Fun Factory Vim Review: A Wand With Vim and Vigor

Fun Factory, you have my heart forever, and this Vim review is a great example of why. The Vim massager wand is a brand new product from Fun Factory, a wand that manages to somehow be both cordless and powerful, rumbly and nearly silent. It’s a beacon of sunshine that has earned a special place in my sex toy hall of fame.

First Impressions

Fun Factory‘s packaging is always blending fun with professionalism, and the Vim carries on those traditions.

Vim outer box, showing an orange box with an orange product image

I got the Sunrise Orange Vim (it’s also available in Midnight Blue) and the packaging matches the product here.

Open the box, and there’s the Vim in its happy nest.

Vim sitting in open box

The Vim comes with everything you see here: the toy itself, literature to help you use it, and a signature Fun Factory red charging cable.

Vim with cable and instructions

Now, let’s take a look at the product itself.

The Vim is a cordless massage wand, and it is covered with textured silicone all over. It has a lightly ribbed handle and broad, rounded head.

The Fun Factory Vim is controlled with three buttons: The basic “Fun” button to turn it on, and a plus and minus sign that appear upside down here but are rightly oriented when using the toy on oneself. The Vim charges by magnetic induction charging, and it connects at the base of the toy.

It’s pretty, right? It’s also very light for a wand, weighing in at slightly less than a pound. While not a featherweight by any means, that’s lighter than several other wands on the market.

But all that weight and style doesn’t mean anything if it’s not good at what it sets out to do. Fortunately, the Vim is very, very good.

In Use

I’ve been hit or miss with wands over the years. I finally gave away my Hitachi to a friend because I just didn’t use it, and while I have had good luck with other wands, they’ve never been at the top of my list. I often find wands too cumbersome or buzzy to compete with the smaller, lighter wands or clit suckers in my arsenal.

The Vim might very well change that.

Fun Factory is known for its strong, rumbly motors, and the Vim is a standard bearer for those qualities. The motor is powerful and penetrating, and even on the lowest intensity, I swear I could feel it all through the internal arms of my clitoris. Rather than itchy, surface-level vibrations that need strength to work, the Vim’s rumbles worked even on a very low intensity. But low intensity is only one intensity! It has a wide range of power modes that can please even the most discerning clitoris. Simply hold the + or – sign to ramp the power up or down.

You can also use Vim on other sensitive parts of the body, or as a back massager, but it’s a dream for the clit.

The Vim is also incredibly quiet. I don’t know what witchcraft makes this possible, but the Vim is maybe the quietest wand I’ve ever used. I’m seriously in love, and I keep grabbing the Vim again and again.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a strong, rumbly motor. The Vim doesn’t have anything buzzy about it, which makes it a magnificent beast.

Kudos for near silence. Stealth wanking, Vim is your friend. No longer do you have to play music to drown out the loud roar of your wand vibrator.

Kudos for variable intensities that you can access just by holding down the + or – button. You don’t have to click to jump up levels; just press and release.

Even more kudos for a wonderful aesthetic: the orange is fun; the blue is sophisticated. It’s a win-win either way.

Kudos for rechargeable wand vibes, and more kudos for easy charging. I love the magnetic connection, and I love that Fun Factory’s red cords make them easy to find amidst so many other cords.

Caveat: the textured head might be irritating to delicate skin. Use caution if rubbing the wand back and forth.

Mixed kudo/caveat: the weight at 0.95 lbs is lighter than other wands but still not light, and people with grip strength issues might have to get creative about how they use the Vim.

Caveat: while the Vim is water resistant, it’s not waterproof, so don’t submerge it in the bath. You can, however, clean it with ease.

Caveat: pricing. Fun Factory makes high-end luxury vibrators, and at $169 (heh), the Vim is going to be financially out of reach for many people. It is well worth this price tag, but it’s obviously a significant expense.

Final Thoughts

The Fun Factory Vim blew me away with its strength, ease of use, and versatility. Fun Factory has wowed me with many products in the past and the Vim is another winner. I’ll recommend this highly to anyone who likes good quality vibrators and likes orgasms. If that’s you, pick up your Vim today!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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