Laphwing Nereids Tentacle Grinder Review: Grind On

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I’m always on the lookout for new types of toys to try. I was very excited to partner with Laphwing to try the Nereids Tentacle Grinder, a soft silicone textured toy designed for grinding-style stimulation. With a fun aquatic theme and the option to add a vibrator, the Nereids Tentacle Grinder is a delightful sex toy filling–or perhaps rubbing up against?–an important niche in the toy market.

First Impressions

The Nereids Tentacle Grinder (henceforth referred to as the Nereids for simplicity’s sake) comes in a paperboard box that looks like it might contain a part for an ATV engine or a car stereo.

Paperboard box with a cartoon wolf head. Box is black and orange and says "More color in sex."

It says “More Color in Sex,” but it’s easy to miss that. Not sure about this box altogether, but nobody really cares about the box, right?

The grinder inside was in a simple plastic bag along with the accompanying vibrator and remote.

Nereids Tentacle Grinder wtih vibrator and remote

The Nereids looks otherworldly, with its aquatic/alien swirls and bumps and that spiky protruding bud. Here it is from the side, along with a close-up of the detail.

It’s super squishy.


The Nereids has a hole in the base where you can insert a vibrator.

Hole on the side of the base for the vibe

My Nereids came with a white bullet vibe with remote. It’s simple plastic, nothing fancy.

Bullet vibe with remote

When you insert this vibe, it looks like the grinder is smoking a cigarette, about to tell you a story about the war.

Bullet vibe sticking out the side of the grinder
“Back in my day, Sonny, we had nothing to hump but our pillows.”

You can shove the bullet vibe a lot farther in than this, though: the bottom of the toy is so squishy that it’s easy to press the vibe back out again even if it’s inserted too far to grip the base.

(Note: Asses don’t work this way. Flared-base toys only if you’re sticking them in that hole. But I digress.)

In Use

I’ve been known to enjoy some grinding action, but it’s not my top preferred method of stimulation, so I am taking that into account with this review.

I had a lot of fun messing around with the Nereids. Its squishiness is welcoming and friendly, and the playful colors and sea creature aesthetic made it non-intimidating. I enjoyed trying different positions and movements to see what yielded the best results.

Because I tend to prefer more firm stimulation, the ultra-soft texture of the Nereids wasn’t ideal. I would have preferred something firmer. But I think for most people who like grinding, the texture will be sufficient, as it has much more firmness than, say, a pillow.

The bullet vibe was functional and strong but quite buzzy. I didn’t feel like the vibrations reached everywhere I wanted them to go. I ended up switching to a different bullet vibe (the Tango X) to get the job done. This is definitely a “your mileage may vary; know thyself” situation: if you need strong, rumbly vibes to get off, you may want to bring your own fancy or expensive bullet vibe to the party. If the grinding itself is all you generally need, the simple bullet vibe that you can purchase alongside the Nereids will add some icing on the proverbial cake.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a whimsical design. I found this toy friendly and fun to look at, and I appreciated the balance of function and theme.

Huge kudos for the existence of a grinder altogether. Some of these do exist in the world of sex toys, but I’ve only seen a handful, and often they’re designed to be worn at the base of a dildo for strap-on play. Having a toy whose sole purpose is grinding? That’s excellent. Some of my favorite people get off this way, and a sex toy custom-made with that in mind is a rare delight.

Mixed kudos/caveat: The squishy texture will be loved by some, and others may find they need something firmer.

Kudos for constructing the Nereids so it can take a bullet vibe (and yield it up afterward).

Caveat: the bullet vibe you get is pretty buzzy and wasn’t going to do it for me.

Kudos for tentacles, because I love tentacles.

Caveat: those little nooks and grooves in the silicone require careful attention when cleaning.

Kudos for price. At $60, the Nereids isn’t cheap, but it’s also not break-the-budget expensive.

Final Thoughts

I love, love, love the fact that Laphwing offers a grinder sex toy. While it isn’t my go-to style of stimulation, I like variety, and the Nereids Tentacle Grinder provides it. Grinding toys are a niche market, and that’s a shame. Lots of people, especially people with clitorises, get off by grinding against things, and we should have more toys for that. Not everything has to be a penis, folks! This is a fun addition to my toy box, and I enjoyed everything about the review process.

If you don’t like the Nereids aesthetic, Laphwing also has several other ocean-themed designs. And if grinders aren’t your thing, you can find a whole assortment of toys at their main page.

Grind on, dear reader! Grind on.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, which does not affect the honesty of my review. At this time, affiliate links are not being used in this review.

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