Aria Flutter Tongue: The Second Day of Dicksmas 2019

It’s the second day of Dicksmas, the winter-themed celebration of sex toys that follows no known calendar or logic! Today I’m reviewing the Aria Flutter Tongue by Blush, a clit stimulator that looks like an Easter egg and feels more like a slap than a flutter. But I liked it! Mostly. Read on, fellow Dicksmas enthusiasts.

Out of the Box

The Aria Flutter Tongue comes in a white box with a clear front displaying the toy, its cap, and its innards (aka the fluttering tongue). I kind of dig the retro-style “ARIA” lettering that makes me feel like I’m getting an ad for a new VCR cassette.

Aria flutter tongue in box

The Aria Flutter Tongue comes with the toy and a magnetic charging cable.

Aria flutter Tongue with cable

With the cap on, this toy is 100% an Easter egg. Did I request to review it for that reason? Well…not entirely, but I do love an adorable aesthetic.

It's an Easter egg.

But that’s not the business end of things, is it? With the cap off, the Aria Flutter Tongue has a…well, a tongue. There’s a round nozzle that goes over your clit, and in that nozzle is a silicone tongue that, when the toy is switched on, flicks up and down.

Here are some shots of the Aria Flutter Tongue from different angles.

The power button not only turns it on and off, but also cycles through a variety of speeds and patterns. One button, lots of purposes. I admire the simplicity.

With this tiny egg safely charged up and ready to go, I took it for a few spins.

Onto My Box

The theme of my clit licker devices lately has been “oh god, too firm.” The Aria Flutter Tongue’s silicone tongue is decently firm, and so when it flaps back and forth on my clit, I found the stimulation a bit intense. It took me some time to line up the toy in such a way that the stimulation was enough for me to feel something, but also not so strong that it felt like my clit was being bitch-slapped.

Part of this is probably due to my hood piercing. The tongue was really flicking that barbell hard, and I think that I might have had a different reaction were I not so bejeweled.

But anyway. Eventually I found a good placement, and then I started to really enjoy the toy. I couldn’t turn it to a higher setting without it getting painful, although I tested them all for the sake of this review to make sure. (You have to know I love you.) That done, I went back to low and stayed there. The Aria Flutter Tongue doesn’t explicitly vibrate, but the movement of the tongue back and forth sends some vibrations through the housing of the toy itself and into the silicone nozzle around the clit. And that, my friends, is pretty damn fun.

One interesting feature of this toy is the way it creates a sort of suction because of that silicone nozzle. Once I had it in place, it stayed in place, although I could move and shift it very easily. I liked this feature: It felt like a cool, weird bulb on my clit, and the intensity of the sensation was fun even in its “almost a bit much”ness. Once I got used to the toy, it was very easy to come with it. It’s easy to hold, easy to use, and different than many of my other toys.

Kudos and Caveats

Kudos for an interesting design. The “back and forth” stimulation is different than vibration, and different than pressure wave air stimulation that you might get from a Womanizer or Satisfyer. It’s physical pressure, but not buzzy, and that’s pretty neat.

Caveat: The nozzle of this toy isn’t really big. It fit over most of my clit, but not all of it. If you have a very large clit, this may not work for you unless you’re good with sensation only on part of it.

Caveat: The tongue, as I mentioned before, is soft but not really soft enough. If you prefer a more delicate touch, this toy might be too intense for you. Alternately, if you like a stronger sensation, this could be Kudos rather than a Caveat for you.

Kudos for a toy that fits easily in the hand and is lightweight.

Kudos for splashproof and magnetic charging. I wish it were explicitly waterproof, although I do wash it in the sink. I wouldn’t recommend submerging it.

More kudos for a great price point. At about $30 on SheVibe, the Aria Flutter Tongue is an affordable toy for many.

Caveat: This is pretty clearly made for a clitoris, and although one can use it on nipples, I don’t imagine it will do much for a penis. It’s sort of a one-trick pony. I don’t mind that, but if you like your toys to have multiple functions, this won’t do it.

Kudos for the design. The cute Easter egg aesthetic, with the storage cap, make this not only a discreet toy but also one that’s not intimidating for beginners. The “one button does everything” functionality is also helpful for that, and the fact that it’s not a big ol’ penis is an added bonus. Not that I have anything against big ol’ penises, but it’s nice to have some variety.

Final Thoughts

The Aria Flutter Tongue was a bit intense for me at first, but once I found a way to align it, I enjoyed using it quite a bit. It’s unobtrusive, effective, and pretty darn cute. It would also make a great stocking stuffer! Maybe pop on over to SheVibe and get an Aria Tongue Flutter for yourself or someone you like a lot. After all, it’s Dicksmas.

SheVibe provided this toy in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are being used in this post, and purchasing a product through those links benefits this blog and lets me keep reviewing products in the future.

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