Fun Factory Volta Review: Charged Up Love

I am so excited to be finally writing this Fun Factory Volta review, because this toy is one of my favorite toys of the year. I had low expectations and was, instead, completely dazzled by this surprise hit.

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The Backstory

When Fun Factory first released the Volta, they contacted reviewers to see if we wanted to try one. I was, to put it mildly, skeptical. The Volta looked a bit silly, and I wasn’t sure that silicone fins were going to deliver vibration in a manner I enjoyed. Plus, I am very picky about my clitoral vibrators in general. Most can’t beat the pleasure of fingers, for me.

But I’m an open-minded reviewer, so I asked for a Volta, and they were kind enough to send one in exchange for this honest review.

Out of the Box

Fun Factory packages their toys in beautiful, simple boxes with an external sleeve. The Volta came with an information sheet as well.

Volta box with instruction sheet

The Volta looks… unusual. It looks like a leaping dolphin, maybe, or “one of those worms from Beetlejuice,” as a friend of mine described. (Thanks for the horrifying mental image.)

Inside the box, the Volta is all buckled up for safety.

Volta in open box

Come on. Look at his cute seat belt.

Volta ribbon going through the handle like a seat belt

Once out of the packaging, you can see the Volta’s whole shape better. It has an elongated, curved body, with two flexible silicone fins at the tip. The white base has a large hole through it to make it easier to hold.

Volta in hand

Here is a top-down look at the Volta’s fins. It looks like it’s gonna talk to me, like some sort of weird Jim Henson creation.

Volta from the top, looking at the fins, which resemble a mouth

The buttons on the base are standard Fun Factory buttons, easy to reach and intuitive.

Volta buttons

The Volta uses Fun Factory’s magnetic “click and charge” system and, like many of their toys, it is completely waterproof.

Volta click and charge magnetic attachments

Onto My Box

I was not expecting to be wowed by this toy, like I said before. Its branding is all, “Made for the clit!” And I thought, sure. My clit is a picky girl.

So I set myself up to use it and turned it on to the lowest setting.

Holy shit.

The Volta, to my shock (ha ha), resonated with deep, rumbly vibrations. I thought the tips would feel weird, but they felt amazing, tapping and buzzing and resonating and lighting me up all over. I could feel those vibrations all the way down the internal portion of my clitoris, even with very light contact of the Volta’s fins. In no time at all, I found myself coming, and coming hard.

I wasn’t sure if this had been a fluke, so I continued to try the Volta in the coming (heh heh) days. *clears throat* For science, folks. For this review. I sacrificed so much for you.

The Volta, with its super duper silicone fins, reliably brought me to orgasm over and over again. I could pair it with internal toys for some doubling-up sensation, twice as nice for the win. But in general, I was happy to use it alone, relying on its deep vibrations to get me off quickly and easily.

Benefits and Caveats

The Volta is, for me, a really amazing toy. It’s more powerful than I expected, and I seldom leave the second-lowest intensity. Turning it up beyond that is way more than I can take. I like the patterns, but since they always go up high at some point, I find them too intense for me most of the time.

The easy-grip handle is wonderful. I also learned that, with some judicious application of rope, I can set up a “forced orgasm” scenario by setting the vibe where it works best and running rope through the handle and around my legs to keep it in place. This, by the way, is a great deal of fun. I highly recommend it.

The fins move really nicely over my clitoris, and I like the way I can vary pressure and even spread the fins a bit apart to change the type of sensation. It’s also super fun on my nipples, the only downfall being that I don’t have enough hands.

This is also a sex toy that doesn’t look like a penis! How wonderful!

I believe the Volta would also be a great toy for trans men throughout transition, since the flexibility of the fins can adapt to wrap around a range of genital sizes. If any trans men follow me, and have tried the Volta, I’d welcome your input.

I have no caveats for this toy. It absolutely blows me away. I continue to use it regularly, and it’s one of the few toys that lives on my nightstand all the time, well within easy reach.

Final Thoughts

I love being surprised by sex toys that I thought were going to be silly, gimmicky, or mediocre. The Volta by Fun Factory is wonderful, and I think you should buy one.

10 thoughts on “Fun Factory Volta Review: Charged Up Love

  1. I have the satisfyer flower power.. do you think it’s worth to upgrade to the volta? Or should I try tango x?


    1. I think if the power flower is working great for you, no need to get a product doing the same sort of thing, even if the Volta is stronger. (If the power flower is meh for you, I would recommend the Volta upgrade.) I think the Tango X is a GREAT choice for clit stim that’s a bit different. Or, if you haven’t tried a pressure wave device yet, I would recommend getting one of those. They’re fabulous!

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