Come and Play 2-3, Episode 29: The Marvel Fuckvaluation

Episode Summary

After the Infinity War discourse on Episode 28, we needed to spend some time discussing who in the Marvel universe would be good in bed. Includes some ranking, hypotheses about characters’ engagement and skill, logistics of fucking Mjolnir, and thoughtful analysis of why fucking Groot is okay but fucking Rocket is creepy. Then we discuss Hue, an indie puzzle platformer, and finish up with Elia’s review of the Fun Factory Volta, a fun clitoral vibrator that Kysmet thinks looks like a Beetlejuice sandworm.

Show notes

  • If fucking Mjolnir is not just Elia’s kink, but yours, you can buy a fuckable lookalike from Geeky Sex Toys.
A hammer shaped suspiciously like Thor's hammer with a very fuckable-looking dildo handle
Geeky Sex Toys sells Moan-Inir for your fucking pleasure.
  • Rule 34 in the Rules of the Internet: if it exists, there is porn of it.
  • Elia mentions that she doesn’t want to be fisted with Thanos’s infinity stone gauntlet, but if you do, Geeky Sex Toys has you covered.
  • Manos, The Hands of Fate is a MST3K goldmine. Got an hour and a half to kill?

  • We mention this tweet in our podcast and it still makes me laugh. Thanks, @SimoneMariposa.


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