I Almost Dig It: HotOctopuss DiGit Review

This HotOctopuss DiGit review celebrates a toy that’s got great functionality and good (but not perfect) design. Many will love it, and I definitely like it, even if I’d make some changes. It’s well-named, pocket-sized, and quite handsome. Let’s DiG in!

Out of the Box

The DiGit comes in an elegant, simple box with a picture of the product on it.

Digit outer box

It’s also got a cute slogan: show bad sex the finger.

Once you get the DiGit out of the box, it comes with the toy itself, a black satin storage pouch, a charging cable, and some instructions.

Digit with accessories

The DiGit itself is a bit larger than a finger. It’s black silicone with a plastic base, and there are two loops for your fingers to go through.

The buttons for the controls are on each side of the toy itself. They’re very slightly raised, hard to see but not too hard to feel.

Onto My Box

The DiGit is, first and foremost, a rumbly vibrator. It’s got great resonant vibrations for its size, on par with the We-Vibe Tango for sensation. When pressed against my clit, I know the DiGit’s there.

The DiGit shares a great feature with other HotOctopuss toys like the Queen Bee: in addition to having the choice of a solid vibration or vibration patterns, the “up” and “down” intensity affects all of those patterns. This means you can have any of the five vibration modes at any of the five speed settings. I love this! It’s honestly my favorite feature of my HotOctopuss vibes. I sometimes want a “wave” pattern, but not at the intensity preset into my toy. With the DiGit, you can customize the sensation.

I had a difficult time getting the finger loops to work right for me, though. Because the finger loops are such an integral part of the design, I want to talk about them for a little while. They’re somewhat flexible, although they are plastic and therefore return to their original shape. For my girthy fingers, they fit, but I can’t slide the loops all the way to the base of my fingers without some constriction.

Also, I just don’t rub my clit with two fingers. I use one. I can only use one finger loop, sure, but then the other loop is just there. Fortunately, it doesn’t really get in the way.

When I’m using a small vibrator during sex, and often during masturbation, I like to tuck it between my thighs and not use my hands to hold it at all. While I can do that with the DiGit, I’m worried those finger loops would get in the way for the thrusting. This is unlike the WeVibe Tango, where the device itself is so unobtrusive that I barely notice it during sex except for its effects. Granted, I haven’t had sex with the DiGit, so I can’t speak to this in absolute terms. I’d just be worried about my partner slamming into it. Of course, I could always keep a hand down there, but that takes away some of the purpose of having a vibe for me.

The buttons on the DiGit are a bit hard to find while the toy is in use, but I’m not changing patterns or strengths a lot once I find one I like. If you swap things up a bit, this might be a problem for you, but I didn’t mind.

I know I sound a bit disappointed, but to be honest, the DiGit was a really pleasurable toy for me. I like the vibration. Also, the DiGit’s got a very specialized advantage over the Tango for me because the body is silicone, and it doesn’t make my hood piercing rattle the same way as the plastic housing of the Tango.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a strong, rumbly fingertip vibrator. This is a really effective product that’s wonderful not only for clitorises, although that’s obviously its primary design, but for other erogenous zones as well.

More kudos for total waterproofing. It’s 2019, people: expensive vibes should be waterproof.

I can’t really give kudos or a caveat to the price, because those things are so subjective. To me, $69 (heh, nice) is a bargain for a toy of this quality, but for others, it’s way too much. As a reviewer who’s seen my way around a lot of toys, this is a lot of bang for your buck.

Caveat about those finger loops. You can’t remove them, which seems a significant oversight. I wish they slid on and off somehow. Lots of people will like them, and they do stabilize the toy when you’re rubbing it around and all lubed-up and slick, but it’s not a great option for me.

Kudos for aesthetics. HotOctopuss really does make gorgeous toys that don’t look like they’re ashamed to be sex toys. The branding is elegant, the toy itself is sleek and beautiful, and it’s a pleasure to hold and use.

Caveat about the buttons being hard to push when in use. I don’t think there’s a way around it, but know that it won’t be super simple to switch controls.

Kudos for variable speed on variable patterns. That’s a feature all vibrators should share.

Final Thoughts

The HotOctopuss DiGit is almost a great toy for me, and it will be a great toy for many people. This is an excellent first vibrator: it’s strong, but not too strong; it’s not intimidating in size or design; and it’s designed to work with finger masturbation rather than replacing it. While it’s not perfect, it’s solid, and I do recommend it for those who like rumbly vibes.

Happy wanking!

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and purchasing products through those links benefits this blog.

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