Come and Play 2-4, Episode 30: Galumphing Through Summer

Episode Summary

We saw Ocean’s 8, so we spend some time discussing how much we love beautiful ladies and people doing what they’re good at. Also a bit of commentary about the importance of women supporting women. We cast our women-over-50 buddy cop movie, too. From here, we move on to talking extensively about Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Speaking of polyamory, Elia has books coming out, including one this August. Then it’s onto discussion of games. We finish by discussing the Zumio, a radical sex toy that totally isn’t a purple jalapeno.

Show notes

  • Haven’t seen The Thomas Crown Affair? You should. It’s beautiful.
  • Elia wants to add again that she does not really endorse art theft, and also to clarify, she does not endorse art theft against independent artists. Source your reblogs, people!
  • Here’s Anne Hathaway talking about her amazing Ocean’s 8 costars:

  • I can’t find the review of Ocean’s 8 saying men are useless and women should have sex with each other. Can anyone help?
  • I don’t think a buddy cop movie exists yet with Helen Mirren and Judy Dench. Someone create this, please.
  • Haven’t seen the trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women? Here it is.

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