Bi, Bi, Bi: Fun Factory Lady Bi Review

It’s pride month, I’m bi, and this Lady Bi review is an excited “thumbs up” for a powerful rabbit-style vibe from Fun Factory. Intrigued? Hell yeah. Let’s get started.

Background Info

I’m a complete whore for Fun Factory. While they do occasionally have some misses, nearly all the products I’ve reviewed from them are a delight. They keep getting better with their products. I hope I never run out of toys to review from them. I love their business ethics, their sex-positivity, their commitment to quality, and the positive relationship they cultivate with me (and hopefully other bloggers). The Lady Bi is, like most Fun Factory products, a well-designed and powerful vibrator that achieves its goals really well.

Out of the Box

The Lady Bi comes in a standard Fun Factory box with an image of the toy on the outside.

Lady bi outer box

Open the box, and there’s the toy with some instructions.

Lady Bi in open box

Here’s everything you get in the package: the Lady Bi, instructions, and a charging cable. I love that all of Fun Factory’s charging cables are red so they’re easy to pick out of a pile of other cables.

Lady bi and accessories

Here is the Lady Bi from different angles. Pardon the lint; the soft silicone of the Lady Bi picks up endless amounts of lint.

In the third picture, I have my thumb next to the main shaft for scale. In the final picture, you can see the buttons: the Fun button to turn it on, plus a button each for the main shaft and the clitoral stimulator arm. The two little metal prongs at the bottom of the handle are the magnetic attachment points for the charger.

The Lady Bi is a rabbit-style vibrator, meaning it has an insertable shaft and an external clitoral arm. These toys are called “rabbit vibrators” after an older-style vibrator where the clitoral stimulator looked like rabbit ears. This isn’t the case now, but the name has stuck.

The Lady Bi’s shaft has an angled tip for internal stimulation as well as a broad hump near the base for stimulation in the lower section of the vagina.

The clitoral arm has some flex, but not a lot. In this picture, I’m pushing down on the clitoral arm with my finger to show its range of movement:

Lady Bi with clit arm extended

The above picture also shows the hole in the handle, which makes it easy to grip and is one of my favorite features of Fun Factory vibrators.

Like most (all?) Fun Factory products, the Lady Bi is completely waterproof.

Into My Box

I’m going to talk about design first, and then the vibrators.

One of the first things I noticed upon using the Lady Bi was the mixed blessing/ curse of that lower hump. It makes the Lady Bi a fairly girthy toy, even if the tip is not very wide. For me, this meant a decent bit of stretch on insertion. Water-based lube is your friend, here.

I say a mixed blessing/curse because despite the initial difficulty of insertion, once in place, the hump created a really nice “full” feeling. I really like feeling that pressure. It does hit my g-spot a bit, but it’s not specifically designed for the g-spot.

The curved tip of the internal shaft hits my a-spot really well, which is that sweet spot just behind the cervix (not IN the uterus, people; that’s not something that happens). It’s amazing to have a thick vibe long enough to also hit my a-spot.

The Lady Bi’s two vibrators are both fabulous. The internal one is strong enough to transmit vibrations along the whole length, but because of that lower girth, that’s where I tended to feel most of them. The external one is also well-concentrated in that clitoral arm.

Perhaps it’s because of the style of toy, or the size of the vibrators, but the internal vibe felt rumblier to me than the external. I wouldn’t say that the external is buzzy, but I thought it felt less rumbly than the internal, especially compared to a really small rumbly vibrator like, say, the We-Vibe Tango X. It was still amazing and powerful and an absolute delight.

The clitoral arm’s “flexible but not super flexible” quality was actually pretty nice, because it meant the vibrator pressed against my clitoris instead of resting on it. This meant better transmission of the vibrations.

I used this vibrator a number of times before writing this review, for science *cough* and it delivered amazing, reliable, strong orgasms for me every single time. The dual stimulation was perfect.

I only used the Lady Bi vaginally, but it’s anal-safe as well.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for strong, rumbly vibrators that don’t fall short on power.

Even more kudos for variety: the two vibrators each offer six speeds and six patterns, and you can control the vibrators independently.

Of course, kudos for waterproofing. Any vibrator at this price point should be 100% waterproof.

A mixed kudo/caveat: that girthy lower section is perfect for those of us who like the width, but it’s not for everyone. If you prefer more slender vibes, or if you’re new to internal stimulation, this is not a good choice for you.

Caveat: I don’t love the name “Lady Bi.” One could argue that it’s gendering the toy, and not the user, but it still feels like it’s implying this is “a toy for ladies.” Not everyone with a vagina is a lady, and this toy is also usable anally by people of all genders. Consider a new name for this one, Fun Factory!

Kudos to that deep, powerful a-spot stimulation. It’s such a good design.

Also kudos for that looped handle, which is really nice when my hands are slippery, or if I want to get some rope play involved.

Caveat: the battery life on this is only 30-60 minutes, which may be fine for one session, but probably means you’ll need to charge it after every use.

Caveat: pricing. The Lady Bi is not the priciest toy on the Fun Factory site, but it’s not inexpensive, either. I think it’s worth the money, but of course, that’s a highly subjective decision.

Kudos for a rabbit vibrator that doesn’t half-ass its commitment to dual stimulation.

Final Thoughts

The Lady Bi is a reliable, strong, well-designed vibrator. I keep coming back to it (and coming on it) over and over, and it’s earned a permanent place on my nightstand. If you like some girth in your vibrators and you enjoy dual stimulation and deep stimulation, this is definitely a toy you should try.

This product was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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