YoYoLemon Dual Stimulator Review: Twice As Nice

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I’m excited to partner with YoYoLemon to review a few products over the coming weeks, and today’s review is the G-Spot and Clitoral Dual Stimulator. This cute and effective rabbit-style vibrator has a flexible internal arm and an external stimulator that looks like a little butterfly. Let’s take a look.

First Impressions

The Dual Stimulator comes in a basic black box. Nothing to see here, folks!

A basic black box

But inside…surprise! A vibrator. You weren’t surprised, were you? Nah, you weren’t. You’re familiar with the blog.

The Dual Stimulator comes with a charging cable, instructions, and a storage bag.

Dual Stimulator with accessories

The internal arm is very flexible. Look at this squish!

The butterfly-like clitoral stimulator has two curved antennae at the top and wings on the side, and the internal face is covered with flexible spiny things.

Closer look at the clitoral stimulator

The Dual Stimulator is controlled by one button. On the other side of the toy handle is the attachment point for magnetic charging.

It’s a sleek, good-looking toy. Now let’s talk about function.

In Use

The Dual Stimulator is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot, and it’s shaped accordingly. As far as I can tell, though, there is just one vibrator inside. I found that this made the vibrations a bit diffused at each end: it’s working, but two vibrators would work better. Also, that vibrator is buzzy, buzzy, buzzy.

Update: The manufacturer contacted me after this review to assure me that there are two distinct vibrators in this toy. It’s unclear if one of mine is not working or if the two together are milder than expected. Since I have vibration at each part of the toy, just a bit dimmer at each end and not more pronounced in one part or the other, I think they are both working.

Despite these quibbles, I was pleased by how well the clitoral stimulator design did its job. The different points of contact provided some versatility, whether I tilted the toy to make better use of the antennae, or pressed it flush to feel the soft spikes. I also loved how the g-spot arm was flexible enough to easily fit my body. Movement was easy, too: I found that I could rock this toy back and forth and get both types of stimulation at once without either end moving out of alignment.

I had no trouble reaching orgasm with this toy. Its dual points of stimulation did the job for me, and I found it a quick and reliable product that was easy to use.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a dual-stimulator design. The rabbit-style vibes are a classic for a reason, and this gets the job done.

More kudos for a flexible internal arm, making it comfortable for many different body types.

I also want to give some kudos for the design of the clitoral stimulator. It’s nice not having a single, narrow fixed point for focused vibration. The broader surface area mixed with raised/shaped features was highly effective.

Kudos for simplicity, too: there’s just one button to turn the toy on/off and cycle through the vibrations and patterns. With these kudos, though, comes a caveat: one internal vibrator for a dual stimulator toy means less versatility. There’s no option for g-spot stimulation without clitoral stimulation, or vice-versa. I’m okay with that, but it might be a deal-breaker for some.

Caveat: the vibrator is buzzy. A rumbly vibrator would have elevated this toy to completely magical levels.

Kudos for waterproofing. It’s fine to take this toy in the bath or shower, and cleanup is a snap.

Additional kudos for price. At just $59.99 from YoYoLemon, this is a toy priced for entry-level buyers, and I appreciate that.

Final Thoughts

The vibrator in the Dual Stimulator may not be the best on the market, but the toy makes up for it in a clever design focused on flexibility and functionality. With full waterproofing and a reasonable price tag, I think this is an excellent bargain. You can pick up the Dual Stimulator or any number of other fun toys at YoYoLemon.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. This is a sponsored post, which does not affect the honesty of my review. At this time, affiliate links are not being used in this review.

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