Fun Factory Drei Review: Getting Wet for the Drei

It’s time for another Fun Factory review, this time a Fun Factory Drei review! I’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited about the pun I’ve got going in this blog post title. I’m also pretty excited about the Stronic Drei, which is (so far) my favorite Fun Factory pulsator. You want thrusty action with fun ridges? You’re in the right spot.

Background Info

I’ve reviewed a number of Fun Factory pulsators: the Stronic Eins, the Bi-Stronic Fusion, and the Stronic G. I hadn’t tried the Drei, and that seemed like an oversight, so I requested one for a review, and Fun Factory was gracious enough to send me one to test. I’ve always been pleased with Fun Factory’s workmanship, and even when a toy doesn’t work well for me (like the Delight), they’ve been a great company to review for.

Out of the Box

The Drei arrived in a simple box with an outer sleeve that has a picture of the product.

Stronic Drei in box

Inside, the toy itself is presented beautifully, as always, with instructions and charging cable tucked away at one end of the box. The Drei also has its battery end protected with criss-cross mesh like a delicate fruit.

Stronic Drei in open box

In hand, the toy has a solid heft to it. The insertable portion of the toy is silicone, with ridges and a pronounced curve.

Stronic Drei in hand

It’s decently girthy, too, and has a plentiful circumference.

Stronic Drei head, viewed from above

The Drei uses Fun Factory’s “Click and Charge” magnetic charging system, where the charging cable attaches to the body of the toy with two magnetic points.

Eins Charging Mechanism

This photo is actually a shot of the Eins charging, because I didn’t take a photo of the Drei. The handle and charging mechanisms are the same, as is the button configuration: one for power as well as up and down buttons.

Eins Buttons
Eins buttons, but it doesn’t matter because the Drei’s are the same. Standardization, bitches! Whoo!

Onto My Box

As I mentioned before, I’ve used a few Fun Factory pulsators. They’re all pretty great, honestly. The Drei is no exception. If this is the first time you’re reading about pulsators, you should know that they don’t vibrate; they thrust. The thrusting feels like vibration at some higher speeds, but in general, it feels like it’s fucking in and out.

The biggest trick to the pulsators is figuring out which settings you like. There are a couple of particular ones that feel like real thrusting, instead of just like a vibrator, and those are the ones I settle on for good fantasy work. When I’ve got the Drei working hard, I can easily imagine it’s a fucking machine, and that’s a fun mental vacation right there. With so many variations of speed, rhythm, and intensity, there’s a pulsator setting for everyone.

The Drei’s ridges are pronounced, but not so much that they create any real drag once the toy or I have been sufficiently lubricated. I like that with the Drei’s ridges, the thrusting motion is more apparent. I can feel what it’s doing a bit better than with some other toys.

The Drei has a flared base, which makes it safe for anal play, although I have not used it for that purpose. Ostensibly, it’s also to provide external stimulation. For me, I can’t get it to line up in any particular way that it would hit my clit with that ridge, although trust me, I tried. I’m better off providing my own external clit stimulation if I need that to get off.

Speaking of getting off, the Drei does the job well for me. It’s not always a toy I can get off alone to, since I generally need more clit stimulation. Now and then, though, when the g-spot is doing it for me, the Drei is sufficient to get me there all by itself.

Cheers and Caveats

Cheers to water fun! The Drei is waterproof, like most (all?) Fun Factory high-end vibrators and pulsators, so it’s equally fun in the bath and shower as on dry land. I’m a dry land wanker, personally, but you might not be! And everyone wants some variation.

Cheers to body-safe materials. Made out of silicone, the Drei is safe with water-based lubes, but not with silicone lubes. Y’all should know that by now if you’re a frequent reader of this blog. If not, well, now you know.

The ridges are a cheer and a caveat. They’re a cheer for me when I get going, but a caveat when the pump is not yet primed. I sometimes like to use toys to warm up, but the Drei is not a good toy for that. Even when lubricated, if my muscles aren’t relaxed, sudden ridged thrusting is not a good time. When I’m set to go, though, those ridges are amazing.

I don’t have any other real caveats for this toy, because it’s a delight. It’s definitely my favorite pulsator so far, but I haven’t tried the Stronic Surf or Stronic Real, so that title may get claimed elsewhere. Enjoy it while you can, Drei!

Final Thoughts

Fun Factory pulsators aren’t cheap, but they’re not made cheaply, either. They are a high-quality, durable, reliable source of sexual fun-times, either alone or with a partner. Pulsators aren’t like any other toy on the market right now, at least that I’ve seen. If you like the in-and-out motion, you should get a pulsator. If you like texture along with some g-spot stimulation, you should get a Stronic Drei.

Thanks again to Fun Factory for providing this toy for my review.

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