Fun Factory Limba Flex Review: Limba Lower Now

I love a good flexible dildo: give me enough rigidity to keep it in place, but let me shape it however I want. Fun Factory has expanded the Limba Flex line with the Limba Flex L, which suits my fancy perfectly. The Limba Flex line has dildos in small, medium, and large sizes that are bendable in a variety of configurations. It’s my first toy from the Limba line, and I’m a fan.

First Impressions

The Limba Flex L comes in a standard Fun Factory box which includes an image of the toy and its name on the outer packaging sleeve.

Limba Flex L outside of box with image of toy

Slide off that outer sleeve and crack open the box to see…ta dah… the dildo.

Limba Flex L in box

Here are a couple of shots of the Limba Flex L to show its length and width, and that cute triangular base with the Fun Factory logo.

The Limba Flex L is a firm silicone toy that holds its shape…and is also bendable. I bent it in both directions to demonstrate.

This flexibility allows for a great deal of customization. I liked playing around with different angles to help the toy hit my favorite hot spots.

In Use

The Limba Flex L is not the girthiest toy in the Fun Factory arsenal by a long shot, but it’s a solid-sized dildo. I set up three of my Fun Factory dildos side-by-side for comparison.

Three dildos side by side on a white background

Pictured from left to right: the Rainbow Amor, the Limba Flex L, and the Boss. I’m not sure how the other Limba Flex sizes measure up, but the L falls nicely between these two dildos overall. It’s almost the length of the Boss, but the head is much more tapered.

When using the Limba Flex L, I appreciated the tapered head for easy insertion, and I really liked having noticeable girth toward the base of the toy. The triangular base is thick and rigid (heh), making it easy to grip. When affixed to a flat surface, the Limba Flex stays put pretty well, although I didn’t try to fuck it on the shower wall.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a sturdy dildo made of a soft-touch silicone.

Extra kudos for flexibility! You can reshape this dildo in a way that best suits your body or your partner’s body.

More kudos for the toy being anal-safe. That flared base means it won’t go rogue.

Kudos for a flared base that has a shape, helping keep the angle of the toy aligned in the direction you choose. With a round base, I sometimes can’t tell that the toy has shifted to one side or the other, mis-aligning it with my g-spot. The triangular base is a brilliant way to help me know which way it’s facing.

Caveat: while the Limba Flex L is a nice-sized dildo, it’s not huge, and it won’t be a good match for people who are searching for a lot of girth.

Final Thoughts

The Limba Flex L is an excellent dildo for anyone who enjoys penetration and medium-to-upper-medium sized girth. With its flexibility and quality construction, this is a wonderful toy to add to anyone’s collection. It can also start that collection if you’ve never owned a dildo. Fun Factory is one of my favorite manufacturers, and the Limba Flex L reminds me why that’s consistently true.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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