Fun Factory Laya II Review: Laya It On Me!

8/2018 update: since writing this post, Fun Factory seems to have discontinued the Laya II and is back to manufacturing the Layaspot. I updated links in this post to lead to the Layaspot, but that is a somewhat different toy, and so this review may no longer be entirely accurate. 

Writing my Fun Factory Laya II review is worth it just for that incredibly punny post title alone. I love when the names of toys let me make puns about them.

Last month, Fun Factory sent me their Laya II, a new version of the Layaspot, in exchange for an honest review. This is that review!

I discussed this toy in a recent episode of Come and Play, my geeky, kinky podcast. If you’d like to hear me talk about the Laya II rather than reading it, give it a listen, and then subscribe to Come and Play.

Out of the Box

Laya II in Box

I always remark on the quality of Fun Factory’s packaging, because it’s consistently worth remarking on. If you’re going to spend a bunch of money on a sex toy, you don’t want to get it in a blister pack. Fun Factory’s toys feel like high-end technology when you open the box, and the Laya II is no exception.

Laya II Open Box

Once I opened the packaging, I was surprised at how small it was, and how sleek it looked. The black redesign looks much nicer than the Layaspot used to look; it just looks like a quality toy.

Laya II Buttons
Laya II in hand

The charging mechanism is the same as the other Fun Factory products: “click and charge,” a magnetic external charger. Those two little silver dots you see at the top of the toy are where the charger hooks up. The same charger works for all the Fun Factory Click and Charge devices, too, which is very nice.

The buttons are intuitive and easy to reach and use. The main “Fun Factory” button turns the toy on, and then the plus and minus control the speeds and patterns.

Onto My Box

Once it was unboxed and charged, I gave this toy a try. I lay on my back and held it against my clit, noticing as I did so that the toy aligned nicely with my own anatomy. The curve fit smoothly against my pubic bone, and the vibrator rested perfectly where I wanted it.

I had to supply some pressure to get the vibration I was looking for, though, and I quickly realized that I’d rather use this toy in an upright position. I got up on my knees, put a firm pillow between my legs – a Yogibo Zipparoll, if you’re interested – and wedged the Laya II against my clit. This was much better. In this position, I could rock on the Laya II and let my body weight supply the extra pressure.

I don’t wank while upright very often, but it’s a fun position for a number of reasons. It feels more decadent, for me. I can use different toys this way. Using my weighted nipple clamps while upright is a much better and more exciting sensation than using them while lying down, because they swing. I can also rock against something and indulge some different fantasies. So that’s fun. It’s not a position I always want, but when I do, I want a vibrator that stays in place. The Laya II is great for that. I can tuck it into position and it doesn’t tilt or roll. It’s small and maneuverable, plus it has a nice variety of speeds and pulsation patterns. It was fantastic.

The second time I used it, I lay on my back and held it in place over my clit. It was pretty effective that way, but I didn’t like it as much as I liked it when I used it upright.

Partner Potential

Then I got the chance to use the Laya II for partner sex. With him on top, though, there wasn’t enough room for the toy to fit between us. His thrusts ground the base of the toy into my pubic bone, which really fucking hurt, so we stopped right away. That was a big “no thank you” from both of us.

I think there are positions where the toy would work, though. Pretty much any position where are pelvises are at right angles rather than parallel. So, woman on top, sex from behind, or sex where I’m lying on my back and he’s standing at the edge of the bed. I’m looking forward to trying the Laya II in any of those positions in the future. For missionary, though, not so much.

Final Thoughts

The Laya II is a fun vibrator, but it’s not great for the most common partner sex that I have. I will enjoy using it solo and definitely using it in the bath, because like many Fun Factory toys, it’s waterproof.

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