Fun Factory Bouncer Review: I’m Bouncing With Happiness

My Fun Factory Bouncer review is mostly full of praise, because I love so much about this dildo.

I had been coming off a couple of “meh” reviews from Fun Factory, and I was feeling bad about it, because I like so many of their toys! I really enjoyed the Stronic Eins and the Bi Stronic Fusion pulsators, but the Laya II was not quite everything I’d hoped it would be and the Delight was anything but. When I asked for the Bouncer dildo to review, I was really hoping it could break the recent curse.

Spoiler alert: it did!

The Bouncer is a wonderful dildo in several ways, and it lives up to Fun Factory’s promise of high quality toys.

Out of the Box

The Fun Factory Bouncer dildo, like all Fun Factory toys, comes in a really nice box. It’s not a blister pack; it’s a handsome package with an outer sleeve and inner box that’s good quality and easy to open.

bouncer in box
Bouncer dildo box, opened

Because this is a dildo, not a vibrator, there are no cords or chargers or instructions. Just a dildo. I chose the pink, because I like pink, but it also comes in red and black. Honestly, choosing a color was one of the hardest parts of this process. There’s something about pink for me, though; maybe the juxtaposition of innocence with the delightful ramming I so enjoy? Who knows?

The dildo is made of silicone, and it’s a nice soft silicone, but not the kind that’s so sticky it picks up all the lint around your house. Nice job, Fun Factory. It has three bulges and a triangle-shaped flared base. The overall girth is noticeable but not outrageous.

Bouncer dildo in hand
Bouncer dildo base
Bouncer dildo girth

Because of the materials of the Bouncer, it’s waterproof and easy to clean. It’s also harness-compatible and safe for anal use thanks to the flared base. Size-wise, it would be a bit much for my ass, but your ass might be ready.


When I took the Bouncer out and started shaking it around, I was immediately reminded of the Fun Factory Smartballs that I have and love. Like the Smartballs, the Bouncer has weighted balls inside, one in each bump, and they move and jiggle around when you move and jiggle the toy around. It feels like a giant shake-weight in hand.

In my vagina, though, it’s nothing short of wonderful. The toy is large enough that it gives me a bit of stretch going in, but it’s not so large that thrusting is difficult. This is important, because the Bouncer is a toy that becomes magical due to thrusting.

The movement of the Bouncer is accentuated by the weighted balls. The more you move the dildo, the more the balls move. This means that light thrusting is a small amount of sensation, and faster/harder thrusting is a more intense sensation. It’s like a magically responsive toy.

The movement of the balls translates to something akin to vibration. It’s not vibration, exactly, because it’s not as fast, but it’s similar. The sensation transmits throughout my vagina, and because of the location of the balls, it hits all my internal sensitive spots. For only a little movement, I get the sensations of a lot more movement, and a lot of movement escalates to wow.

Each time I used this toy, I was able to reach orgasm a lot faster than with a standard dildo. The toy itself doesn’t provide any clitoral stimulation, but that’s what my other hand is for. It’s a dildo, people. What did you expect?


There is only one complaint I have for this toy, and it’s a quibble more than a real complaint. The toy advertises that the “low profile base enables it to stick to smooth surfaces and walls.” This, in my experience has not been the case. I have tried to stick it to:

  • My bedroom wall
  • The bedroom door
  • My nightstand
  • The shower wall
  • The edge of the sink vanity

Each of these edges would count as a “smooth surface” or “wall,” and the Bouncer did not stick long to any of them. I mean, it would stick to the vertical surfaces for a minute or so, but any kind of pressure – like from trying to fuck it in this position – and the damn thing fell off immediately.

It’s not fun to stick it to a surface unless you’re also going to fuck or suck it! Otherwise, it’s just something to terrify my husband.

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad use. But it’s not the intended use!

Also, when sticking it to horizontal flat surfaces – the nightstand, the vanity – it lifted off immediately and refused to develop good suction of any kind. I would be unable to straddle and mount this toy without it moving all over the place.

This isn’t that big a deal, but the toy really should not be advertised as being able to stick to surfaces. It doesn’t. Get a real suction cup dildo or double-sided suction cup attachment for that.


I love this dildo. It’s going to be my go-to for a lot of masturbation. If I ever get to enjoy harness play with someone, it would be fun for that, too. The flared base is perfect for a harness. It’s a perfect size for my particular anatomy, girthy without being too girthy, and the responsive motion is delightful.

This is a great toy for someone who enjoys internal vibrations or internal motion of some kind. If you don’t like that sensation, you’re probably better off with a different kind of dildo. It provides some g-spot stimulation, but not as much as a firmer toy would. Because of the length of the toy, though, it’s very well suited for A-spot stimulation, that spot up and behind the cervix that I personally love. If you like deeper penetration, this might be a good toy for you.

As for me, I’m in love, and I’ll be coming back to the Bouncer – and coming on the Bouncer – for a long time. Nice job, Fun Factory.

Fun Factory provided the Bouncer in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used throughout this post. 

3 thoughts on “Fun Factory Bouncer Review: I’m Bouncing With Happiness

  1. Hi, I was wondering how you think the Bouncer compares to the Stronic line? It kinda seems that it’s a hand-powered/non-battery version?
    I currently have a Stronic surf (which I love), so I’ve been looking for similar dildos with the internal weights, and this seems to come closest. Let me know if you’ve any recommendations on that!

    1. It’s hard for me to compare the two, but for dildos with internal weights, the bouncer is fantastic. I do think it has a similar feel in some ways, but the motion feels a bit more like vibration vs. lateral thrusting. Both still amazing feelings! I hope this helps.

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