Amo, Amas, Amat: Hot Octopuss Amo Review

It’s a new decade, and life is too short for mediocre sex toys. Fortunately, Hot Octopuss is here with the Amo, a beautiful bullet vibe that combines a rumbly motor with an effective design. It’s everything I liked about the DiGiT without those weird finger loops. It’s named for love, and I’m in love. Here is my Hot Octopuss Amo review.

A note about images

Before I get into this review, I must confess that my Pixel 3a seems not to know how to deal with my light box, and so all these pics are blue. I went through the process of cleaning a few of them up, but it was tedious and ridiculous. Fuck it. You’re getting the blue pictures. Please don’t let it “color” your opinion of the Amo, which is an innocent party in this endeavor.

Out of the Box

The Amo comes in a maroon shiny box with a white patterns of lines on the back, reminiscent of the British flag. Over the last week, my husband has picked up the empty box no less than three times and commented on how he keeps thinking it’s a cologne box.

Amo box, looking shiny
I know how blue this is. We covered this issue above.
Mea culpa.
Pretend you’re in a film noir or something.

The Amo comes with a charging cable, the stabby kind that goes into the side.

Amo out of box

The Amo is a bullet vibe with a slightly broad head, a tapered point on one side of that head, and a plastic handle at the bottom.

Here it is from some various angles. Still blue.

On that last pic, if you look closely, you can see two buttons right above the handle. There is another (unpictured) button on the other side. The two buttons you see turn the intensity up and down, and the single button on the other side turns the device on and off as well as cycling through the pattern types.

Onto My Box

I liked the DiGiT for its rumbly motor, so I was hopeful the Amo would have the same type. It does. The Amo is a a strong, rumbly vibe, and the vibrations penetrate really nicely. I usually operate vibes on the lowest settings, but I had to crank the Amo up a few. It has a wide range of intensities, from quite low to quite strong.

The Amo also has a series of patterns, and like all Hot Octopuss products I’ve tried so far, you can control the intensity independently from the patterns. That means you can have every pattern at every intensity. That’s a brilliant design that I wish all manufacturers copied.

With the Amo, I can either hold it in place by hand or close my legs around it and let it do its work hands-free. Either way, it stays in place. The raised ridge of the Amo provides pinpoint clitoral stimulation where I want it, and it’s slim enough to slip between bodies during penetrative sex. It’s a great multifunction vibrator.

Have I mentioned how quiet it is? This vibe is really quiet. Not silent, and not quiet enough to use it in the same room as an unsuspecting person (you creeper), but quiet enough to not be heard through the door.

I’ve recommended the We-Vibe Tango as a bullet vibe for years. And I still do: the Tango is one of the best vibes I’ve ever used. But the Amo gives it a run for its money.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a bullet vibe with a strong, rumbly motor.

Some additional kudos for the design: the raised ridge on one side with the flat other side lets people choose what kind of stimulation they want. Also, having silicone for the business end rather than plastic (like the Tango) means it doesn’t rattle on my hood piercing.

Caveat: the buttons are a bit hard to find. They’re indented, not raised, and I can’t ever remember which side of the toy does what. Any time I want to change intensities or pattern, I have to feel around to see if there’s one button or two. Mildly annoying, but not a deal-breaker.

Kudos for total waterproofing, ready to be used in the tub or shower or just for ease of cleaning.

More kudos for the price point. At $49 USD right now, I think this is a great value.

I already said this, but I’ll say it again: kudos for having variable intensities in all the patterns. Hot Octopuss, don’t ever stop doing this.

Final Thoughts

The Amo is an excellent bullet vibe. It’s a worthy competitor to the We-Vibe Tango and much cheaper. With its thoughtful design, powerful motor, and customizable vibrations, it’s good for beginners and experts alike.

What are you waiting for? Go get one!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits this blog and helps me keep reviewing.

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