Nice Kurves: Hot Octopuss Kurve Review

I’ve always been a fan of Hot Octopuss for their innovative sex toys and focus on pleasure for all bodies, so I was excited to be able to do this Kurve review. The Hot Octopuss Kurve is a g-spot vibrator with “treble and bass” vibrations, an interesting concept that produces a highly customizable vibration experience in an elegant package.

Out of the Box

The Kurve comes in a lovely, sturdy box with a maroon-to-black gradient and an image of the toy on the front.

Kurve exterior box

Get the Kurve out of its wrappings and here’s what you’ll find:

Kurve with accessories

In addition to the Kurve, you get a black satin storage bag, a charging cable, and some instructions.

Now let’s look at the Kurve itself.

The Kurve is burgundy with gold accents. The handle of the toy is plastic and the insertable part is silicone. I can’t really depict it in pictures, but the very tip (the top half-inch or so) is incredibly squishy silicone, and the rest of the body is a firmer silicone without any give. The toy itself is built with a prominent curve for g-spot stimulation, hence the name.

The left picture above shows the charging port, which is the kind you stab with the charging cable. On the right, you can see the buttons of the Kurve more closely.

Kurve Controls

I typed that as “Kurve Kontrols” first but it felt too cutesy so I redid it.

The Kurve has two vibrators in its shaft. The one in the upper third, called “treble,” has buzzier vibrations. The one in the lower third, called “bass,” has deeper, rumblier vibrations. Both vibrators are independently controlled using the six (six!) buttons on the base.

Treble is controlled by the buttons on the left. You can probably see a tiny “T” next to those buttons in the picture above. Bass is controlled by the buttons on the right. The + turns each one on independently, and then the + and – raise and lower the intensity, respectively.

The bottom round buttons are where things get a bit complicated. The one on the left, under the Treble buttons, turns the whole toy off. This button is convex, raised up so you can tell it from the button on the right.

The round button on the right is concave, dipping in rather than raising up, and this activates the patterns. There are four patterns plus the main “steady” pattern. The pattern button controls whatever vibrators (treble, base, or both) that are active. For example: if you have only bass on, and you push pattern, it will start a pattern using just the bass. Same for treble, and same if you have them both on. The pattern button rules over everything.

There’s a lot going on here, so let’s talk about the toy in use.

Into My Box

The Kurve is a good internal vibrator for a lot of reasons. The vibrations travel throughout the body of the toy but remain strongest where the vibrator itself is located, so I could feel the treble vibe more in the g-spot and the bass vibe in the bottom inch or so of the vagina. I played with the different settings, appreciating that I could get more stimulation in the places where I needed it.

Because this is an internal toy and I’m an external stimulation kind of person, it didn’t replace the need for clit stimulation for me. That’s okay; that isn’t its purpose. It’s a great internal vibrator. I found that pressing my hips down increased the internal resonance of the vibrations, so I could feel them more deeply.

Even though the treble vibrator is a bit buzzier, it was still a pleasant vibration. The bass vibrator is my preference, as a deep, rumbly vibe. I wished several times that the Kurve included two bass vibrators instead of a bass and treble, since the rumbly vibrations would have felt amazing on my g-spot. Even so, though, I appreciated what was going on.

I did get confused all the time at which buttons were where. Maybe if I used this toy every day I would remember, but every time I used it I had to keep turning everything off and then turning just one of them on to keep track of which vibrator I was increasing or decreasing. It was a lot to manage without being able to see the buttons in use. This vibrator has traded simplicity in favor of more customizability, and I appreciate that as a deliberate choice.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a beautiful, elegant toy with an expensive feel. The silicone of the Kurve is soft to the touch, and the ABS plastic manages to feel sturdy instead of cheap.

Kudos for customizable vibrations. A toy like this will encourage people to learn the intricacies of their own vaginas and what kind of stimulation they enjoy, with plenty of room to experiment. That’s a very cool thing. I love being able to independently control the intensity of each part of the toy.

Caveat: there are a lot of buttons to keep track of, and so if you want to just have one thing to push and let the toy do all the work, this is not the product for you.

Kudos for 100% waterproofing, so you can take the Kurve into the bath or shower.

Kudos for strong vibrations. I love cranking this toy up and feeling the vibrations all throughout my pelvic floor.

Caveat for only one bass instead of two basses. Who needs treble? Give us MORE BASS.

Mixed bag kudos/caveat: the squishy tip of the vibrator was pleasant to touch, but I like a much firmer press on my g-spot. It’s definitely a plus for people who prefer vibration on their g-spots without physical pressure, but a minus for people like me who want a firmer g-spot touch.

Caveat: you do have to hold these buttons a half-second longer than you feel you should have to in order to make them do what you want. I continuously have moments of “is it working?” only to have it kick in just after the thought passes through my brain.

Kudos: It’s nice to have a toy that’s just focused on the intricacies of g-spot stimulation. Sometimes it feels like everything’s a rabbit these days. Let internal vibrators be internal vibrators.

Final Thoughts

The Kurve from Hot Octopuss is a well-designed, nuanced, strong internal vibrator. It’s more complex than most internal vibrators, but with that complexity comes a customizable experience that encourages you to figure out what kind of stimulation your vagina likes, and where. It’s well-built and enjoyable to use with all the hallmarks of quality that Hot Octopuss puts into their work. If you enjoy internal stimulation and you’re looking for a new vibrator, I’d encourage you to grab the Kurve and see what magic it can do for you.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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