named Big Boss vibrator. I got the same color, so the similarities are even more prominent. I love the Big Boss vibrator, and I immediately loved the dildo equivalent.

With a slightly-tapered but somewhat blunt head, the Boss gets down to business right away. I recommend a generous amount of lube (body-made or store-bought). The prominent ridge below the head makes for a sensory delight during penetration. For me, this toy is excellent to get deep and hit my a-spot right up behind my cervix. The curve is perfect for that. One might also enjoy it for shallower penetration and hitting the g-spot.

The silicone tends to a be a bit “grabby,” but with enough lube, it’s easy to thrust. The base is also simple to hold onto. One of my favorite features of the Fun Factory dildo base is its triangular shape. With toys like the Boss, direction matters: the dildo curves in a certain direction. There’s no danger of the toy turning to the side in use, mis-aiming the curve, because you can easily keep the triangular base aligned where it needs to go. MAGIC.

It’s just a great toy, folks.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a thick, reasonably long dildo. The Fun Factory Boss isn’t an introductory dildo. This is for those of us who want a good dicking down that we can feel afterward. Want something thinner? There are plenty of thinner options like the Limba Flex or Rainbow Amor.

Kudos for the triangular base that lets me keep this dildo aligned. I hate not being able to tell if a dildo has turned to the side, no longer hitting my g-spot or a-spot the way I want it.

Caveat: that triangular base isn’t as good as a regular suction cup. It’s not going to stay stuck to a horizontal surface for long. Vertical surface? You’re good. You can keep this stuck on a wooden chair, for example, and be fine.

Kudos for a lovely-to-touch silicone texture. Caveat: it can be a bit grabby, so be generous with lube.


high quality GIF

The Boss is VERY penis-y. It’s got veins, folks. I don’t love my dildos to always look like dicks, and I don’t think they need to. I gravitate toward non-human colors for this reason. The peach and black are much more noticeably penis-esque than the red, but all of them are pretty seriously themed “dick.” You might not care, but for others, this might be a deal-breaker. Or this might be a kudo for you! No judgment.

Kudos: with this flared base, the Boss is anal safe.

More kudos: Harness-compatible, baby!

Final Thoughts

I love the Boss. It’s just a solid, well-designed, reliable, thick dildo. It’s going to be a staple in my bedside basket for the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for some girth in your toys, you can’t go wrong with the Boss. And if you order today, August 15, 2022, you’ll get 40% off!! Now, that’s a birthday deal fit for a Boss.

This toy was provided in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

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