Scary, Yet Satisfying: “Fantasy For Her” From Pipedream

I have been very curious about pumps, especially in combination with vibration or other types of stimulation, but never had a chance to try one until now. When SheVibe contacted me about trying some of their newest products, I volunteered to try the Pipedream “Fantasy For Her /Her Ultimate Pleasure,” a truly intriguing yet terrifying combination of pump, vibrator, and clit licker. My review highlights the ways in which this toy is somewhat frightening, a little overwhelming, and also pretty damn effective.

The full name of this toy is the “Fantasy For Her – Her Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator and G-Spot Vibrator.” This is a very long name. In our house, we think this toy looks a lot like an oxygen mask that might drop down from an overhead hatch if your plane suddenly loses cabin pressure. We’ve just started calling it the Oxygen Mask.

Out of the Box

Subtlety, thy name is not Pipedream. The Fantasy For Her comes in a neutral shipping package, like everything from SheVibe, but the actual packaging of the toy displays what it is and what it’s for. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Fantasy for her box

Once you open the box, all the parts of the toy are lined up in a soft plastic tray.

Fantasy for her in box

The Pipedream Fantasy For Her contains these elements:

  • The main body of the device itself, which is a handle with four buttons and a tongue-like appendage
  • A TPE “sleeve” to fit over the tongue
  • Two suction cups, one circular and one oval
  • A USB charging cable with magnetic attachments

Here’s what it all looks like.

Above, you’ll see some detail on the body and the tongue appendage, as well as its sleeve.

The suction cup attaches to the main body with a simple twist-and-lock function. The round and oval-shaped cups are designed with some variety to fit your body.

The Fantasy For Her has three functions: suction, licking, and vibration (which is focused in the handle). The functions can be used separately or together.

Onto My Box

The first thing I noticed about this toy is that it’s loud. It’s listed as a 2 out of 4 on the volume scale on SheVibe’s site, but it’s easily one of the louder toys I own. It’s about on par with the HotOctopuss Queen Bee. Not that this is a deal breaker for me, but it might be if you don’t live alone and want a toy with some stealth.

This toy has no stealth, and when using it, neither do I. (It’s INTENSE. But I’ll get there.) First, I tried out the suction, switching between the different cups until I found the one that worked better for my body. Then I tried the suction. Having never used it before, I was a bit overwhelmed. The device doesn’t suck and keep sucking; it sucks and releases, pulling a bit more each time. Once I turned on the licking mechanism, that fucker went after my clit and just kept going.

The licking motion was pretty strong. Even on its lowest setting, because the tongue is decently firm, it was a direct, moderately intense stimulation. I had to release the suction and reposition the device a couple of times, because once the nozzle is on, it’s impossible to exactly line up the tongue to your clit until suction is pulling your clit into range. But once I had it lined up, it worked great, if a bit harder than I’d like.

I played around with different types of stimulation, including cycling through the licking patterns, but they were generally all too strong for me except the first one. That’s a personal preference, and I’m glad there’s a variety to choose from.

With the tongue lined up and the suction on, I headed toward orgasm in a ridiculously short period of time. I ended up turning the suction off after only a little while, because it was getting too intense, but turning the suction off doesn’t release it. It just holds the device at that level of suction. That’s a good thing, in my opinion. I got it exactly how I wanted and stayed there. (To release the suction, there’s a “down” button on the handle.)

Then, I let that little licking tongue take me over the edge hard.

This type of toy means once you come, you’re along for the ride. There’s no pulling it easily off your body if it’s suctioned on there. That’s intense, and a little scary! If (like me) you don’t always have the presence of mind to turn it off mid-climax, you’ve got that level of intensity for the whole duration of your orgasm. That might be amazing or it might be terrifying, or (like me) you might really like that sense of helplessness and get off on it. FUN TIMES.

I learned an additional little feature when using this toy: there are different patterns of suction, and #2 is way stronger than #1. One of the first times I went to turn the suction off, I didn’t hold the button down long enough, and instead ended up turning it higher. YIKES. That fucker sucked my clit like a hoover and I thought I was gonna have it ripped right off my body. I mean, that may be your thing, but I found it pretty scary! (Fun. But scary.) What’s nice is that since the suction attachments detach, you couldn’t get it stuck on your body even if the motor failed. By turning the handle of the toy, you could easily detach the suction head even if you struggled to break the suction next to your skin.

I did not try the little TPE tongue sleeve. I’m not a fan of TPE; it’s not a body-safe material, and so even though it’s not being inserted, I didn’t want to rub it all up over my bits. The rest of the contact area is silicone, which is body-safe.

I gave a bit of a try to the vibrator as well. The handle is a nice size and shape, sure, but the vibration is a bit buzzy. There are way better vibrators than this one. It’ll do in a pinch, but the reason to buy this toy is the suction + licking, not the vibration itself.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for a sucking + licking combination. It’s overwhelming and strong and just plain awesome.

Caveat: lining up this toy takes a bit of trial and error. It’s a fun journey, but you’ve got to invest a bit of time for pinpoint stimulation.

Kudos for waterproofing! Every high-end toy should be waterproof, and this one is. A related kudo for the effectiveness of magnetic charging.

Caveat: the tongue is really firm, and it’s going to give way stronger stimulation than an actual tongue, which is soft. It felt more like a finger rubbing back and forth than a tongue. Although the device purports to mimic oral sex, it doesn’t. It’s still good stimulation! It’s just not like oral sex.

Kudos for two different suction nozzles to fit different body shapes, and for a design that lets me detach the suction head in case of malfunction. Caveat: having the “off” button for suction be the same as the “suck harder” button, because it’s easy to accidentally turn it up instead of off.

Another caveat: volume. The toy is working hard, but it isn’t quiet, and for this price point, that’s a bit disappointing.

Kudos for mostly body safe materials, and a minor caveat about that TPE tongue sleeve. It’s not jelly rubber, but it’s also not silicone.

Caveat: The name “fantasy for her” is unnecessarily gendered. Yeah, it’s made for a clit, but not all women have clits, and almost everybody’s got nipples! There are better names out there.

Final Thoughts

This toy is like nothing I’ve ever tried before, and that’s why I’m into it. It’s different, it’s intense, it’s a little frightening, it’s mind-blowing, and I’m looking forward to going back to it over and over again. This is not what I’d consider a beginner’s device, and I wouldn’t buy it for someone as a first toy. But I dig it. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Fantasy for Her is available from SheVibe.

I received this toy from Shevibe in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this product for free does not affect my opinion of its merits and drawbacks. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and buying products through those links helps this site.

4 thoughts on “Scary, Yet Satisfying: “Fantasy For Her” From Pipedream

  1. This toy is one of the most extreme toys I have. Extreme meaning I cum so hard every damn time. The suction is phenomenal and with the tongue intensity options you control how intense you want it. The vibrator on the other end comes in handy. The different options through the buttons make this an exciting experience and has a happy medium for everyone. Cannot go wrong buying this toy.

  2. Help please! I love the “Fantasy-forher” but there is something wrong with the charging plug. It isn’t going in properly and isn’t charging. Any idea of what to do? Can it be sent back to the factory for fixing?

  3. Thanks for this in depth, honest review!! And for mentioning that it feels like a finger rather than a tongue. That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

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