Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a We-Vibe Touch Review: Sexmas Day 2

The We-Vibe Touch has been replaced. Check out my review of the We-Vibe Touch X. All links in this post point to the Touch X.

My We-Vibe Touch Review has nothing to do with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, except that I love the Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a song and thought it would be perfect for the title of this post.

Do you know I’ve never actually seen RHPS? I had a pretty conservative upbringing and my parents never would have gone for it, and I was far too angelic to sneak out to anything. Also, I didn’t even hear of it until…gosh, college, maybe? Which is a shame, because maybe my baby queer self would have figured out some of my queerness back then with a bit more campy media in my life. A-hem.

We’re not here to discuss my woefully inadequate film education. We’re here for my We-Vibe Touch Review, because it’s the second day of Sexmas! The We-Vibe Touch is a small clitoral vibrator with a powerful We-Vibe motor and a bit of an odd shape. Ready? Let’s get started.

Out of the Box

The We-Vibe Touch comes in a light purply-blue box with an image of the toy on the front. We-Vibe’s boxes always feel sturdy and well-crafted.

Wevibe touch box on the outside

Once you lift off the top of the box, you see the toy inside behind a plastic barrier that, in this picture, reflects me taking a picture of it.

Image of the We-vibe box cover lifted off the we-vibe and the toy in its box with a reflection of me, the photographer, in the plastic.
Photography is my passion.

The Touch is eggplant purple, with a somewhat pointed tip and a rounded bottom. Here, take a look for yourself.

As you can see, there’s a bit of a divot for the clit, and overall, it’s a pretty straightforward clitoral vibrator that looks remarkably like a blending sponge. (Thanks to my friend for pointing that out, and now I can’t unsee it.)

The Touch has a single button at the bottom. Here it is:

wevibe touch's bottom button

Also, it doesn’t hook directly up to the charging cable. Instead, there’s this little connector that goes between the cable and the toy itself. It’s the same connector as on the We-Vibe Tango.

Every time I see that adapter, I think of those little boxes that they (who is this ‘they’?) give a kid to put their lost tooth in for the tooth fairy.

That’s an awful transition, but here we go, talking ’bout sex toys again.

Onto My Box

The We-Vibe Touch packs a strong rumbly motor in its small silicone body. Pushing the button at the bottom cycles through several vibration intensities and patterns, all of which I tested out, but I’m a “no pattern” kind of gal overall.

I had a hard time setting the vibe up in a way that aligned the point with my clit at maximum stimulation. I tried various configurations, including laying it over my clit, which is what it seems designed to do. It may be set up to cup the clit, but that wasn’t really doing it for me, so I settled for aligning the point. That was a good move for me. I can imagine lots of ways someone might set this up with their parts.

The Touch is strong and penetrating in its vibrations. The body of the toy is moderately unobtrusive and easy to hold. It gave great stimulation and made it pretty easy for me to come.

Touch vs. Tango

The We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Tango are very similar clitoral vibes, but there are some key differences. Instead of the “Kudos and Caveats” part of the review — since the Touch is a great vibrator overall — I decided to do a Touch/Tango comparison. (Read my full Tango review here.)

  • Material: the Touch is silicone and the Tango is plastic. This makes the Tango feel “cheaper” as a toy than the Touch. Also, the silicone Touch doesn’t rattle against my hood piercing like the plastic Tango. The slick Tango can be harder to keep a grip on vs. the Touch, especially when using lube.
  • Design: the Touch has more ways to align the toy with your clit. The Tango, a lipstick-style vibe, has a broad, flat tip for direct pressure. The Touch has a cupped tip with rounded edges for more varied pressure options. For me, the Tango is preferable because I like the direct pressure. Someone who wants more options or less direct stimulation might prefer the Touch.
  • Size: The Tango is smaller and will fit between bodies easier during penetrative sex. The Touch is not much bigger, but I’m not sure if it would get in the way during certain types of sex.
  • Power: Both toys charge the same way and have similar motors. I don’t feel a difference, personally.
  • Volume: Both toys are quiet.
  • Waterproofing: Both toys are fully waterproof.
  • Price: Right now, the Touch is about $20 more than the Tango.
  • Aesthetic: The Touch feels like a more expensive product, and it *is* a more expensive product, but the Tango has an elegant simplicity that I adore.

Verdict: I prefer the Tango for the type of stimulation I enjoy, but if I were giving a gift, I’d give the Touch over the Tango. The Touch has more versatility and a nicer aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

We-Vibe makes excellent vibrators that are rumbly, well-designed, and fully waterproof. They’re not low-priced, but they’re also going to last a long time and deliver strong, reliable vibration. The We-Vibe Touch is an excellent vibrator: designed for the clitoris, but useable anywhere you want pinpoint stimulation. I’m a fan.

I received this product in exchange for this honest review. This post uses affiliate links, and buying a product through those links benefits this blog.

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