We-Vibe Tango Review: It Only Takes One to Tango

Update: there’s a newer version of this toy! Check out my review of the Tango X.

I have wanted to do a We-Vibe Tango review for a long time. I’ve heard about the Tango for what feels like years now. Everyone seems to love it. Recently, We-Vibe sent me a Tango in exchange for this honest review, and I’m happy to have finally laid hands on this legendary sex toy.

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First Impressions

The We-Vibe Tango comes in a beautiful box like everything We-Vibe produces. The box is white with a clear image of the device on it.

Tango in box

The two halves of the box slide together, and it’s a fairly good-sized box considering it’s a pretty small toy. When you lift off the lid, there is the Tango in all its glory.

Tango with open box


Okay, it doesn’t look that glorious, does it? It’s pretty basic. It looks like one of the old-fashioned lipstick vibrators that you could keep in your purse and pretend it was a lipstick. Or something you might keep on a keychain.

Tango in Hand 1

Here it is for a sense of the size.

Angled Tip of Tango

You can see how the tip is angled, again, just like a lipstick vibe.

The surface of the vibe is plastic, but it’s a high-quality thermoplastic that is phthalate-free. It’s not a heavy vibe at all, but it doesn’t feel as cheap as it initially looks right in the box. There’s a sense when holding it that something powerful lurks inside.

The vibe charges by a magnetic charging station. With a 90-minute charge, it can run for up to two hours.

Tango bottom charger

You can see in this picture the two magnetic connectors. The actual charger plugs into a USB cord (provided). The charger looks like one of those little plastic containers that kids keep their baby teeth in before the tooth fairy comes, which is a weird association, but there you go. When the Tango is properly connected to the charger, a little amber light indicates that it’s charging.

Tango charging

One small detail I noticed was how the charger was likely to shift, but the magnetic connectors are not strong enough to roll the Tango over if the charger moves. As such, if I bump the charger, it was very easy to accidentally disconnect my Tango, and then it doesn’t charge. Just something to keep in mind as you use it.

In Use

The We-Vibe Tango is way more than it initially seems. Frankly, it looks like a very plain and boring vibe, but it isn’t. Most significant to me, the Tango is rumbly. It’s not a buzzy vibe. The rumbly vibrations travel really nicely through my clitoris, and that feels incredible.

The pinpoint precision of the Tango means it’s easy for me to put it exactly where I want it. It would normally be a very quiet vibrator, except I have a hood piercing, and that piercing rattles like a motherfucker against the plastic of the Tango’s exterior. So for me, it’s going to be a little loud if I don’t line it up precisely between the upper ball and lower ball of the barbell. If you don’t have a hood piercing and/or don’t mind having that rattle, then you’re going to be just fine with the noise, or lack thereof.

The Tango has eight vibration modes: four speeds – low, medium, high, ultra (which is a mega-high) – and then four patterns. The first pattern, tease, is a few high vibrations followed by a few low vibrations. The next is wave, which increases and decreases gradually like a wave. That’s one of my favorites. Pulse is very quick high pulses of vibration. Finally, cha-cha is the beat of a cha-cha dance: two high vibrations, then three low vibrations. You cycle through the vibrations by pushing the single button on the bottom of the vibe.

Multipurpose Tangoing

I have several ways I like to use the Tango. I can use it for standard wanking, when I want to just get off, and it delivers wonderfully on that premise. It’s strong, rumbly, consistent, and enough to send me straight to orgasm-land with no problems at all. I also can use it in conjunction with dildos for the combo clit/g-spot stimulation.

The other way I like to use my Tango is for warmup. I can tuck it nicely between my legs and then browse porn to my heart’s content, letting the vibe buzz in its wave pattern and get me quite turned on. Sometimes I’ll keep using the Tango to get me off, but I am equally likely to set it aside for a different vibe, my hand, or perhaps just a dildo if I don’t feel like getting off to vibration.

There is a certain overwhelming quality to vibration-induced orgasms for me, a pleasure intense enough to border on pain. I can’t take really strong vibration on my clit while I’m coming, or else I am likely to feel more discomfort than rapture. I tend to want to ease up at the moment of climax, which means I might lose some of that oomph. This is part of why I often use vibrators for warmups, rather than for orgasm. The Tango is a very strong vibe, so its vibrations are occasionally too much for me. Sometimes I like to ride it out, but other times, I’ll move it off my clit and finish by hand, or just move it farther above my clit hood for a more diffuse sensation.


There really seem to be no functional drawbacks to the Tango. It’s an external vibe, not an internal vibe, so don’t go sticking it into your vagina, and definitely don’t go shoving it up your butt. That tiny taper does not constitute a flared base, people! It’s quiet (except for against a hood piercing), highly portable, rumbly, powerful, and waterproof – did I mention it’s waterproof? Well, it is. Totally waterproof.

Perhaps one tiny issue is that it’s not a Bluetooth toy; my partner can’t control it from a distance. That’s not surprising, though, given its small size, so I don’t think this is really a fair complaint. In truth, the only drawback I can see to the Tango is the price. Coming in at or around $80, the Tango is a pricey vibe for its size. It’s wonderful, sure, but it’s hard to swallow that kind of price for something that seems so simple. Maybe that’s the real problem: the Tango is so unassuming, that no matter how great it works, people are going to resist paying $80 for a toy that looks like a classic $20 lipstick vibe.

I think it’s worth it, frankly, but I also know that $80 is a lot of money. If you like pinpoint vibrations, though, the Tango is worth saving for.

The Care and keeping of Tango

We-Vibe recommends that only water-based lubes be used with the Tango. Even though it’s not silicone, perhaps there are compatible polymers at play that keep it from working well with silicone lube. Stick with water-based, folks. Aside from that, you can clean the Tango easily with soap and water. That’s the beauty of waterproof toys.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Tango is a fantastic vibe. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s high quality and very functional. I love it. It’s become my new go-to toy. I’d recommend it highly. You can find it at most quality sex toy stores as well as from LoveHoney.

My big question, though, is why call this the Tango? Everyone knows it takes two to tango, and this vibe is perfectly wonderful with one… or with three or more. Don’t limit yourself. Follow your dreams.

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