Laya III Review: Laya It On Me, Again

I’ve gotta hand it to Fun Factory: they’re good at improving on toys. My Laya III review looks at a toy that’s gone through several iterations (clearly), and the new one is better than the last. I liked the Laya II all right, although it didn’t really rock my world. Fun Factory later discontinued the Laya II, and now after some time, they’ve released the Laya III. The Laya III is a rumbly vibrator that mixes vibrations and tapping for a pleasant sensation while sporting a sleek design.

First Impressions

Like all Fun Factory products, the Laya III comes in a lovely package with an image of the toy on the front.

Laya III outer box

Here’s what you get once you take everything out of the box: the Laya III, a signature red Fun Factory charging cable, and some instructions.

Laya III with instructions and charging cable

Notably, you don’t get a storage bag. I think that’s because Fun Factory sells their own bags, but I wish the Laya III came with one.

The Laya III is curved to fit against the body, with raised ridges and a soft-touch silicone form.

The Laya III has three buttons: the Fun Factory button to turn it on as well as a + and – to cycle through intensities/patterns. It charges through magnetic induction charging.

It comes in either Soft Violet or Sage Green. I got the Sage Green, as you can see, and it’s a very pretty color.

In Use

When I turned on the Laya III, I noticed that the vibration seemed to be coming from all areas of the toy at once, not focused specifically in the tip. So I experimented with different methods of using it. I tried it like a massager on different places, then lined it up in different ways on my bits. It’s curved to fit over the pubic bone, but I didn’t prefer it like that: when I laid it over my mons, the vibrations didn’t penetrate enough into my clit. But if I lined up one end at my vagina, I could line up the other end at my clit, and that sent vibrations throughout the whole vulva. It was fun angling it this way and that, using it with hands and hands-free, and switching between positions to see what felt the best.

The Laya III has a nice range of sensation, from really light tapping to a strong, intense vibration that is rumbly instead of buzzy and penetrates through the skin. I had no trouble getting off multiple times with this toy, and it was fun to both handle and use. Most of all, it was fun to experiment with. I felt like I could use the Laya III in a variety of ways.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for improving on an existing design. Love that the Laya III builds on the previous models.

Kudos for a powerful, rumbly vibrator. No buzz in sight! These vibrations will keep you humming.

Kudos for versatility. I love that you can use this on non-erogenous zones as well, and it’s fun to use both as a tease and to completion. I found a way to align it with my body that works great, and I’m confident others can do the same.

Caveat: Much like its predecessor, the shape of the Laya III makes it impossible for me to use during partner sex when my partner is on top. I could probably use it in other sexual positions, though, and it’s a killer solo toy as well.

Kudos for full submersible waterproofing.

Caveat: no storage bag, which is a bummer. At this price point, storage bags should be standard.

Final Thoughts

The Laya III is well-designed, versatile, and powerful. It’s a wonderful addition to Fun Factory’s collection of excellent toys, and I recommend it. So Laya it on me…again!

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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