Seeing Rainbows: Rainbow Amor Review

It’s Pride Month, and this Rainbow Amor review is building on that theme! This gorgeous intro-sized dildo from Fun Factory boasts a smooth surface, suction cup-style base, slight curve, and a sassy rainbow color scheme. I think the Rainbow Amor is a perfect toy for many of your dildo needs. Plus, sales of this dildo support Queer Prom!

First Impressions

Fun Factory always has great packaging. The Rainbow Amor comes in this box with fabulous art created by Andrea Vollgas, a queer Swiss artist. (Seriously, look at this amazing portfolio!)

Rainbow amor dildo box with an image of the dildo and an illustration of a person with multicolored hair, sunglasses, and an open joyful mouth

Open the box and there’s the Amor in its packaging.

Amor in box

Here are some shots of the Rainbow Amor in hand from the side and then the front.

And here are shots of the top (to show girth) and bottom.

The Amor is made with a firm, high-quality silicone, and it has a bit of heft in hand.

In Use

The first thing one might notice about the Rainbow Amor is the size. As dildos go, it’s not particularly lengthy nor particularly girthy. But this, fine folks, is exactly by design. The Amor is actually the size of an average penis! At this length, most folks with vaginas can insert most or all of the toy without bottoming out, and this makes it easier to thrust and ride without worrying about going too far and having discomfort or pain.

The girth is enough to be noticeable without being inaccessible, at least for me. I loved how the Amor was usable with only a bit of warmup and wasn’t overwhelming to take, but I could tell when it was in place.

I used the Amor vaginally (although it is anal safe!) and found the curve was perfect for rubbing past my g-spot with each thrust. The base of the toy is wide enough that there’s something to hold onto when using the toy manually. It can also be mounted onto a surface with that suction cup base.

This toy was absolutely perfect for me, providing the right level of girth and length to hit all my important spots, and using it was a complete delight. I was impressed at how this unassuming average-sized dildo delivered on above-average pleasure.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the aesthetic of the Rainbow Amor, first of all. The bright rainbow pride colors make me happy every time I look at this dildo.

More kudos for the length and girth, aiming for “average” rather than “thermos” or “lightsaber.” This makes the toy accessible to many people.

Kudos for a suction cup base that does indeed stay affixed to flat surfaces. This is helped by the fact that the toy isn’t super heavy like a far longer dildo, so there’s less pull from gravity ripping it away from the wall. This definitely works. Also, the broad, low-profile base means it’s harness-compatible.

Kudos for a curve that hits all the right spots.

Additional kudos for making a toy that’s usable vaginally or anally. Love that flared base.

Kudos for a particular design love of mine. The base isn’t circular, so it’s easy to find the “front” of the toy and thus align the curve for ideal stimulation. Even when the toy is inserted, keeping the flat end of the triangular base up means I’m always going to hit my g-spot and the curve isn’t going to shift to the side without me knowing.

Kudos for supporting Queer Prom with the proceeds. More info on the product sales page at Fun Factory.

I’m apparently just doing a love fest on kudos and caveats, so here’s another: kudos for price! The Rainbow Amor is about $45 right now, a great price.

I’ll throw in one caveat just to make it seem fair: the Amor is not particularly lengthy or girthy, so if you want those qualities in your dildo, you should look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Don’t look elsewhere. The Rainbow Amor is versatile, non-intimidating, limited edition, and beautiful. It’s going to be a permanent nightstand fixture for me. If you enjoy penetrative play, you should add this one to your toolbox before it’s gone!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying something through these links benefits me and the blog.

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