We-Vibe Rave 2 Review: Rave Reviews Again

I’m happy to be reviewing another great vibrator from We-Vibe today: the Rave 2. With its asymmetrical design, dual rumbly vibrators, and flexible shape, the Rave 2 improves on the established quality of the original Rave. I’m a big fan.

First Impressions

The Rave 2 comes in a professional-looking, sturdy box with an image of the toy on the front.

Rave 2 outer box

Inside, you get the toy along with charging cable, cotton drawstring storage bag, and instructions. The product comes in pink or blue.

Rave 2 with accessories

The Rave 2 is asymmetrical, so it looks a little unusual at first glance. Here are some shots of the toy from different angles, including the buttons and magnetic charging attachment point.

Now, take a closer look at that head. From the top down, it’s easy to see the asymmetrical shape.

Rave 2 from top

The toy is designed to be used in a twisting motion, so the raised part of the head rubs back and forth across the g-spot without breaking contact.

The body bends to let you find an angle that works for you.

The Rave 2 is controllable through the buttons at the base. Here’s another look at those buttons.


The Rave 2 has two motors: one at the head to stimulate the g-spot, and one toward the bottom (near the hinge) to stimulate the vaginal opening. You can use the + sign to turn the toy on, or turn on each motor independently using the We-Vibe ~ button.

The We-Vibe App

The Rave 2 is controllable using the buttons, but it shines when paired with the We-Vibe app. Not only does the app maintain a strong connection via Bluetooth, but it allows versatility and advanced functionality. Control each motor separately with the drag of a finger, blend multiple simultaneous vibration patterns, record your own patterns, connect to a long-distance partner, and more. The app makes it easier than ever to use the Rave 2 and other We-Vibe products.

In Use

I preferred to use the app to the buttons on the Rave 2. There are a lot of buttons and it’s hard to see when the toy is in use, but my phone is right there. I had fun experimenting with blended patterns, which is one of my favorite features of the app control.

The Rave 2 was easy to warm up with before insertion. Even though it’s made for g-spot use, it gave great clit stimulation. I experimented with different shaft curvatures before finding an angle I really liked. I appreciated that either twisting or thrusting worked. The asymmetrical head meant that even when thrusting or rocking the toy, it naturally wanted to twist.

I mostly preferred the Rave 2 with additional clitoral stimulation. While the second vibrator near the base of the toy provided some external vibration, it wasn’t enough to replace direct clit stim, but I don’t think it’s intended to do so.

The Rave 2 was a lot of fun to use, and I had no problems getting off with this toy.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for strong, rumbly motors. These motors are so rumbly that you could probably use the Rave 2 as a back massager.

Additional kudos for two vibrator motors that can be controlled independently (at least with the app). I love being able to customize to my own preferences.

Kudos for the app as well. I love that the toy is easy to connect and stays connected, even when my body is between the toy and my phone. The app is easy and intuitive to use.

More kudos for waterproofing. At this price point, it’s a must.

Big kudos for a storage bag! Again, at this price point, I feel like it’s essential.

Kudos for a flexible shaft, which lets the toy (again) be customized to personal preference.

Caveat: at $139 retail, the Rave 2 is not priced at an entry level for most toy users. It’s a quality product and worth the money, but it’s a significant investment.

No other caveats! I really enjoyed using this toy.

Final Thoughts

The Rave was a delightful vibrator, and the Rave 2 builds on that original product. The flexible shaft is a wonderful improvement. I loved exploring the nuances of this toy, and I loved how it inspired different ways of moving and playing with a g-spot vibrator. Yep, I’ve got to give rave reviews to the Rave 2.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying a product through these links benefits me and this blog.

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