Come and Play 2-1, Episode 27: Keep Your Daddy-Dick Away From Me

Episode Summary

It’s the first episode of Come and Play’s second season! Kysmet is now a co-host of the podcast, which is exciting for all involved. We talk about the struggles for creative production and sustaining ourselves when the creative well runs dry. We also discuss the difference between self-care and “little” behavior. There’s also conversation about the horrible consent violations by Jeff Mach and what’s happened to Geeky Kink as a result. Then we delve into Monster Hunter, Sea of Thieves, and Elite Dangerous. To finish off the episode, we discuss a Satisfyer Pro Penguin tragedy and three new Satisfyer toys. Tune in!

Show Notes

  • If you are a writer and you want to participate in the 365 Club, you will have to become a part of the Facebook group 10 Minute Novelists first. They start recruiting for the 365 Club around October of each year. They are a really great writing group, but be sure you read the group rules, as they don’t kid around.
  • Check out KysmetScribbles on Tumblr or Instagram.
  • My awesome friend Ryan’s queer-themed pottery shop is Both/And Pottery. Check him out on Etsy.
  • A “Reverse Aragorn” uses the image of Aragorn busting open the doors to Helm’s Deep, but it’s in reverse, and it’s a vagina. A “Reverse Aragorn” is something that’s so unsexy that it slams shut the vagina for good. I made it a gif:

Aragorn is slowly backing out of Helm's Deep and closing the doors

Giant chicken squishmallow on a chair
Big Bo Peep!
Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Portal Turret


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