Improving On Greatness: We-Vibe Tango X Review

There are a few toys which rise to the top of nearly every reviewer’s recommendation list. The We-Vibe Tango has long been one of those toys. With its slender size, simple design, and mind-blowing rumbly strength, the Tango is a near-perfect vibrator. My own review celebrates its greatness. With the We-Vibe Tango X, WowTech has managed to improve on an already-stellar vibrator and produced a toy that’s truly worthy of the Tango name. My We-Vibe Tango X review looks at not only the Tango X in its own merits, but also its improvements over the previous Tango.

Out of the Box

The Tango X comes in a sturdy, elegant box with an image of the toy on the outside and some We-Vibe branding. The back shows line art of someone using the Tango X on their clitoris.

Open up the box, and there’s the Tango X.

Tango x in open box

The Tango X comes with everything you see below. In addition to the toy, you get the white satin storage bag that accompanies most (all?) We-Vibe products, a charging cable with magnetic attachments, lube, and some instructions.

Tango x with charger, storage bag, lube, and instructions

Side note to say how much I love that We-Vibe includes a lube sample with all their products. Normalize lube, people!

Here are some shots of the Tango X in hand and from different angles.

The Tango X is mostly plastic (ABS), but a soft-touch plastic, and the bottom third where the buttons and magnetic charger are is silicone. The Tango X has three buttons: a raised + and – to control intensity, and a center ~ that cycles through vibration patterns. The magnetic charging cable attaches to the metal points seen in the last picture.

Onto My Box

The Tango X has a strong, rumbly vibrator motor and I do not know how they manage to fit all that power in this tiny tiny package. There’s nothing buzzy about the Tango X. The moment I turn it on, the vibrations penetrate deeper than surface-level. On my clitoris, that provides strong stimulation with none of the itchy feelings of weaker or buzzy-style vibrators.

I played with all the variations of the Tango X: there are 7 modes of vibration, or patterns. These include a baseline non-patterned vibration, on/off styles, ramping up and down escalations, etc. The Tango X allows you to control the intensity for each of these modes, with 8 different vibration intensities. This means you can crank any one of the patterns up or down based on your preferences. I’m not a huge fan of patterns, but I do love being able to adjust them.

The Tango X had no problems getting me off. Those deep, penetrating vibrations rocked my world completely. This toy is magnificent.

Tango X vs. Tango

The Tango X makes several improvements over the original Tango. Here are some of them.

Charging Connection

The original Tango required an attachment to the charging cable, and the attachment points were very tenuous. Bumping my nightstand made the connector fall off. The Tango X, by comparison, connects directly to the charging cable with strong magnetic attachments.

Button Controls/ Variable Vibration Intensities

The original Tango had one single button to cycle through vibration patterns and intensities, with no variability.

The original Tango had low, medium, high, and patterns for its vibration settings. With the Tango X, you get 8 levels of intensity for each of 7 different modes, allowing much more customization.


One frequent complaint of the original Tango was how slippery it was. Any lube, natural or store-bought, sent that tiny bullet sliding all over the place. It was difficult to hold in place with slick fingers. The Tango X has improved on this with the silicone base, allowing for much easier grip.


The Tango X boasts a stronger, rumblier motor. The Tango was always really good, but the Tango X has had a few years of improvement, and it’s an even better vibrator.


The Tango X is currently priced at $79.00 on the We-Vibe site, and at the time of this posting, the original Tango has been discounted down to $59.00.

What Hasn’t Changed

The Tango X has kept many of the original Tango’s strengths.

  • Size: The Tango X is about the same size as the original Tango.
  • Waterproofing: Both versions of the Tango are completely waterproof for all your shower and bath fun.
  • Lipstick-style tapered tip: The Tango and Tango X have the same shape of tip, designed to provide a flatter area for broad clitoral stimulation and a ridge for sharper, more angled stimulation.

Final Thoughts

The Tango was an excellent vibrator. The Tango X is a stellar vibrator. I adore it. This is an ideal vibrator for anyone at any stage of sex toy experience, good for both partner sex and solo sex, and it plays well with others and with other toys. It’s compact, powerful, and versatile. While it’s designed for use on the clitoris, it would also work well on other erogenous zones. I’m putting the Tango X into my sex toy hall of fame. Go get yourself one!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through those links benefits me and this blog.

7 thoughts on “Improving On Greatness: We-Vibe Tango X Review

  1. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that improvement to be honest! Did you get a chance to test the battery? Some of us had issues with the original Tango not holding a charge, but I noticed they are now using Lithium batteries which should perform much better and have a much longer useful life. Also, how does it compare to the Hot Octopuss Amo?

    1. I haven’t tested the battery, but I have used it a few times with no charging in between and no discernible reduction in power, which I can’t say for the original Tango. This is purely anecdotal, though. I hope the battery life is better. I think it’s stronger than the Amo, and I feel like the shape works better for my personal anatomy. They are comparable, but for my money, I think the Tango X edges out the Amo.

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