Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Review: The Clit Cobra Triumph

Here is my Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Review! At the bottom of this post is information about how you can win your own courtesy of Fun Factory and this blog.

After I reviewed the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, I knew I wanted to try another one of their pulsators. Based on my wants for the Eins, namely that I could get more clit stimulation, I decided to go for the Bi Stronic Fusion. This toy breaks the trend of German counting that Fun Factory had established with the Eins, Zwei, and Drei, but “Bi Stronic Fusion” sounds space age and so I’m cool with it.

The Unboxing

Bi Stronic packaging

The Fusion, like other Fun Factory toys, is packaged in a lovely box that makes you feel like you’ve just received something special. I commented on it in my review the Eins, and it’s just as nice the second time with the Fusion.

I appreciate good packaging. My favorite part of shopping at the liquor store is examining all the beautiful bottles of alcohol. Like gorgeous glass bottles and handsome men in suits, pleasing packaging makes me want to stop and admire… and then rip into it.

Which I did.

First Impressions

I have a purple theme going with my toys, now, as you can see. The Fusion differs from the other Fun Factory pulsators in its external clitoral vibrator. My husband was quick to point out that it looks like a little cobra standing up with a flared hood. Thanks for providing my new toy name, honey. The Fusion is now known in my house as the Clit Cobra.

The Clit Cobra
The clit cobra!

The texture of the Fun Factory pulsators is nice. It’s silicone, but it’s not a sticky silicone. It’s firm and yet a bit soft. It feels good to hold. The base is solid, the buttons well-raised and easy to find. The Fun Factory on/off button on the base is oriented to be readable when looking down your body while using the toy, which is a nice detail. The buttons also light up when the toy is in use, so that’s helpful.

I was prepared for my sixteen hours of charging time, because that’s what these pulsators require. This was the toy that got me to put a power strip next to my bed. You win, Fun Factory. I finally have enough toys that I need more outlets to handle them. The Fusion has the same “click and lock” charging system common to all Fun Factory toys, making charging easy and cool, too, even if it does take forever.

The Test Run

Bi Stronic pulsator

I gave the Fusion its first use the next day, after the toy had charged all night. I didn’t bother reading the manuals, because they looked the same as the manual for the Eins, so I just tossed the literature aside and climbed on into bed with the toy and some porn.

It took me a bit to get the Fusion inserted. I don’t have problems with lubrication, but the toy is a bit girthier than the Eins, enough to be noticeable. I inserted it all the way, tilting the clit cobra back to lie flush over my clit, its cobra hood against either side. Then I turned on the toy.

My first reaction was surprise, because the Fusion was loud. A lot louder than the Eins, and a lot louder than I had expected. The reason for that is the external vibrator in the cobra. It’s not prohibitively loud, as vibrators go, nothing compared to the Magic Wand or other similar toys, but it’s not going to be subtle in a quiet space. It’s going to be all “HEY SOMEONE IS MASTURBATING HERE!” Which might be what you want. I don’t know your life. I’m not trying to masturbate quietly anyway, so I’m cool with it. If you share a room with someone who doesn’t want to listen to you get off, then this might not be the toy for you.

Moving on.

Because I did not read the manual, I used the buttons in the same function as the Eins, meaning I assumed (a stupid thing to do; more on this later) that after turning the toy on, each button unlocked a different set of options. Like, if I hit the top button, then I could cycle through Set A of vibration/pulsation patterns. If I turned the toy off and back on again, then hit the bottom button, I could unlock Set B and also cycle through those. Does that make sense? Well, it was not happening exactly like that with this toy. I couldn’t exactly figure out what was happening down in my bits. Sometimes it was vibrating more and pulsating less, sometimes the vibration would stop, sometimes the pulsation was in a pattern… SO MANY CHOICES!

(Spoiler alert: I was being stupid.)

I finally found a pattern that seemed good. The pulsator was thrusting, and the clit cobra was vibrating nicely, and I could just chill out and let the toy do all the work. It was lovely, and when I came, I came without any extra stimulation. Bam! Success.

Test Run 2

In Test Run 2, I realized that I can be very dumb. I came back to this toy a few days later. There had to be some kind of key to this whole pulsation/vibration pattern thing. I had the lights off in the room already, though, and I didn’t want to get out of bed and turn them on and then find the manual, so I tried to find one online. I was unsuccessful finding the manual on the mobile site, so, exasperated, I just pulled the toy out and looked at it.

Then I had a thought: wouldn’t it make much more sense if one button controlled the clit cobra vibrator, and one controlled the thrusting shaft?

It turns out, that’s exactly what the toy does. While I was randomly hitting buttons trying to get a combination I liked on that first test run, I was just being a colossal dumbass. Armed with this new knowledge, I set it on a low vibration and a faster thrust. I started out like I had before, with the toy all the way inserted and the clit cobra pressed snugly along my clit. This was working fine, but I felt like I was missing something.

I remembered how nice the g-spot stimulation was with the Eins, so I pulled the toy out a bit and angled it more. At this angle, only the tip of the cobra was resting against my clit, and the vibrations were magnified. The toy could also thrust a lot more aggressively like this. JACKPOT. In this position, I came hard in only a short amount of time.

Overall Impressions

I liked the Eins a lot, but the Fusion surpasses it in ease of orgasm for me. I can come with just the Eins if all the circumstances align in a perfect storm, but I’m much more likely to need another hand on my clit. The Fusion, though, does both for me, and does so elegantly. It’s a hands-free toy in the best sense.

I like that I can also turn the external vibrator off entirely, and let the thrusting of the toy push the cobra into place for a gentler stimulation that’s still pretty effective.

Both the vibrator and the pulsator have different patterns, and some are better for teasing and some for finishing. I think if I were going to use this toy with a partner, I would set it up for more teasing rather than the quick finish.

Like the Eins, the Fusion is waterproof. I think I’ll take this one into the bath soon and see how it performs.

I don’t have any real caveats for the Fusion. It’s a great toy. It’s well-engineered, it does what it sets out to do, and its combination of vibration and pulsation is fancy. I know that for me, a big draw of this toy is its novelty. I’m pretty sure, though, that even after the novelty wears off, I’ll come back to this one for hands-free orgasms and lazy masturbation.

Win Your Own Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion

The awesome people at Fun Factory sent me two of these toys! This means I have one new-in-box Bi Stronic Fusion to give away to a lucky reader. The contest is open until January 28, 2017, and you must be a U.S. resident at least 18 years old to enter. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter, and good luck!

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16 thoughts on “Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion Review: The Clit Cobra Triumph

  1. Oh I would so love to win this. I haven’t got a budget for sex toys these days, am in a flagging relationship, and have always wanted to try a thrusting toy!

  2. I always like to know what the volume of the toy will be. I tend to go for quieter, higher intensity toys but this sounds like it could literally hit all of my buttons.

  3. Even if I don’t win this, I would consider making this one of my next purchases because I’ve kind of always wanted to try a thrusting toy, as opposed to just vibrating.

  4. I’ve had my eye on this for a while. Good to know it’s a little on the loud side. Fun Factory always makes very high quality products and I don’t have any sort of thrusting toy in my collection so fingers crossed!

  5. Your review is so thorough and informative and your writing technique is both professional and flirtatious to the reader’s intrigue. Nicely done. I would love to try this too after reading. 🙂

  6. I completely overlooked this toy because of its name. I didn’t realize it was a pulsator.

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