What's the Vector, Victor? Dicksmas 2019

Happy December!

If you’ve been hanging around the blog for a while, you may know that December starts the Days of Dicksmas. During Dicksmas, which may be any number of days long, I review a bunch of products with the goal of getting through my review backlog. As a result, you get a bunch of product reviews in a short period of time! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, for the first day of Dicksmas 2019, I’m reviewing the We-Vibe Vector. This dual-vibrator butt plug boasts Bluetooth connectivity and promises happiness for all butt play aficionados with or without a prostate.

Also: if you got that Airplane joke in the post title, pour yourself a cold one on me.

Out of the Box

Like all products from We-Vibe, the Vector has some lovely packaging.

Vector in box

With its slate blue coloring and dark box, this product is clearly marketed for men. And it’s designed for men, too, angled to stimulate the prostate and the perineum. But we’ll get there. We’re talking about packaging right now.

The Vector comes with a drawstring satin bag, a charging cable, lube (not pictured), and a remote control.

Vector with accessories

The Vector is silicone and waterproof. The bulb (the part that goes in your butt!) is slightly larger than a thumb, with a narrower neck. The external portion of the plug is long, with a raised bump to press into the perineum (aka the Taint, the grundle, the ass-ball connector).

The third pic is the textured perineum stimulation point. As you can see from the undercarriage view in the last photo, the Vector has a single button (to turn it on or off and turn it into pairing mode) and a metal attachment point for magnetic charging.

Into My Box

Even though I don’t have a prostate, I found the Vector a really good time. Butt stuff is fun! The Vector needs water-based lube, since it’s a silicone toy. With that lube, it went in easily. The bulb isn’t particularly large, but the angle of it makes it easy to feel.

Because I have a vagina, I noticed that the body of the toy partially blocks the entrance to my vagina. Not a big deal when I’m using a dildo, but I don’t think I’d be able to have penetrative sex with a partner without them getting majorly poked with the toy. It’s clear that this isn’t exactly designed for me, even though it does work.

The Vector has two different vibes, and while they’re controllable with the remote, the best way to control this toy is with the WeConnect app. The app’s been updated since the last time I used it, and it’s very intuitive. You can connect it to a long-distance partner, but I used it on my own. I like the function where you can program your own combination of vibration patterns and then play that. After messing around with all the pre-sets, that’s what I ended up doing.

The vibration quality is solid. Both vibes are rumbly. One vibe is in the insertable portion of the toy, and the other is in that little bump. They’re distinct enough that I can tell when I’m switching between them. I imagine that if I had a prostate, it would really rock my world.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a high-quality product all around. The material is silicone, the vibrators are strong, and design is thoughtful and intentional.

Caveat: If you have a vagina, this toy might get in the way of penetrative sex, depending on the alignment of your anatomy.

Kudos: It’s waterproof, like all high-end vibes should be.

Kudos for rumbly, strong vibrations.

Even more kudos for an app that connects and stays connected! Bluetooth technology has come a long way since first generation We-Vibe products. This one connected, stayed connected, and was easy to control from my phone.

Caveat: if you’re experienced at butt stuff, you may find the smaller size of this bulb to be inadequate. I think the vibration makes up for it, but like all sex toy situations, your mileage may vary.

Final Thoughts

The We-Vibe Vector is a thoughtfully designed vibrating butt plug elevated to the next level with strong, rumbly vibrators and Bluetooth technology. It’s designed for people with prostates. For those like me who don’t have them, We-Vibe also makes the Ditto, which is a vibrating butt plug that doesn’t include the extended base. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like a great alternative.

Happy vibing!

We-Vibe provided the Vector in exchange for this honest review. As always, receiving the product for free does not influence my opinion. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying products through those links benefits this site.

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