Come and Play 2-6, Episode 32: Don’t Eat Bath Bombs, Kids

Episode Summary

This episode is a wild ride through a bunch of topics. We discuss the self-bondage we’ve gotten into and classes we’ve taken, and then an exploration of what’s keeping us busy: updates on Elia’s latest trilogy and Kysmet’s Inktober work. There’s lots of talk of baking with a digression to discuss how many dicks are in a bushel of dicks and then a big reveal about how many fake dicks Elia actually owns. We also do some toy reviews and blab about Dungeons and Dragons, including our pet cockatrice. This survey episode is a great overview of the weird and wonderful world of Come and Play. 

Show Notes

  • We talk a bit about Dungeons + Geekdoms, a kink con we went to in August of this year.
  • I researched rope bondage when writing Playing Knotty. There’s more info about that book right here!
  • Check out Devochka, our rope instructor, on Twitter
  • Futomomo is leg-tying. It looks like this:
  • Momofuku, though, is a restaurant chain started by David Chang.  
  • Check out The Twisted Monk for rope.
  • Info about Book 2 of the Comes in Threes trilogy will show up on this page as it develops.  
  • We get tea at Dobra Tea House and it’s lovely.
  • I bought 60 bath bombs for $99 on Amazon and I’m not getting a kickback from this link. 
  • Here is that amazing Silicon Valley sequence from the end of Season 1 about computing maximum dick-jerking speed:

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