Füch Yes: Fun Factory Bück Dich

My Fun Factory Bück Dick review celebrates a delightfully simple, delightfully fun toy that manages to somehow excel at two different purposes. Not only does it have a great name, but it’s a whopping good time, and I emphasize the “whopping” part. The Bück Dich is half paddle, half dildo, and all delight.

Background Info

I first saw the Bück Dich in person–in dick?–at a Babeland store in NYC. I’d seen it online, but once I had my hands on it, I knew I had to have it. I like impact toys, but I seldom buy them without holding them first. I need to know how it feels against my skin first. In this case, the paddle had a resounding snappy sting and a solid sounding thwack. The dildo part seemed more gimmicky than anything else; it was a fun threat, but I figured I would use the paddle most of all. I was already a Fun Factory reviewer by this point, and they graciously agreed to send me one to try.

Out of the Box

The Bück Dich, meaning “bend over” in German, comes in a surprisingly flat box that depicts what’s inside through to-scale images on the sides.

Inside the red box, the Bück Dich sits waiting.

Buck Dich inside box

In hand, I remembered again what a quality product this is. The Bück Dich is solid silicone and reasonably heavy.

The paddle is smooth on one side and slightly rough on the other.

The dildo end is heavily textured, with lots of ridges all the way down to the base and a pronounced curve. You can see the width compared to my hand in the first and last pics.

The shape of this dildo mirrors a particular Stronic pulsator that sadly, Fun Factory no longer makes.

In hand, the paddle has a good heft and a nice swing.

Full toy in hand

The dildo makes for a comfortable, textured handle, although I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for a long-term paddling session.

Onto My Bits

I enlisted the help of my trusty Top to test out the paddle part of this toy. It’s possible to paddle yourself, but not as easy as having someone else paddle you, and I’m lucky enough to have a helper.

This paddle stings! Silicone paddles have a sharp sensation, more stingy than thuddy, and the flexibility of this surface makes for a good solid whack with reverb. He was able to turn my backside pink without very many strokes.

I couldn’t really tell the difference with the smooth side vs. the rough side, but a more experienced spanko might notice the subtle variation.

From the Top’s perspective, he said it was comfortable to hold and fun to swing, and it was easy to line up his shots and make them land where he wanted them to land.

Into My Bits

As a dildo, the Bück Dich surprised the hell out of me. I viewed the dildo as far secondary to the paddle, but this was a mistaken assumption. In actuality, the dildo was wonderful. It’s thick, so I had to proceed slowly (and a less fluidically-endowed person should probably use lube).

The ridges provided excellent stimulation during thrusting, rubbing all the spots that I like having rubbed. Also, the dildo has a pronounced curve for g-spot stimulation, and the rigidity of the shaft itself coupled perfectly with this shape. Sometimes, curved dildos are so flexible that my natural internal resistance prevents that firm stimulation. The Bück Dich, though, hit perfectly.

The biggest surprise came from the external ridges. Those actually lined up perfectly with my clit. When I was thrusting the dildo, I had amazing clit stimulation from those ridges, and I was actually able to reach climax without adding additional clit stimulation.

What a fucking delight!

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for the design of this toy. The dildo is an actual functional dildo that provides the kinds of stimulation enjoyed by many fans of penetration. The paddle is the right mixture of intense but not cruel, and an impact beginner could definitely start with this toy as long as everyone took it easy.

Also, this design means you can fuck your partner and paddle them with the same implement, and let’s be real: that’s my kink.

Kudos/Caveat Hybrid: the ridges on this dildo are Serious Business. If you don’t like texture, you won’t like this, but the inverse is also true.

Kudos for the flared base that makes this toy anal safe. I must confess, though, I can’t imagine putting it in my ass without feeling like I was doing pet play as a beaver. That paddle is something else.

Kudos for silicone, easily cleaned and friendly with water-based lubricants. High quality materials are an integral part of Fun Factory’s brand.

Caveat: You should really only get this toy if you plan to use both ends of it. It’s a great dildo, and a great paddle, but it’s awesome for being both. If you’re just going to use one side, you might as well get a device just for that.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of paddles out there, and this isn’t necessarily the greatest paddle in the whole world. BUT. There are not as many paddles with dildo handles, and this might be the very best paddle with a dildo handle in the whole world. I highly recommend you “Bend Over” for the Bück Dich. This toy currently sells for $79.99 from Fun Factory.

I received this product in exchange for this honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post and throughout this website. Buying products through those links benefits the site.

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